Tuesday, May 28, 2013

They're Heeeere!!!!

Everyone has been clamouring for them, dreaming of them and pleading for them. After investing all of the time necessary to perfect them, Signature Needle Arts are giving the people what we wanted - convertible circulars!!!

(image courtesy SNA)
Thank you Cathy & Danielle!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sock Rash

So this is why I don't like store-bought socks.

Yes, a hideous and itchy reaction to thin cotton socks!! My feet & legs have been properly spoiled. I know, but sometimes I spend more time at Lee's than I plan on and run out of proper socks. I need to get to pounding out some more socks for me.

It has been a long winter for all of God's creatures, not the least of all the mice. I tried to live-capture it/them but the little bugger actually chewed the plastic off enough to trip the levered gate and crawl back out!!! I then resorted to poison. And more poison. Then different poison. It was eating it ... there was food & fecal debris. It kept coming back. Well, now I have results!!!

I will admit that I screamed. Like a girl. But after a wee victory dance I sanitized the counter and stove top and discarded the carcass. I will cleanse my utensil drawer for the umpteenth time and hope that this recently departed was the sole intruder and/or that his comrades have suffered such a decisive fate.

And the upcoming Fathers Day has the good movies coming out at The Mighty Mart of Wal. I totally scored!!!

Yes - all of the Star Trek movies on bluray!!! I know!!!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Here kitty, kitty

This is the makings of a black & white kitty

and the start of a mixed brown & white kitty.

I know, not especially cute or impressive yet but the potential is there.

The poplars are letting loose and it's snowing fluff.

This picture is unedited and unfiltered.

Helen & I had a great time at The Needle Emporium today! A wee bit of shopping

and then a custom-fit sock class with Kate Atherly

Helen tried to appropriate Kate's shawl, but not very hard ;). Helen is also showing off her first perfect sock.

Ok ... Back to my litter and with the extra skein of Skinny Cotton I can finish Beatrice.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back to Reality

I know ... back to work was a crushing reality. And Spring is bringing with it the kind of changeable weather that gifts me with migraines. Zomig is awesome but has side effects as well; not as bad as the migraine but still.
Anyway, I have finished Elise's linen skirt!! I know ... I dogn't even remember when I cast it on but it was ages ago. This is what happens without a deadline ;)

The black linen is Euroflax while the hand dyed is from Claudia Hand Painted Yarns.

I started on Blue Sky Alpaca's Beatrice Top

but the Yarn Hoover that I am, I am stalled at the top of the 1stsleeve. Julie is sending more and letting BSA know that the 3rd size requires a 4thskein.
Good thing that I have another project set to go!
Four knitted cats, fiddly but très portable and with a day off we'll see what kind of a litter I can get knit up.

Lee, Jake and I had a lovely time at a neighbourhood bonfire Sunday night.

Toby & I enjoyed the sunshine before the rain this morning, getting my litter off to a good start.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Québec CIty

Sunday was our last day in la belle province. There was a wonderful mural on the library across from our hotel. I'm annoyed that there was a bus obstructing the lower part of it.

After a quick stop at Costco for beer (I know!!! And inexpensive - $27,49 for a 24 of Corona Extra) we spent it walking along the Old City wall, touring la Citadelle and finishing up in the touristy Old City but seeing some of the oldest buildings that we had seen yet.

In front of one of the cannons on Rue des Remparts

Standing on a cannon
Interesting building detail
Lee in front of the official residence of the Royal 22e Régiment

Interesting block in la Citadelle
Old City Centre
Interesting wall in the Old City. Lee has a piece of the wall that fell off when he touched it.

Rusty Horse Sculpture 

Bridge leaving the city

eta: Between Lee's much more European french and my conversational but more Québeçois french we did very well. A majority of the people, especially in the businesses, spoke English though less so in Québec City it seemed. It was a wonderful experience that I would readily do again, blisters notwithstanding ;)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Montréal Day 3

True to the spirit of being on holiday we slept in. Then it was pack it up to move on to Québec City.
But do not fear, after all of that walking and sightseeing there was going to be yarn! I had to make hard choices and though Effiloché came highly recommended I really wanted to check out Biscotte & Cie. I've seen their yarn making appearances on Knitty (Carousel Sock), (Stitch Surfer Sock) and Loopy Ewe and I wanted to see it IRL and pick up a few skeins for a Sweet Spot strip. Yes, I am still working on my 3rd afghan. No rush and I've got enough yarns that I know I'll have a 4th and 5th easily. Not disappointed. I purchased 3 colourways - Vikings, 49'ers and Patriots (yes, Superbowl theme!) - of Felix.

We stopped into Loblaws for some food & water for the trip and I had to take a picture of the beer aisle. Yes, I know!!! I don't know how long it would take to get used to seeing beer in every grocery & couche-tard (Mac's) that you go into. And the young lady sampling the Alexander Keith's ale (I know!!! Sampling alcohol to boot!!!) was hiding a can of Monster under an AK box. I found that hilarious!!

It was a long, wet drive and a nap was in order once we checked in. Super excellent room - we were upgraded to the business floor - and the bed was perfect.

Dinner was at the Saigon Bangkok restaurant. Very good. This was the second time that I've had General Tao's chicken in Québec and while this version was more enjoyable than the first (granted the first was at a mall), they don't seem to do it spicy like we do in Ontario. Quande même, it was delicious. And truly the best spring rolls that I have ever eaten!!
Fortunately there was a lovely microbrasserie just around the corner where we quaffed a couple before calling it an early night. La Korrigane was another young, hip spot where Lee was not unimpressed with the on site offerings.

It was strange to me (and refreshing to Lee) not to have food available and menus foisted upon you at every bar & pub. Indeed, some pubs (Ziggy's for instance), offered no food whatsoever.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Montréal, day 2

We were both well exhausted from yesterday - the walking and the sun. We slept (again) and after some first aid for my blisters set off on a mission for footwear more appropriate to city hiking. Salomons - success!!

Much more comfortable though I'm still not fit for sprinting.

We ended up stopping at a few shops along Rue St Catherine including HMV; in any city Lee can't walk past one without popping in. I picked up a few things as well ;)

After taking our purchases back to the hotel we set out for Mont Royal, Lee being much more enthused at the prospect than I. We took the stairs up (300m vs 2.3km seemed like a no-brainer to me) and sore feet notwithstanding I had to pause a few times to catch my breath an make sure my legs hadn't actually turned to lead. But we made it and I didn't throw up.

Quite an awesome view; worth the effort.

The weather was very good to us - only a few drops of rain on our way down. We took the winding gravel path; there is no way that the balls of my feet were going to take the stairs down!
A quick shower & change and we were off on a bit of a pub crawl.
Brutopia was outstanding. Lee was well pleased with the selection & quality of the microbrews (though served a bit colder than he believed to be ideal). The service was excellent, a relaxed atmosphere with a good mix of patrons and if the Chorizo nachos are any indication of the caliber of the rest of the menu then I can think of nothing negative about this pub.
We stopped at Hurley's again for a couple of pints then after a chicken Shwarma (my first and I loved it!!) we went to Stogies.
While I do not encourage or like smoking, I do like the smell of cigars occasionally. Lee used to smoke and was pleased that I was quite willing to go with him so that he could indulge.

The cigar lounge was on the top floor; its license is grandfathered so they are permitted indoor smoking. I tried a few Martinis from a menu of 101 and quickly settled on the Key Lime. Delish!!

An excellent 2ndday!!
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Friday, May 10, 2013

Montréal Day 1

We had a lovely lie in; I went out and fetched coffee and a crèpe to break our fast and then around noon we headed out.

We walked and walked and walked. We passed a shipping container yard which I found interesting for it's patchwork patterns.

There was a lot of graffiti, some of which was very good!

I thought that my Puma's were comfortable and appropriate for walking and they were; for the first 3 hours. After a light lunch at La Crème de la Crème including perfectly sour and refreshing lemonade we were on our way again through Old Montréal.

I absolutely love this blue cobblestone; Lee thinks that it's probably slate. It reminds me of worn and patched denim, new and faded indigo.

There were all sorts of interesting old bits that caught my eye.

My dogs were well and truly barking by the time that we got back to the hotel at 18:00. Habs fans were heading to the Bell Centre for what turned out to be a disappointing 5th game.
A wee nap, change of clothes and many plasters later we took the Metro to Plateau du Mont Royal and walked painfully ambled to L'Express for a lovely tea. It had been recommended to Lee by a mate years ago but was always full when he'd gone before. It was our night - tables were available! The waiter was a bit odd ... almost studiously ignoring us at times, but the food was very good. Lee had a hanger steak & frites and I savoured the grilled salmon on a bed of steamed spinach after starters of fish soup (Lee) and warm goat cheese salad (moi).
The shuffle back to the Metro and to the hotel was worth it. Spotted a PharmaPrix (Shoppers Drug Mart) where I could go in the AM to get some cushy blister plasters.