Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rockefeller, Clue #3 SPOILER

Today's clue for the Rockefeller Mystery KAL from Westknits was just over 4 hours of knitting ... I'm not generally much of a fan of the look of a corrugated-type ribbing but this suits the design.

A few people have posted pictures of Radio City Music Hall in the Rockefeller Centre and a few of the symbols outside of it that appear to be the inspiration for this design. Without knowing it I chose (and you solidified that selection) colours that echoed one of the online pictures. I know ... creepy!!! ;)

I have also made excellent progress on Beth's Drops 85-11 sweater. What a difference a proper blocking can make!!

The Olympics have begun. I was seriously bewildered by the opening ceremony. Aside from Rowan Atkinson who can't help but steal the show, I was totally uninterested and glad of the distraction of sorting myself to go out. Yes - I went out!!! I put on my face and something not a t-shirt. One our very best cashiers is moving on from Alliston and we were celebrating her presence in our lives and her future. Best wishes Blanche!!!

I know - can you even believe how much my hair has grown in a year?!? I hardly had enough to run my fingers through last year and now it blows around in the wind, drives me crazy in the morning and is enough to grab a fistful. Sometimes I just love going outside and just standing in the wind and reveling in mess that the breeze makes of it, enjoying the crazy tickling of it teasing my face. Amazing.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Block Party

Beth's Drops 85-11, front
Well, last night was blocking night. I really do enjoy blocking - seeing what you've knit transform and unfurl into what it's meant to be.

Westknits Rockefeller Clue 2

I also swatched for a new strip for my next SweetSpot afghan. It's Family Pendragon, Fae Lite colourway.

I'm not sure if I am going to have an official Ravellinic Games project ... I have these 3 things on the go and am going to be casting on a new project for Elise. I think that juggling these will have me quite busy enough without adding a self-imposed deadline that will put a halt to progress on one or more of these.

Saturday was beach day. My sister came up with my niece and we headed to Wasaga. Now, I did give some thought to walking in sand but perhaps I didn't think it through as thoroughly as perhaps I should have. Not that it would have mattered - I'd've gone anyway, but still. Damn - walking on the extra fine & shifty sand of Wasaga took a whole lot of concentrating and slow, deliberate movements. I didn't wreck anything but I am back to feet up. It was a gorgeous day and totally worth it!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Westknits Rockefeller Clue 2 SPOILER!!!

I was on a mission today - I was doing Clue 2 until it was done. YATTA!!!!

It definitely needs blocking. I had blocked the inner ring (clue 1) last night, tonight I'll block it all out.
I am somewhat concerned about the orange - I don't know what it is, it's a bit of a heavier sock weight and I don't know what I'll do if I run short. Fingers crossed; I'll cross that bridge if I have to.

Now, back to Beth's sweater for 6 days. I know, that'll be awfully boring for you, maybe I'll have to start something new. For you ... not me.

edited to add: 6.5 hours of knitting. Not real hard core, but quite steady with a few breaks.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Drops Like it's Hot

Beth's sweater is growing with the ease that every knitter knows when the yarn is perfect for the project and you are loving both! I'm just past the armhole shaping on the front.

And the ayes have it - with a landslide of 63%, is the winning colourway. And it's lovely. The brown/purple is Malabrigo Velvet Grapes - a perfect nod to an Autumnal Garden. Actually Linda, the intensity of the oranges reminds me of the Portulaca that my mother always planted. The first 1/3 went quickly. I'm going to finish Clue 1 today so that I'm ready to hit the ground running tomorrow.


My surgeon is on holidays until the 31st - amazing since I'm supposed to have a 2 week follow up not a 4 week follow up. But my family Dr. is awesome and between her, her nurse and I we took the cast off and decided that I will just be a very, very good girl and (mostly) stay off of it and try to get in to see the surgeon when he gets back. I think that the bruising is mostly from walking on the partial cast, it doesn't really hurt. I'm taking 81mg of aspirin from the previous surgery - it doesn't seem to be helping the bruising, or maybe it would just be a lot worse if I wasn't taking it. Hhhhmmmm. Anyway, it doesn't hurt a lot but it does ache deeply so I just stay off of it and up as much as possible.
My stomach is feeling good - not that I can really do anything remotely strenuous anyway, but if I reach and/or twist too much or the wrong way I can feel that it's still healing. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Vote on Westknit Shawl

Okay - I have put together a couple more options for a short-list. I need your help now - I love them all!!! I think that they all speak to an aspect of my personality.

Vote please - I've closed the voting for tomorrow afternoon so that I have time to bang out the first clue before the 2nd one comes out.




Knitterly Knitter

I feel astonishingly and refreshingly productive!!! 

I have finished my purple socks!!

And we all know that there is no love like a new love. That feeling of anticipation,  just thinking about that soft new fibre slipping through your fingers, seeing the colours dance and twirl on the needles and into a new fabric. Hearing the siren song of a new pattern. Ah yes ... there's no time for tired now.

I cast on Drops 85-11 aka Beth's Zara Print Sweater last night. I forgot how buttery smooth Zara is!! It has such a soft twist that you'd think it would be splitty, especially when I'm using my most fave needles ever - Signature Stilettos. The colouration is wonderfully blended, the cables are popping well.

I am also in the throes of indecision for Westknits Mystery KAL 2012. I read it on Anne & Julie's blogs and thought that I had missed the signup - but I didn't!!!

Not like I need another project but Stephen is a very clever designer and I admire the organic flow of his designs very much. I dove into boxes, retrieved likely candidates, mixed, moved, walked away and walked back.

I had it down to the Sundara Seaweed & Red Corset Sunkist but the two skeins of Seaweed are sufficiently different that I have decided against them; I don't want to be switching up balls on alternate rows on a Mystery Project.

I think I'm in love with this though. Wollmeise Blue Bell & Dream In Color Some Summer Sky. Seriously - the names alone betoken a perfect summer shawl combination!!
I'm also considering a linen laceweight combination, but I'm not as certain about it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

For a woman who is supposed to be resting I have been very busy. And if I could just shake off my perfectly harmless but time-consuming love of Bejeweled & Solitaire Blitz I would be even more productive!!

My Dad had quadruple heart bypass surgery done last Wednesday. He had been feeling shortness of breath and tightness in his chest for about a week when doing different activities but it went away when he stopped. He finally went to the hospital and they jumped right on that with diagnostics & drugs and the surgery. He is doing well by all accounts, and in good spirits considering the considerable change in his diet, quitting smoking and having his activities severely curtailed.

I had my foot surgery on Thursday. It also went well but it hurt like a mofo!! I spent Friday in a drugged haze.
Daphne concentrating

my niece Jasmyn
Saturday my sister came to get me so that we could visit Dad and take him some more books. He can't do much more than read and I came by my love of reading honestly.  It was a gorgeous day and we did a few errands (I picked up a few more books) on the way there & back. While I just limp around at home, I have crutches that I used for the day. That was a lot more work than I thought - my arms and shoulders obviously need more work and it was more ab intensive than I would have thought. I love my dad and I wouldn't have not gone but my body waved the white flag.

I am feeling loads better today!! It is a necessary luxury that I am able to sleep and not sleep as my body dictates. Sometimes that is an hour or 4 hours or 10 hours. I am just rolling with it. The pain has significantly subsided; it's more of a throbbing ache, I still need to keep it elevated more than not.

I finished Elise's sweater! well actually a week or so ago ... And you know the drill, super Top Secret.

I banged out the Mountain Colors scarf - doing the fringe took awhile. I'm not very good at fringes.

 And I have dragged out some yarns and a couple of Sweet Spot strips that I had made - I want to do some more, I just need to decide on the next strips yarn designer.

I finished my Starbucks socks and have started a new pair of Purple Regia socks. The sock on the left reflects my mood during the few days that I was knitting it - the tension is all over the place. It's not noticeable in the fabric itself but the patterning is a whole lot less forgiving and shows even slight and subtle changes in tension. Not a bad thing, just a thing.

Yes, I have a fun photo editing program and I really love it!! 

The Olympics are coming up and all Ravelympics/Ravelry Games drama aside I am looking forward to them! Along with Netflix and an excellent movie collection my knitting and resting are well accompanied.