Sunday, March 29, 2009

Watching TAR14 with Wannietta - part le 7

Well the whole blogging 'tween TARs didn't pan out quite so well this week but I'm back for the Race. I'll try again for interim blogs this week.

"Do you speak any Thai Dad?"
"Yeah, Mai Tai."
Don't worry Mel, I thought that it was funny!
Could Jamie treat any of the people that she encounters like they're any stupider?
Seems like nothing is a big deal to Mark.
Hmmm - no advantage to the travel agency or the airport booking.
14 hours in seconds - this is the way to travel!!
That cabbie seemed quite certain that the ape statue was at the beach.
The people on the street seem to believe it's at the zoo. Someone's going to be disappointed.
Way to not be a lemming Mike.
Picture with a
Bengal Tiger - Scared 2.
Hopefully the
Elephant doesn't lose his footing mid-squat.
How did Mel figure that Margie & Luke would be on a motorcycle?
Harley Couple
A one-armed tiger handler decidedly does not instill a lot of confidence.
Jamie of the Jungle - can't really picture it.
Mel & Mike are a bit screwed here.
Is it just me or does that squatting just look indecent?
Finding a clue - 6 in 99 - a giant game of concentration. I wonder who will think to write the guessed drawer #'s down?
We're all so pleased that you didn't pee yourself Kisha.

Doesn't Mel & Mike's cabbie feel a bit foolish - the ape statue is at the zoo!!!
I don't think that yelling at the nice old man is helpful, especially since he doesn't speak English and probably doesn't understand the numbers either.
Neither Jamie & Cara nor Mark & Mike are writing down the numbers.
Not Jen & Kisha either.
100 barrels or 2 miles
I think that I'd have to go with the barrel thing - I don't know if Kerwyn could pull a rickshaw 2 miles and I know that I couldn't pull him in one for 2 feet!!
Mike & Mark get lucky.
Jen & Kisha are writing now & the new teams have picked up on that.
Now Kisha & Jen and Luke & Margie! Then Tammy & Victor.
This is called karma Jamie!
Hiding the remaining pumps in plain sight - that'll come back to bite you in the ass Mark.
Mel & Mike are having about as much bad luck as Jamie & Cara but are enjoying the moment more.
So the c
Cheerleader 1 couldn't find the boats so they, along with Margie & Luke, change and head to the rickshaws.
Poor Tammy - I know that Victor's tired but Tammy is totally not heavy!
FishFishFish just look like they smell nasty!
The joy
Funny, Good, Happy, Emotion, Excited, Excite, Silly, Excitement, Hurray, Encouragement, Applause, Groovy, Fun, Great, Awesome, Teriffic, Good Job, Nice Job, Well Done, Best, Encouragement, Fan, Cheering, Success, Fantastic, Cheer
"However ..." Way to get ominous Phil. And the sorrow Crying 1 - 2 30 minute penalties!!!
Oh snap - I knew that pump thing would get them but I must have missed the instruction that prohibited getting a guide to the King Rama IX Park.

Victor is being the hero again.
Duh Kisha missing the water hose could be Mel & Mike's salvation.
Mark & Mike wait and Victor is coming on strong.
Jamie & Cara are taking turns and seem to be making good time.
Poor Margie has to throw something at Luke to get his attention because he's in front pulling the rickshaw and can't see her.
Good idea Mel
Light Bulb - carrying 2 barrels at a time is faster!
Jamie's too tired to talk down to Sak.
Margie & Luke are wrecked!
Tammy & Victor are the big winners from Mark & Mike's gaffe.
Jamie & Cara too.
Even without the previews of Margie's collapse, the chills and numbness would have tipped me off to a serious problem. I can't believe how hard she pushed herself on this leg! Bionic woman indeed.

I'm really worried for her.
No shame Margie - you rocked it out!!
What the hell is that?
Sneezy Kisha's sneezes are adorable!
I don't think that Mel & Mike really stand a chance, but you never know ...
Who have they caught a ride with - some nice family?
I'm happy for Kisha & Jen but sad to see Mel & Mike go; they were nice and really found the joy in the Race.
Liz has a Mango & Sticky Rice recipe for us to go with this leg of the race.

#1 - Mark & Michael - NOT!!!
#1 - Tammy & Victor
#2 - Jamie & Cara
#3 - Mark & Michael
#4 - Margie & Luke
#5 - Kisha & Jen

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Watching TAR14 with Wannietta - part le 6

I can't believe that it's been a week already!! Shocked I'm going to have to make a concerted effort to blog in between Sundays.

And they're off to the Pink City!!
No Cara, aggressivity is not a real word. Rolling Eyes
I hope that Mel can tough it out & his age doesn't prove to be a factor.
Well, you all might get on the same flight to Jaipur. No one can predict what happens when any form of transportation is involved.
2 hours & 51 minutes separates Margie & Luke and Christie & Jodi.
Fabu - you couldn't pick a driver with a more positive name!
Go around, open the front door & pop the trunk.
TAR Lesson Learned - make sure that you make sure that your chosen cabbie knows where your destination is before you put your stuff in it.
Well, maybe now that your guy knows where he's going one of the others will need to stop for directions & you'll be glad that it took a few extra minutes to get under way.
Hopefully the bad karma from yelling at the clueless cabbie won't bite you on the ass Mel.
You'd think that cabbies would
Gas Pump between fares instead of waiting until they have passengers. Question Mark
I'm sure that the monkeys3D Monkey will lose their novel charm soon.
It really is heart-wrenching to see such poverty & I'm sure it's that much more touching for the racers who are right there.
Crying 1

What a beautiful tree - I wonder how old it is?
Not surprised that Victor & Tammy are in front again.
Fabu is being fabu-lous!
I wonder how many of the next teams will think to ask one of their cabbies for phone clue help.
BlindI guess that sometimes the obvious is hard to see. I mean, who would think that a red phone might hold a clue?
Following other teams who may or may not have heard the clue correctly seems like a bad idea.
Amber Parking - will that get Jamie & Cara to Amber Fort?
It's not so much about last place again Christie as it is about last place still.
Poor city boy Victor now realizes that straw is slippery & that a fork & basket will make it easier to schlep than a water bucket.
That is some crazy traffic - I'd totally need my knitting to not go lose my mind!!
This'll put some calluses on those soft lawyer hands!
Kisha's camel doesn't look impressed.
Take it easy Mel - slow & steady.
Do the teams still have to split the Roadblocks evenly? I know that that was a rule in the early races.
OMG - I wonder if that guy is okay? A kick to the leg by a camel has got to hurt!!
I'm starting to worry about Mel - I wish that he's slow up a bit. Or maybe alternate water trips with straw trips.

Several of the racers don't realize that you need to switch to the basket for the straw. I wonder if they'll have to re-do the feed part because they didn't use the right tool.
Bike Riding or Shakers Belly Dancer
I'm not much of a cyclist at the best of times & that load looks heavy. And that tiny little charm reminds me of that expression, "looking for a needle in a hay stack".
Dressing up and shaking what your momma gave ya seems like the path of least resistance. Though I'm sure that some of the racers will have an easier time getting tips than others.
Kisha, Margie, Jamie & Mark might be in some trouble. Kisha especially will probably be picking straw bits out of her bra for days.
And Mel has finished up this Roadblock in 2nd!!
I think that hand patting the straw up the pole to the marked line is borderline cheating.
Poor cabbie - maybe Jamie doesn't realize that "boobie" is one of those words that knows no language barrier.
Jaigarh Fort is the final pitstop and there doesn't look to be anything between it, Victor & Tammy and 1st place.
I'm with Jamie - the traffic noise would drive me insane.
I figured that Mark & Michael would go with the Movers.
The female teams should have no problem shaking for tips.
Painting an
Elephant - it sucks to have to do a Speed Bump but this has got to be fun!!
I hope that Jamie & Cara didn't leave all of their stuff in the cab!! Oh crap, they did and now they can't find him.
PhewThey found him - or he found them. Give him a bit of a break, it doesn't look like finding a parking space is easy.
Christie & Jodi really need Mark & Mike to not find that elephant charm.

The boys have found the elephant charm in all of those barrels of straw!
Christie & Jodi have gotten their tips & are on their way too.
Hurry Up
I'm glad that Mark & Michael made it - I really like them.

#1 - Victor & Tammy
#2 - Mel & Mike
#3 - Kisha & Jen
#4 - Margie & Luke
#5 - Jamie & Cara
#6 - Mark & Micheal
Blow Kiss#7 - Christie & Jodi

I hope that Margie will be okay!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Watching TAR14 with Wannietta - part le 5

Sorry that you had to learn it on national TV Amanda but nice guys finish last.

The sleep deprivation and stress are starting to show. The gloves are coming off & the race is getting interesting now!!

Cool - Trans-Siberian railway.
Toy Train
I wonder if there is merit to Christie's consonant:temperature theory?
I'm sure that there are beautiful areas of Russia, but that street looks like downtown Toronto in December. Decidedly not beautiful.
That has got to be a 1st - The Gospel of TAR.
Bible 1
I'm sure that Kisha has trouble finding a bed long enough more often than not.
Again Luke with that sense of humour!
Mel is quite the comedian too - "I'll just keep limping so that he doesn't U-Turn me"!
I'm liking Cara & Jamie more each race - they're more genuine that I initially gave them credit for.
Stunt skills aside, running maniacally through foreign streets is more foolhardy than strategy.
You forget how nice we have it with our anti-smoking regulations until you see how it used to be.
Russian BrideBride or Russian SnowplowSnowplow
Yeah, negotiating Russian streets doesn't sound like much fun.
Snowplow - big machine, how hard can that be to drive?!
I had a friend in high school who had a green Lada. We (mostly) lovingly called it a Snot-da.
Lawyers & sharks - don't be swimming with them.
If Victor thinks that a casual wave of the hand and a
I'm Sorry will cut it I think that he's sorely mistaken.

I hope that the cheerleaders will catch up with Margie & Luke.
Pick a plow that's in a LANE!!!
Asking drunk men in any city is asking for mischief.
2009 drink
Alright Luke, show her how it's done.
The bride detour doesn't seem as challenging as it could have been.
Geez - that's a mouthful!!!
The Lawyers, Cheerleaders & Margie & Luke did awesome with the snowplows.
Nobody driving the plows seemed to take direction from their partner very well.
Although picking the "pretty church" could've worked.

That poor bride is not dressed for wandering around outside.
And she looks terrified like she's being held hostage crazy blondes instead of being escorted to her groom.
Ice? In Siberia? Who'da thunk it?
Way to get local Phil!!
As long as you keep moving you won't feel the cold.
Luke is totally into it!
Clapping Hands
-3 - that's not so bad. Frozen Relatively speaking.
Good on Kisha & Jen - they've delivered their bride.
This is a pretty church too. Christie & Jodi are off to the library.
No worries Luke, it's not like you're going to actually meet anyone that you know there.
Jamie!!! Do not get sucked into Victor's vortex of charming doom!!!
Oh yeah - a trip to St. Lucia Tanny will totally make up for an arctic marathon.
I'd be walking most of that "marathon" even if the weather was ideal.
Mark looks fine as a runner, I'm sure that the locals aren't staring in a bad way.
Uh-oh, I think that Jen broke the car.

And then there's Pasty Mike - not pretty but he did it.
OMG - we all know a wee bit more (or less) about Jen.
Note to self - don't wear your thong underwear if you ever get to be on TAR.
C'mon Jen!!!
Hurry Up

#1 - Margie & Luke
#2 - Victor & Tammy
#3 - Jamie & Cara
#4 - Mel & Mike
#5 - Mark & Michael
- Kisha & Jen
Goodbye- Christie & Jodi Or not ... it's a non-elimination leg! Good thing that they race best from behind, they have a Speed Bump task to complete next week before they get to continue on with the other tasks.

Liz has an awesome recipe for Siberian Spicy Garlic Cheese (Pikantny Syr) to go with this leg of the race.