Thursday, November 7, 2013

Where was I?

I know (and you know) that it's been too long but that I'll always be back.
I've been busy knitting between work and family things.
I finished the sleeves and LF of Martin Storey's Arak for Julie.

It's been very enjoyable, though I should have enlarged the chart a wee bit. Just a RF to knit up, followed by a hard core blocking then a bit of finishing.

Today I am at the hospital for the "Stefanison Special". A gamut of annual tests (liver ultrasound, chest X-ray, mammogram and bone scan) that he orders for his breast cancer patients for 5 years post op as an early detection screening for possible metastasis.
I decided to leave the chart-knitting at home and cast on for an Inside-Outside scarf using some Noro Silk Garden and recycled silk that I have had for years for just this purpose.
I was rushing this morning at 6:30 because I didn't set my alarm early enough (don't even ask - I can't even begin to recall the lack of thought process I went through) so I grabbed needles and left. I could also easily include lack of sleep and caffeine deprivation as root causes.

I cast on and it was soon apparent that there is a decided lack of contrast that the texture of the silk exacerbates. I was happily willing to let this go as "subtle" but the fabric is too loose - even for a scarf - for my liking so I will be zipping it out and reknitting. And probably with a more neutral Noro.

I've been having an increased amount of trouble with my elbows (especially my right one). Cue scary music. Tendinitis. I've been wearing arm braces and icing religiously. I am stretching and am going to pick up wee weights to do the exercises. I really don't want to get a note to have my job modified - I'd be relegated to Express where when it's slow, it's painfully slow. I also don't want to be armless so I'll see how it goes.
Also on the work front - I'm training as a CSM so that I can be the backup CSM. It will also give me the skills and abilities that I need so that my chances of gaining a f/t CSM position are greatly increased. It's a small step back up the retail ladder but at least it's a step up.

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