Thursday, November 26, 2015

Doodler clue 3 spoilers

Long busy days at Len's, then loving my sweet, patient puppies, flute practicing, and then power knitting. Sleep, and repeat.
It's crazy, but I find that I get more done when I have more to do!!

Petey pulled a Houdini early this morning sometime, (he hasn't done that in a long time!), and I woke up to this:

I know. He knew that I was quite displeased and that he had lost favour with me.
Fortunately HA Kidd has showed up to stock (I am in Gütermann heaven!!!) their stuff, and I have a pair of Unique needles to work with. I have forgiven him over the course of the day. He's lucky he didn't touch the yarn!!!

We have an opening date of December 14, and product is coming in hard & fast; I'll be nose to the grindstone until then. But I'm loving it - all the fibrey goodness I can stand. Not quite the quality of yarn that I choose to knit with in my own time, but it still gives me pleasure to manage it. And the fabric --- I just walk up and down aisles touching and looking sometimes.

I have finished clue 3 of The Doodler with only 3 wedges.

I should have liked to do 4, but don't have enough yarn and I didn't have another colour that really suited. Just as well, I'm all set for Clue 4. Which *didn't* come out on my way home tonight. Lol!!

A colleague from London is cooking gnocchi in my kitchen for the potlucky tomorrow. The hotel has a microwave, not conducive to proper cooking! She's been up in Barrie for the last month helping set up the fabric & upholstery sections, and will be staying to see her efforts through to fruition. I'm going to miss her!!

I'm going to spend the time waiting for the next clue knitting on a Secret Project that I've been neglecting for far too long!!

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Doodling Along - clue 3 spoilers

I'll put the spoiler pics further down ...

I made sour cherry jam today!! I was so excited to get a couple of pails of frozen sour cherries at Zehrs last week that the kind produce manager let me have them at -50%!!

I love sour cherry jam - hand down my favourite!! I'll be making another batch, then freezing what's left of the bucket for pie filling as needed.

My fingers are getting used to the open holes on the Sonaré. It's a more precise fingering that is required, but I love the tone she emits when we hit it right.

Here's my Doodler shawl. Mrs Crosby Satchel Hummingbird (sorbet colours), Georgian Bay Fibre Co McCoy Sock in Meaford Spring Buds for the brilliant green, then Satchel again in Hollywood Cerise for the deep rich merlot.

I am loving the undulating edge, and it's being accentuated more and more as the wedges build out.

Ok ... a bit more Doodling then to bed. Much to get accomplished this week!!

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Not dead

I have fallen off the blog, but I've been very busy. I've forgotten how very much work store set is. That being said, I'm enjoying it immensely!!

I'll gloss over the knitting tonight, I'll take better pics in the AM when the light is better. I have been knitting, truly.

I've also been playing flute. I still enjoy it, and have been looking for one of my own. Myrelle has been lending me the one she has for students, and has been helping me in my search.
I happened upon a couple likely candidates today, and with help from Myrelle, find myself the proud owner of a Powell Sonaré.

It's going to take some extra attention playing with open holes, but I preferred the sound and feel of this one over the Yamaha that I tried. I'm working on a name for her ... it will make itself known.

Are all amaryllises so top-heavy and inclined to tipping??

I have sorted out a support for it, but is that normal?

I'm off to my Doodling ;)

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Thursday, October 15, 2015


I cooked all of the things. My dad and my kids came. We had a wonderful time - food, stories, laughing.

I am back to work. It's like they say - plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Walmart is a constant in that it never changes despite how much changes.
I am enjoying being back briefly; making what difference I can. It's also affording me the opportunity to say goodbye to a lot of the people that have made my time there pleasant and worth everything.
I can't even describe how much better I feel. Having been in pain for so long, taking drugs for so long, I'd forgotten what a weight it is. How mentally and physically exhausting it is. It's gone. All of it. I feel so much lighter, carefree.

Not much knitting has been accomplished on any project I'm afraid.
I'm hoping to get to Woodstock this weekend; it's going to depend on what my Bee needs done to fix the grinding noise. I'm thinking bearings or suspension; not sure that I have a 'druther.

I did have a good mail day!!

My purchased bag (doggie one) and my prize from crafts-o-matic arrived!! Included were stitch markers from Hanks & Needles, a special stitch marker from Knit Cubby, a skein of yarn from Up In Yarns, and some sweets! Everything was packaged up with care and love - thanks Kate!!!

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mittens, Take Two

A busy week, but I finally remembered to make the time to stop at True North Yarn Co to pick out yarn for my cousins mittens.

Without further ado, I cast on for them after dinner tonight. I'm feeling much more optimistic about these ones!!

I have also made fine progress on my 2nd Stitch Surfers. Just finished the heel shaping.

Tomorrow a new clue comes out on the Vanessa Ives MKAL - can't wait to see what's next!!

Busy, busy, busy!!

Its Thanksgiving weekend this weekend; I have my son and his girlfriend coming, as well as my dad and his lady friend. I will be cooking all of the things!!

I'm back to work 1/2 days next week. It will be bittersweet. Almost 6 years; I've made a lot of friends and while I am excited about my new opportunity, there are a lot of people that I will miss at The Mighty Mart of Wal!!
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Location:Tree Top St,Essa,Canada

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I finished a Stitch Surfer sock!!!

Clearly my foot is bigger than the Signature sock blocker! I clearly need to buy the larger one ;)

A friend needed some help today since they had car trouble, so I was able to cast on and get started on the 2nd straight away.

I also decided to follow the pattern to match up the striping. I am generally in the fraternal sock camp, but these seemed worth the effort of attempting identicalness I'm not unimpressed with the instructions, and my ability to execute them!!

I am quite exhausted from just driving about today. I'm relaxing with some wine and my knitting. App't with the surgeon tomorrow to see what I may be permitted to do. fingers crossed!!!

Chica slept well last night, but was still off this morning. She seems to be much better this afternoon. Clearly nothing serious, it so unlike her. I'm so glad she's herself again. <3

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Not Knitting

A wretched bout of insomnia last night had my day off to a bit of a late and exhausted start.

Chica was being decidedly in-Chica like. She cried when Amanda scooched her off of the love seat and she was just slow moving. She refused breakfast and water, and just sat shivering, which while it's a chihuahua trait, isn't like her. She was reluctant to lay down. I examined her, and the distress seemed to coming from her right front shoulder. So I tucked her in to her bed and aside form a few wanderings, that how she spent most of her day.

Petey seemed sympathetically affected; he refused his breakfast too, and though he was mostly himself, he kept checking in on his sister.

Amanda brought with her an astonishing amount of stuff and some immediate action needed to be taken.
After coffee, I set to cleaning up some of my clutter in the spare room. Once that was sorted and organized, Mover One and Mover Two shifted the old sofa and mattresses that I had leaned up in there (don't even ask) outside.

I arranged for that to be removed and Bob's your uncle, space for someone to sort through their stuff.

After that was done, a nap was definitely called for.
After waking up, Chica seemed a bit more chipper. She ate, had some water, and did her business in a wee walk. She chased her ball a few times, then just went back into her crate to lay down.
Whatever had her out of sorts seems to be resolving itself with rest, so hopefully she'll me my little Damian again in the morning.

I am tired now. No knitting has been accomplished, but it's been a good day.

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Vanessa Ives

A fairly easy clue to get started on the Vanessa Ives MKAL. I decided to alternate to colours of the beads in sections as the beads are placed on stitches individually rather than strung onto the working yarn and knit in. It's a lot more challenging to be random with two colours than you might imagine.

I am very pleased with it so far. I am using a 1mm crochet hook to place the beads on the stitches, and the 3.5mm hook to make the nupps.

It is interesting that the lighter colored beads have a consistently larger inner hole and are more easily slid onto the stitch. The darker beads are hit & miss if I can even get them into the hook, and then it's a struggle to slide them down. This despite them both being 6/0 beads.

The Denise 2 Go needles are working perfectly for this project. The cables straighten out nicely in hot water, and the kit comes with a joiner, so I've been able to lengthen my cord enough to continue working.
The join - that's seriously one of the top considerations in a chiding a circular needle. It is not nearly as smooth as the Addi's, but while there is a unevenness at the join, it is not overly bothersome. It doesn't impede and backlog the movement of stitches the way I have found on lesser quality needles.

I am nearly at the ribbing of my Stitch Surfers!!! I am impressed - though I generally require instep shaping, they fit very well without it.

Can't wait to finish and get on with the second sock!!

I've been on a winning streak on the interwebs as well!!
I won the Skagway pattern set from TanisKnits and a Halloween bag, stitch marker and yarn from CraftsOMatic!!!

Three more days until I check in with my surgeon. I am excited. I have felt well today, and hoping that a few more restful days stress-free is just too much to ask for will give me allowance to increase my activity levels.

The incision site that was giving me some trouble is healing well. The slough skin is mostly gone; the pink skin is closing over. It's still tender, but it's getting better.

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That Time of Year

I put it off as long as comfortably possible, but sweaters, socks, and a space heater are only so effective.
Another successful, and when I say 'successful' I mean that I didn't blow up my house,lighting of the furnace.

The space heater is still a cozy spot, a snugly focal point for family chilling.

I had to put on socks and a jacket to walk the puppies this morning! We didn't go far, Petey was behaving oddly, not wanting to walk. Maybe he needs some time to adjust to the temperature change.

I am going to spend today knitting. There will be hot chocolate. Probably a nap.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015


5 3/4 years at The Mighty Mart of Wal is coming to an end.

I was offered the position of Assistant Manager at the Len's Mill that will be opening soon in Barrie.

It wasn't the slam dunk decision you might think. WM is job security, straight up. I had to weigh some pros and cons, but in the end this is definitely the right time to make this move.

I will be working with a manager that I know and respect, and who respects me and my abilities.

It's going to be rough working out my last week at WM; I've come to know a lot of people quite well, and care about them. We'll stay in touch, and there's always Facebook. Lol.
Needless to say, it was a very busy day.

I cast on a shawl tonight! The Vanessa Ives MKAL.

I am generally a fan of a pointy tipped needle, but I am happy for the mid-pointiness of the Denise 2 Go needles, as the fine 4ply cotton of the Shirley Brian yarn is easily split.

I had to buy beads for it, and when I was standing in Michaels, vowing that I would not pay upwards of $80 for beads, I Googled "beads Barrie". I didn't really expect anything *in* Barrie, just something not too far out.
Mhai O Mhai beads is right in Barrie!!!
Less than $15 had me a couple of strands of beads in two colours that should make my shawl a show piece!!

I am so excited. They offer classes so who knows what I might get up to!!

Anyway. I've been neglectful of myself today and a decent diner is earned and an early bedtime to put paid to the migraine plaguing me. A good day after all is said and done though.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bulky means Bulky

Le. Grand. Sigh.

I really thought I could tighten up enough, but not too much, and á la peanut butter sandwiches - mittens!!
Best laid plans.

Wayyyyyy too big.
This will necessitate a trip to an actual yarn store as Micheals didn't have anything else finer in the colours that are required. And I'm really not fancying a trip into The City for a potentially wider selection.

But I did get things done today.

I have been collecting (with the help of a friend or two at work) those annoying packets of silica beads. They have many uses; it was my intent to use them to preserve flowers; it maintains their shape and colour better than just hanging upside down.
Yes, you can buy silica gel, but it's not inexpensive, and I was in no hurry.
Well, birthday flowers seemed like the perfect time to get to it!
I had a lot already unpackaged, but had about 1/3 of my total still to do.

An hour I spent at it. Carefully tucking the beads under, in and around the flowers.
I have this bunch of lilies buried,

as well as a yellow daisy

and a red rose.

Google searches seem to indicate about 9 days for the rose, so I'll "set it and forget it".

I'm going to go wind some yarn to cast on a yet to be determined shawl on the Denise 2 Go needles from Yarn Canada.

I'll leave you with this bit of amusement that I totally related to!!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

All Good Things

What a great day!!

I received this set of Denise 2 Go needles

from Yarn Canada to review. Check them out for the complete range of Denise sets. Hmmm ... guess Imma gonna hafta cast something long on!! Oh darn.

At first glance, it is an ideal travel set; quite compact. I selected the small sized kit, 3.5mm-6mm (IS5-10), as most of what I do falls into that range.

Once I have give them a test run, I'll be doing a contest to gift them. Stay tuned ...

I have cast on for my cousins mittens!!!

Patons Classic Wool Bulky on 6mm needles. I like doing mittens at a tighter gauge than recommended as it gives the mittens a denser, warmer fabric. Not bullet-proof, that's not what we're going for, just less airy.

What a gorgeous sunset tonight!! I couldn't capture the deep, intense roses, but it's close.

Enjoy your evening!!

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It's getting that time of year. My cousin retested mittens for herself and her daughter in Ti-Cat colours; I'm finally getting to them. when I say, "getting to them" I mean that the materials are assembled

I remain exhausted and brain-dead. I went to renew my license yesterday and didn't realize until I got there that I had no means of payment!! Back home, back to MTO. Sigh.

Mission accomplished though; I'm no quitter!!
Then to The Mighty Mart of Wal for chicken and a few things. I stood still countless times trying to remember what the "things" were. Fucking ridiculous!!
I remembered to get bacon at GT, but then after I was inside at home realized that I had forgotten to post the Mock Cape to Julie. Back out.
The Fates are conspiring against rest!
I did crash when I got back; there was nothing for it but bed.

I wasn't going to stay up on Sunday night for the eclipse, especially given the overcast conditions. Then Helen called and said, "Go look!!".

While I got a decent shot, I definitely need a tripod; so if you're struggling for what to get me as a belated birthday gift ... ;)

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