Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Better Day

I was not in nearly as much pain this morning as I was yesterday morning! Much less constipated and I think that the gas is working out; I'm feeling less bloated.
I had thought that most of the pain would be in my lower abdomen; and while I am tender there, mostly I feel the effects where they went in laparoscopically. Dr Margell did well; the small incisions are well done and my belly button is not horribly affected.

The large scar that crosses both pics is from my reconstruction. There are 5 laparoscopic incisions, including the belly button. not a major concern, but I would like to have my belly button pierced again since I am - hopefully - done with procedures requiring the piercing to be removed. My tongue piercing can be out for longer than my belly button without it growing over! I did the minimum again today; the puppies are so adorably understanding. They seem to have toned down their jumping up, though if they're not on their halters, they are still prone to pulling, which hurts.
I am just over 1cm from beginning my heel shaping.

I am loving this pattern so much; I picture more in my future. And yes, the soxyzz is very handy; I can recommend it unequivocally!!

The Mock Cape saw progress as well.

Clearly, despite still requiring g a proper afternoon rest, I am being more productive.

Helen dropped off necessary provisions (wine and cheese), then whisked me up the street to have coffee and a knit at Coffee Culture. Normally an easy walk, today, a necessary drive. We had a lovely time (my incessant texts notwithstanding and actually adding to our amusement). She got started on her own Greek/TARDIS themed Stitch Surfers. She did well under supervision - lol!!

The Dr Who marathon continues. I have been feeling a bit off still - mentally clouded - so I have watched most of the 2nd series twice. Not necessarily a bad thing, but out of character for me.
I just finished Love and Monsters. Probably the least Dr-centric episode ever, but I did enjoy the comic relief. Peter Kay is always a welcome appearance!! And Moaning Myrtle popped in as well.

To bed shortly; I am throwing as much rest at it as my body can take. Nought much can be done until I get my 6-week check up with my surgeon, but I want to be at the top of the curve for improvement!! I'm properly motivated.

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  1. Glad you are healing well!

    Just great. Now I am the proud owner of a soxyzz, AND a needle gauge AND Kitchener helper, personalized, no less ... I blame you. xxx

  2. take it easy on yourself and do _not_ overdo.....

    1. It's a challenge, but Helen is a diligent friend and keeper. Fortunately, knitting is light.