Wednesday, August 12, 2015


The laundry didn't quite dry yesterday, so that went back up on the line. I love having a clothesline; the smell of fresh air lingers and spreads throughout the closet after I bring the clothes in and put them away.

I finished the carrot cheesecake today.

It was baked in a water bath so that the carrot cake base doesn't dry out with the 2nd baking. I didn't have extra wide aluminium foil, so I layered up what I had; hopefully water didn't leak through into the cake.

My base looks a bit more flat than the original recipe, but that was a lot of cheesecake on top of it!
It looks fabulous and I'm excited to take it to work tomorrow so that I can have a slice.

I had more beets today. Man, I love beets!! Baked perfectly, salted and buttered - I could make a meal out of just that!!

I've been knitting - spent most of the day fixing an error, but in back on track and making forward progress.

I've been watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. Overall, I'm enjoying it, but I'm in season 3 where there is a lot of the Irish connections. This is where I start losing track of who is allied with whom. Like the mob story lines in my fave cop shows. Yeah, I confuse kind of easily.

I've been sucking up pain like a milkshake through a straw. I don't know why it's so bad, but I've got too much to do to be sleeping the pain away. And when I say sleeping, I mean too drugged to be vertical, but too drugged to actually sleep.
I've been sleeping poorly - taking an oxy with the T3's in addition to the codein contin - I'm dopey, itchy, and buzzy. But I'm balancing it so that I can be not useless.

"I'm having surgery next week." I said this aloud to the puppies today, and it brought tears to my eyes.
I don't know why. I'm eager to have it - this constant pain is doing my head and body in. Between the pain and the drugs I'm endlessly exhausted.
And I'm historically good at surgery - no complications and excellent recovery.
So I don't know. It's an odd feeling of apprehension and trepidation.

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