Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chevrons Two Ways

So I decided to do a temperature afghan. There were all sorts of crocheted ones, but I decided to do a knitted one.
I picked this chevron pattern, Bravo Worsted from Schachenmayr, this chart for the colour/temp breakdown

, and used AccuWeather for the stats.
I decided to go with daily lows for the winter months, and daily highs for the summer months. This will make for better use of the colour range.
I am very pleased with January!! A lovely randomization of the colours.

February is looking to be larger sections of colours.
This is shaping up to be more of a bedspread than an afghan. I'm looking at about 14' - yikes!! But it's going to be awesome, I'm very excited about the project!!

Question - would you do a stripe (the winter white in this case) to separate the months? I'm of two minds on the matter ...

I'm also working on a ZickZack scarf for The Needle Emporium. I was very excited to see that I was going to be knitting it out of two balls of Rialto Luxury Sock. With its lengthy, harmonious colour changes, it makes the garter stitch just keep flowing.

I just keep going to see what the colours are going to do next!!

I finally got around to getting a pedicure! My feet really deserved it after that wretched cast came off.

I feel very pretty, even if I'm just sitting home knitting.

The puppies were adorable the other day. I was blocking a swatch in front of the fireplace to sped up the drying. They love laying in front of the fireplace and helped with the blocking by deliberately, and without influence from me, surrounding but not laying on the swatch. It was sweet.

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