Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rub Some Dirt On It

It is an expression in sports. In general, it means to suck it up and keep playing.
I took it rather literally tonight. I slid, hands first (which wouldn't have counted had I made it to first base as it's illegal) and scuffed myself up.

The bandaid don't stick so to staunch the oozing I patted (rather than rubbed) dirt onto the wound. Yeah, not sanitary, but short-term effective. I redeemed myself in a later inning with an RBI that took us to 5 runs and out of that inning.

We ended up with a tie; acceptable, considering that they had three hitters who could easily hit it out of the park (and did).
A fantastic last (for me) game. I made new friends and had a great season.

I will miss playing ball. I love the game, straight up. But I'll be going as soon as I can to cheer my teams on! We all do what we can.

I got a ride today, so I was able to take all the Rx and a few supplemental beverages. While it's a "beer league", I am the least imbibing. But my period hit today, and needs must.
Petey sensed my pain and tucked in for most of the day, ignoring Chica's pleas to play.

Have I mentioned how much I just love this dog?!?

Chica *did* get a new collar from my last visit to PetSmart.

She is just at the cusp of no longer being an XS.

Elise called this afternoon. Just hearing her voice, especially this close to my surgery date, made my day!! We got all caught up, then my son called. He's likely coming up tomorrow, so I'll see him before I go under the knife. It was a happy day all the way 'round!!

I am going to have to sort Petey out a step up to my bed. He is just not quite able to jump up on his own, (my Queen bed is a bit high up) and he is my night time sleep buddy. Chica gets daytime napping privileges as she *can* jump up on her own. Post op, I'm am limited to lifting less than 10lbs for 4-6 weeks.

I am ravenous, and know I shouldn't, but I am craving mac & cheese something fierce!! I'm off to the kitchen. Y'all enjoy the rest of your evening. I'm going to spend it with SOA, knitting, and a bevvie or two.

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  1. A little dirt always helps road rash. :) I'm glad your son will be seeing you before your surgery date. :)