Saturday, August 29, 2015

Adapting. Kind of.

I am not a sit about and do nought kinda woman; I'm constantly in some kind of motion, even when I'm sitting, I'm knitting.
This post-op business has me well and truly knackered.
I slept well enough last night, Petey let me lay in until 9:30. Bad pain this morning. I think there's still gas needing working out, but my entire abdomen is just tender and delicate. Walking is ok in the shortest increments.
We got up, sorted out the puppies, coffee and did a bit more on the Stitch Surfer sock

, started the Sublime Mock Cape

, and then I was back in bed by 4:00 for a nice 3.5 hour nap. which is less of a nap really, and more of a proper nap repeat of the AM - feeding, walking puppies a couple hundred feet, (they are so good! I normally walk at a brisk, energizing pace and the puppies are trotting along. But now, they keep pace with my deliberately dawdling lack of speed without issue), making something to eat. very much focusing on protein intact to aid in physical recovery These 20-30 odd mins on my feet, perhaps especially at the end of the day, have me utterly done, pain not insignificant.
This is going to be a long, slow row to hoe. I am listening to my body, but it's frustrating.
Amanda's been helping out, but she's back to her life this afternoon. Chica was so happy to see her again, it did my heart good as well.
Helen is being amazing; I am grateful for such a friend.
And all of you - chatting me up on FB, texting, and calling; I'm in the best of hands.
Mostly I go to my bed to nap, but yesterday I just tipped over, the puppies found their places that don't hurt me,

and we dozed a bit. I am currently watching Dr Who (new series) which keeps me thinking.
Tomorrow is a new day; looking forward to it.

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