Monday, June 8, 2009

Get the Munchies Out!!!

Yeah baby, it's that time again!! Weeds is back!!! MarijuanaI've taken this week off work for a staycation and I have a crushing deadline so I will DVR tonight's episode and start watching the first 3 seasons again. Don't worry ... I don't inhale.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Yarn Whisperer

Amanda & I drove down to Ancaster to help out at the The Needle Emporium's annual Tent Sale (which is now is a parish hall, but still goes by it's birth name). This was the scene at about 7:05PM. The bargain hunters were out in force and most everyone was leaving with more than one bag full!!
Beth & Julie put us up for the night - great house, the pictures on the blog haven't done it justice - and we were back for more this morning.
Despite the yarn that we all witnessed leaving the building, there was still a lot left this morning and Cathy, Sally & I indulged our not-so-inner OCD compulsions by untangling yarns that had been been jostled and tossed into crazy skeins. We all felt better when order was restored and each ball was not mixing in a inappropriate with it's box-mates. Just call me a Yarn Whisperer!
Amanda - who turned into a giggling near-mute child for nearly the entire visit - bought me some anniversary present yarn - I'll be opening it tomorrow!!! - and I didn't leave empty handed. Pics tomorrow - I've been helping Amanda print pictures for the other anniversary presents.

I've just read that the deals are even better tomorrow - I think that y'all are lucky that I'm working at the office tomorrow and live so far away!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Knittin' They Did Go

Well, the Spiders competed again. It was chilly for the end of May which made the grease in the fleece that much trickier to spin & knit, but we didn't throw in the wool. I can't release the details until the final teams compete next week so you'll have to bear the agony of anticipation with us!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Box

This box is going to be a gift but we are a wee bit concerned that it may not be appropriate for the intended recipient and would like some impartial opinions. Please vote!!!