Saturday, August 1, 2015


I needed this time off desperately!! I left for my dads in rural Grey County straight after work on Friday.

He is building an energy efficient house, very Green, and off the grid. The man is brilliant!! He is investing well in the materials that will add value and efficiency to the home. I'm crazy proud to be his daughter.

Met up with my sister and we went to the drive in (Inside Out and Ant Man) Not my fave of the Marvel superheroes, but I got into it by the end. I also corrected and made real progress on the New Project.

Today we went up to where our cousin Natasha is cottaging up by Mar. (*NOT* the UK meaning!!) The North American tradition of going to the cottage.
My niece Jasmyn traveled with me and we had fun making a few garage sale finds. Always good times when finding new-to-you treasures for a couple of loonies!!

We had a lovely afternoon.

One of their party had bought a canoe at a garage sale so Daphne, the girls, and I made sure it was sea worthy. (I have pics on my DSLR; I'll post them as soon as I download them)
I had a blast!! I could've paddled around that lake all afternoon, but we just made quick little jaunts to take turns.

(I saved this one from my sisters FB page)
I got some sun, then more sun driving home.

The puppies are having such a great time with their freedom outside at my dads!
Chica is actually tired from chasing her ball!! She has so much room for me throw it!

Petey sneak attacked her while I was waiting to throw her ball, and I captured it!!

I laughed so hard.
I am knitting outside in just a perfect setting. Quiet country air, beats cranked, (seriously?? you're surprised??), knitting with what has a bit of a Morrocan feel needles and Post-it, and a mojito.

My tummy has kicked off this afternoon, so it is medicinal supplement to the T3's. ;)

Ah yes. There were inquiries about my yarn crawl acquisitions.
Here is the two trips worth:

I love and am inspired by each item. The already knit socks? Well, for $10?? Yeah. You would've too.

And the mug, well. I do have a thing for mugs. Sigh. Untreatable really. But I spent a great deal of time at Philosphers selecting the one that spoke to me; it was this one with the leaping sheep and the wee Bunny FooFoo.

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