Friday, October 28, 2011

Trick or Treat

I took a chance on the Colinette Pallet Packs (now called Creative Packs)years back and wasn't disappointed so I think that I'll roll the dice & take a chance again.

Are you feeling lucky?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Watching TAR19 with Wannietta part II

Okay - we're starting off at 9:28PM with Ernie & Cindy.
Teams are on their way to Jarkarta Indonesia and take an overnight train to the tropical city of Yogyakarta.
Jeremy & Sandy are close behind at 9:36, Jennifer & Justin at 9:39. Ethan & Jenna are out at 10:07, Amani & Marcus at 10:15, Laurence & Zac at 10:22, The 'Boarders on their heels at 10:23.
Looks like there are no flights out until 8:45AM; the airport equalizes again.
Ron & Bill are off at 10:48, The Showgirls at 11:09, The Twins at 11:31.
Cathi & Bill join the Race at 3:57AM. Everyone professes joy at seeing them - some for less genuine reasons than others.
Justin & Jennifer are going to self-destruct at the airport ... forget Roadblocks!! They are hilarious talking over each other!!

OMG - people are riding on the roof of the train!!
Teams are scrambling for cabs & cabbies who know where they're going and can get their fast.
The Twins are terrified & holding on to each other for dear life.
At the Goa Jomblang Caves the teams will go spelunking, hunting for a javanese mask and indiginous dagger then scale a towering bamboo ladder and deliver the artifacts for their next clue.
For their Speedbump Bill & Cathi have to undo a massive knotted rope to get to a carabiner before they can do the Roadblock. Fortunately for them they have a slight advantage having arrived first.
Cathy is heading down into the caves along with Marie & Marcus. Bill is headed down too. They are all professing awe and excitement ... we'll see how long that lasts.
Jeremy, Tommy, Justin, Ethan, Kaylani, Zac & Bill are all going down.
It seemed so simple - the first teams down just grabbed the first mask & daggers on stakes that they found and headed to the ladder.
Bill is first up the ladder and on to the Detour with Cathi - way to go!!!
Shake Your Money Maker - one team member must learn a traditional dance while the other accompanies them on a gamelan. They need to earn 30,000 rupiah to complete the task.
Be A Ticket Taker - teams need to park enough motorbikes to earn 15,000 rupiah.
Then all teams need to travel to an orphange and donate their detour earnings to get their next clue. In addition, teams need to indepedently notice a sign telling them that they must give over all of the money in their possesion and then they will get a clue to help them find the next Pit Stop. This is a totally devious & tricksy Race!!!

Zac, Kaylani & Bill are the last three to get their masks.
The Twins are Shaking Their Money Makers!!
Bill & Cathi are Ticket Taking.

All of the teams are out of the Caves and on their way to the Detour.

Ernie & Cindy grabbed a Ticket Taking spot up from Bill & Cathi and snaked a lot of clients before they even got down to them and are now out in front again.
Amani & Marcus are Shakin'.
Justin & Jennifer and The 'Boarders are Ticket Taking.
Bill & Cathi and The Twins are on their way to the orphanage.
Ethan & Jenna are Shaking it.
Ernie and Cathy didn't notice the sign ... but are on their way to the Pit Stop.
Bill & Cathi and The Twins ... double ditto.
The 'Boarders and Justin & Jennier are off to the orphange.
The Showgirls, you guessed it, are Shakin' it along with Ron & Bill.
Laurence & Zac are Ticket Taking.
The 'Boarders didn't see the sign but then Andy noticed the sign at the last minute!!!
Ernie & Cindy tried to check in but have been turned around with the infamous Phil "however ...".
Having given up all of their money Andy & Tommy are hot-footin' it to the Pit Stop while Cindy moans & cries all the way back to the orphange.

Ethan & Jenna have shaked enough but then left their clue behind & need to go back to get it.
The Showgirls are on their way to the orphanage.
Justin & jennifer, unobservant, along with Jeremy & Sandy and Amani & Marcus.
Phil has just turned back The Twins.
Laurence read the sign - good on him!!
The Showgirls totally saw it too.
Bill & Cathi have been turned back ... disappointed in the lack of observation skills in the teachers.
Ethan's ragging on Jenna for forgetting the clue.
Andy & Tommy are the 4th team to try to check in but because they don't have to go back they are Team #1!!
Ernie & Cindy are back to the orphanage.
Ron & Bill are done Shakin' it.
Jeremy & Sandy have been turned around.
Justin is yelling at Jennifer to go faster and have been turned around.
Amani & Marcus are on their way back.
The Twins are back to the orphange for the 2nd time.
Ethan & Jenna did not notice the sign.
Laurence & Zac go from the 8th team to check in to the 2nd!
Jeremy & Sandy are on the way back.
Ethan & Jenna have been turned around.
The Showgirls have gone from 10th with tears to 3rd with tears of joy!! Phil is evil!!!
Teams are checking in for the 2nd time.
Ron & Bill didn`t see the sign & have been turned back.

#1 - Andy & Tommy - a trip for two to Ireland
#2 - Laurence & Zac
#3 - Kaylani & Lisa
#4 - Ernie & Cindy
#5 - The Twins
#6 - Jeremy & Sandy
#7 - Bill & Cathi
#8 - Justin & Jennifer
#9 - Amani & Marcus

Good bye - Ethan & Jenna and Ron & Bill