Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This, that, the other thing

Wow ... it's been like three weeks!! I must have something or two to show for my time. 

I have been working diligently on my Starting Point shawl. This last clue, #3, tested my patience a bit. I love the look of twisted ribbing, but the tediously slow nature of it drives me bonkers!!! I thought about modifying the pattern, but I stuck it out. When I do a MKAL, I stay true to the pattern and trust that the designer has no malicious feelings towards me personally. 
 It's lovely and I'm enjoying the simplicity of the knitting. 

I did set it aside the last couple of days to pull out my Chatelaine Mystery X, Secret Victorian Garden crosss stitch to work on. I love this piece and I feel so artistic when I cross stitch! 
I kind of marathoned it today - but look at the delicate flowers and silver Algerian eyelets in the corner!! 
I only did the one corner with the Algerian Eyelets; I really need to get back to knitting. The cross stitching is stealthily addictive. "Just one more colour" has never been more of a slippery slope! 

I finished a pair of socks!! 
This has been the first time since I have been knitting socks that I have run out of yarn. I was shocked and disappointed. I dipped into stash for a reddish that worked well, especially since Lang provides a matching reinforcing thread and it provided a continuity that makes the shortage less apparent. 
I immediately cast on with yarn that Helen gifted to me from her house hunting trip to Victoria, BC. I know, I'm gutted by the news, but I still have Joan close by and Victoria will be a lovely vacation destination! 

Craig and I enjoyed some of the sun on the weekend. 
Sunday was my "go nowhere" day off, so the backyard was as far as we went. 

I think that catches you up! 

I'm going to hit the 2nd triangle of the SP shawl now though ... gotta be ready for Clue #4 on Thursday. It's perfectly set up this week - I finish work at 7, and can maybe beg off early if the clue releases before that. My special kind of crazy may not be fully understood at work, but my enthusiasm is accepted as charming and amusing. Then I have Friday off as well, so I'm well set up for knitterly success!! 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

All Work, No Play

So I'm just dull this past week. 
I have been studying for my food safety certificate, which I achieved with a 96%! So you may all be welcome to eat my food with the added assurance that it is prepared in a provincially approved safe manner. The two questions that I got wrong were not food prepped related. One was a matter of my lack of attention and the 2nd was a tricksy one.

Work has also commanded much of my energies. 

Today I practiced my cake ringing! 
 Completely satisfactory, much better than my initial efforts to be sure. 

I have put aside all studious and obligatory matters, taken up a beverage, both refreshing and intoxicating, 
 and have taken up my needles to perform an act of wonder - The Turning of the Heel.  

Petey was so endearing last night. He picked up the bone that Robbie had left behind and jumped up into my bed with it. I put it off and told him that the vine stayed on the floor. He tried again, same result. For those of you who don't know, Petey has a penchant for chewing and eating bedding. He has improved a great deal, but I don't tempt the Fates by allowing him a chewy in my bed. He was utterly torn by his conflicting desire to sleep in bed with me and his newly found savoury chewy. 
He did as I expected. He chewed his bone (finders, keepers) on the floor for a bit, then tried to sneak it up into my bed, then settled in with me in his customary spot behind my knees. I love this wee beastie 🐶 ❤️ 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Slow day

I pulled out my flute and practiced yesterday!! It was only 20 minutes, but my fingers didn't completely forget what to do. I did a few scales and arpeggios, then a few of my fave songs. It was nice and I'm going to have to make up for lost time. 

I baked some cookies last night. I'm experimenting a bit, but the first round is promising. 
I woke up this morning with about 5 different headaches. I medicated for all of them, had a cup of coffee and a glass of water then went back to bed. The puppies guarded me from all the imaginary noises, but I still managed to sleep the worst of them off. I went to DQ for dinner since I really wasn't feeling like cooking anything. That and my food stores are low ... a Costco trip is desperately needed!  
Since then, it's been me and some easy knitting. Petey has been especially attentive ❤️
The leggings are from Legging Army. I am surprised by how light and comfortable they are, while also being warm. If you're interested, my niece reps them here