Sunday, August 9, 2015

Slow start

I could feel the migraine, but I just couldn't summon up the energy to get out of bed at 3AM to take the Zomig.
I slept poorly all the way 'round. Migraine, codeine buzz, breakthrough pain in my uterus, waiting to hear from Amanda, (she had a bad but hard to narrow down pain so she went to ER. She's seems better, but a mother's love/concern is like that), and just my mind free associating.

I did have my codeine & T3's at my bedside, so I kept on top of that. Petey and Chica let me lay in until 11. I love these two; they really do take care of me. I took the Zomig after I fed my puppies, downed a cherry Coke, and we went for a bit of a stroll. Rx kicked in, and I've been knitting on the Secret Project today.

I finished Criminal Minds through Ssn 9 on TurboFlix, and started on Sons of Anarchy.

Hoovered, roasted the carrots that I bought at the market at the Steampunk festival yesterday (so sweet and delicious!!!), practiced my fluting.

Pains still significant so despite the itching, I've been taking an oxy with my meds. I just need to make it 11 more days and nights. I can do this. I've made it this far; I'm in the home stretch. A powerful reminder though how things happen the way we need them to sometimes.

I tried a tape highlighter for checking off where I am on my pattern. A regular highlighter won't work as I have the pattern in plastic sheets.

I'm going to try dry erase markers; I know it'll rub off after some shifting, but I don't need it *really* permanent, just as I'm working.

I have decided on a cowl for my Mountain Colors (it's weird typing colours without a "u", but I respect their spelling) Perspectives Twizzle gradient kit. The Filan Cowl.

Oh, and I forgot to show you my sock! I finished it in the road yesterday.

I am thrilled with it!! I love the flow of the green.

Chica has made a lot of progress with letting me pet her and have my feet on/around her while she's gnawing on a chewy.

So that's where I'm at. Feeling rough physically, but emotionally I've come a long way. I'm quite content with my life as it is - puppies, fibre endeavours, musical learning, friends galore. I'm still getting used to not having Lee to reach out to, I don't feel like it's the yawning void that it was. I have a lot going on for myself, and I let myself forget about that. Thank you all for reminding me and keeping me from losing sight of that.

To my friends. Sláinte!!

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