Sunday, January 31, 2016

Interminable Ribbing

I had intended to make real progress on the Amy Butler raincoat; transforming it from shaped fabric pieces into something approaching a garment. The Fates had other plans.

At some point the thread holder had been knocked off and some puppy thought it a brilliant chew toy. He had brought it to me the other day; I fm didn't know what it was, but it looked like a piece off of something, so I kept it. Sure enough ...
So my machine will be off to the shop again; hopefully they can McGyver summat.

Fortunately, I was not left without anything to do!
My lips are healed enough to practice my flute again. It was a bit rough, but felt good!

I hoovered, showered, having finally mastered wrapping the cast to waterproof it, and managing to not do further injury to myself getting in and out of the shower.
Then a lovely day of knitting.

Though the 2x2 rib seems interminable, the colors of Noro always make it a joy.
I am watching The Abominable Bride - should make the last 3" go quickly!

My leg is healing well. I was rather concerned that my gimping about on it sans crutch(es) may have buggered it up, but I come from sturdy stock!! Everything is healing normally, and in this context, I will be pleased with the label. I still have 4 more weeks of miserable restriction and reliance upon the generosity and care of others. Fortunately, I have a generous circle of friends watching out for and helping me.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gimping Along

It's a wretched and daily inconvenience.

I have a most splendid work wife who takes on what I can't do, while I have assumed most of the menial office work. Great staff who are all doing what they can to keep me from over extending. no easy feat, let me assure you
Helen has stepped up, once again, to do my washing and run errands.

But I still hobble along at everything. I can't quite get a wrapping tight enough not to wet my foot if I shower. The puppies are adorably attentive, but are quivering for good walks. I can't sleep right. Sigh.

Then to add insult to injury, I have not one, but two cold sores!! That's put my flute playing right off for a week now. I should be able to start back this weekend; I have missed it more than I would've thought.

The Amy Butler raincoat is coming along.

I need some new sewing feet to work with the laminate cotton, then it's full speed ahead. I'm really hoping to have it done by the end of this weekend.
And yes, that a Kaffe patterned fabric!!!

Seeder is coming to a conclusion. I am finally on the front border. I had it started, but after a number of rows, decided to pick up at a lower ratio, to result in fewer stitches. There's a lot of drape to the front, but I don't want it flaring.

Don't forget to follow me on IG and comment on the Giveaway post to be in for the draw on the Denise 2 Go needles!!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Raincoat, part I

Well of course the work table needed to be assembled! Whatever possessed me to imagine a world in which I could just take something out of the box and use it!!
It suggested 30 mins as an assembly time.

Keeping in mind my less than peak physical condition, and my drill battery was dead, charger nowhere to be found, I think I did well.

I will not be hard on myself. There were no leftover bits, and the table performed perfectly!!

Amy Butler/Westminster raincoat - I got the exterior pieces cut out. I have rediscovered my inner perfectionist and she can't just cut off the larger sizes on a pattern in the interest of being faster. I managed, but it was painstaking. I need some tissue/tracing paper so I can make size specific pieces which will make the cutting of the lining a snap!!
And I made the buttons.

Amanda was almost as impressed as I was!!
Then there was how much standing is involved in perfect piece cutting. I really need to pace myself better.
Yesterday I may have done a thing or five too much; I was hurting hard this morning!! I have given my work wife permission to punish me as she sees fit should I not be using crutches at all times or overdo it.

It was also a good mail day; Ipsy & Rowan!!

I napped and am blogging in between knitting bouts. It has been a good day.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

All is as it was

Not much has changed since yesterday.
Knitting away on Seeder. One upside of not being able to drive (yes, curse my driving skills and having a standard; it's my clutch leg that's broken) is getting a ride. This means a nice 20 mins-ish of knitting to get my day started!

Crutching around work today. I joke that "it's arm day every day"! It takes its toll as the day wears on, but I'm going to have biceps of steel when this is done. Everyone is helpful - even customers, some of whom are sweet enough to put away their own fabric after I've cut it! But I'm stubborn, and while I try to modify some of my workload, I am kind of a full speed or all stop kinda woman. So, on I go.

I took a selection of (right foot) shoes to work today in case any single pair gave me grief, I could switch it up. My Chucks were solid though, and saw me through the day.

My poor toe doesn't cry out at the lightest touch, but is still looking rather pitiable.

I have tomorrow off, and am planning a sewing blitz. Looking ahead to warmer, wetter days,

this raincoat is on the cutting/seeing table. Amy Butler, ftw. It will be a sample for the store, then all mine!!

Back to Seeder, my fun for tonight!!

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Monday, January 18, 2016


I am on the final stretch of the body of Seeder.

It feels good to just knit on something so simple, but captivating. I am thoroughly entranced by the colours!!

Work was long today. I was in a foul mood for most of it - trying to catch up on days of missed paperwork, hobbling around, can't carry or lift anything, and tired af from a poor sleep last night and my body needing extra to heal.
But the day just kept moving along, me trying to keep pace. I ended up getting quite a bit accomplished and plans in place to get yarn sorted tomorrow so I can work on orders.
I had to change shoes near the end of the day. Crutching so much, bearing almost all of my weight and balance in my right foot, took its toll.

I have fucked up my 2nd<\sup> baby toe up hard!! Tomorrow might be a slipper day.
Petey is doing his best at kissing it better <3

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Sunday, January 17, 2016


I finished the Vanessa Ives MKAL shawl a while ago. The recipient loved it, and it suited her perfectly!!

I was pleased with the finished shawl. The gradation is lovely!

I am done using the Denise to Go set that I was given for review by Yarn Canada , and as only seems fair, I am passing them along.

This is going to be a giveaway linked to my Instagram account. I know that not all of you are on IG, but if you are, please go on over, follow me -NaturalBornKnitter- , like the giveaway post, and tag three people. Then comment here, on this post, with your IG name.

Let's give this two weeks. I will then draw a name in some random fashion, and the winner will receive this Denise to Go needle set (minus the sz8/5mm - Petey thought that they were a good toy too!).

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Once again I find it's been ages since my last post. honestly, I'm not even going to check exactly *how* long
Len's Mill Store is open in Barrie!!! We worked so many hours getting it ready enough, and it's been a whirlwind! It's been very well received in the area, and Nic & I are confident that it will be a continued success.
I have been knitting. Knitting samples for the store, a personal project here and there, and always for Julie.
Here are pics - random, but there it is. one would think that I'd be better at catching up after all the times I've had to do if, but there you go



I've also gone and broken my fibula. Last Friday night, freezing rain, icy step, high torque twist, snap. It's a high break, but the treatment is to pin the ankle, cast it to below the knee and let it torture me for 6 weeks.

I've got a ride sorted to work, I'll be at the mercy of friends for provisional runs, and Helen shall once again be on laundry duty. It won't be easy, but I can't cheat, and must use at least one crutch to bear the my weight as it inflicts significant pain otherwise.
The cast, pain, and meds make sleep a challenge, but I do enjoy a challenge.
Three days in, the itching has begun. Nothing but the best scratcher for us!!

My fluting continues! Now that my work schedule has sorted out to less than insane, I can have my lessons regularly. Myrelle is wonderful, and is coming to me until I can go back to the Barn Music Studio.
I really enjoy playing, and am getting better, even though I play mostly for myself.

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