Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bulky means Bulky

Le. Grand. Sigh.

I really thought I could tighten up enough, but not too much, and á la peanut butter sandwiches - mittens!!
Best laid plans.

Wayyyyyy too big.
This will necessitate a trip to an actual yarn store as Micheals didn't have anything else finer in the colours that are required. And I'm really not fancying a trip into The City for a potentially wider selection.

But I did get things done today.

I have been collecting (with the help of a friend or two at work) those annoying packets of silica beads. They have many uses; it was my intent to use them to preserve flowers; it maintains their shape and colour better than just hanging upside down.
Yes, you can buy silica gel, but it's not inexpensive, and I was in no hurry.
Well, birthday flowers seemed like the perfect time to get to it!
I had a lot already unpackaged, but had about 1/3 of my total still to do.

An hour I spent at it. Carefully tucking the beads under, in and around the flowers.
I have this bunch of lilies buried,

as well as a yellow daisy

and a red rose.

Google searches seem to indicate about 9 days for the rose, so I'll "set it and forget it".

I'm going to go wind some yarn to cast on a yet to be determined shawl on the Denise 2 Go needles from Yarn Canada.

I'll leave you with this bit of amusement that I totally related to!!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

All Good Things

What a great day!!

I received this set of Denise 2 Go needles

from Yarn Canada to review. Check them out for the complete range of Denise sets. Hmmm ... guess Imma gonna hafta cast something long on!! Oh darn.

At first glance, it is an ideal travel set; quite compact. I selected the small sized kit, 3.5mm-6mm (IS5-10), as most of what I do falls into that range.

Once I have give them a test run, I'll be doing a contest to gift them. Stay tuned ...

I have cast on for my cousins mittens!!!

Patons Classic Wool Bulky on 6mm needles. I like doing mittens at a tighter gauge than recommended as it gives the mittens a denser, warmer fabric. Not bullet-proof, that's not what we're going for, just less airy.

What a gorgeous sunset tonight!! I couldn't capture the deep, intense roses, but it's close.

Enjoy your evening!!

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It's getting that time of year. My cousin retested mittens for herself and her daughter in Ti-Cat colours; I'm finally getting to them. when I say, "getting to them" I mean that the materials are assembled

I remain exhausted and brain-dead. I went to renew my license yesterday and didn't realize until I got there that I had no means of payment!! Back home, back to MTO. Sigh.

Mission accomplished though; I'm no quitter!!
Then to The Mighty Mart of Wal for chicken and a few things. I stood still countless times trying to remember what the "things" were. Fucking ridiculous!!
I remembered to get bacon at GT, but then after I was inside at home realized that I had forgotten to post the Mock Cape to Julie. Back out.
The Fates are conspiring against rest!
I did crash when I got back; there was nothing for it but bed.

I wasn't going to stay up on Sunday night for the eclipse, especially given the overcast conditions. Then Helen called and said, "Go look!!".

While I got a decent shot, I definitely need a tripod; so if you're struggling for what to get me as a belated birthday gift ... ;)

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cream Crackered

there is a bit of an unpleasant picture at the end of the post, in case you're kinda squeamish

Between fighting off some mild bug, a small issue with one of my incision sites, sleepless nights and just trying to do things ... I'm feeling it.
I am going to be kind to myself over the next week and a half, be the best patient ever, and get permission to do all the things when I see the surgeon on the 7th!!

Yesterday was my natal day. I appreciate so much the gifts and greetings from everyone - IRL and on the interwebs. Knowing how much love my family and friends have for me was overwhelming and certainly kicked the upcoming year off to a smashing start!! I even made cupcakes and a few lucky people were close enough to share in the baked spoils.

Thank you.

Gir loves cupcakes.

Wannietta loves butter tarts. Well cupcakes too (clearly), but today was about the butter tarts.
Helen and I set off early this morning

Dumb and Dumber before coffee. Ready to take on the world after!

for the Bradford Farmers Market as there was a butter tart festival to be going on. Helen is one of those annoying early morning people; unlike another friend, she is easily counted on to get up and at whatever event is going on anywhere. Even the puppies were slow this morning. I actually had to come back to the bdrm after I'd turned on lights and music and had the bathroom to myself - I know!!! to wake them up.

you know the drill ... it's a cleverly designed lived in look They usually pop up as soon as I'm stirring and accompany me to the bathroom and clam out like children for attention.
We were a bit underwhelmed by the butter tart/festival bit, but we both went a little nuts over the produce!! $40 & 5 bags later ... I did come home with two butter tarts.

Sorry for anyone who was expecting some, but that the way the tart flakes.

I have made little progress on my socks. I'll be getting much more done the next few days. House rest!!!

The incision site that has been causing the most irritation was deeply scabbed and the stitching wasn't coming off. I put a piece of jelonet on it, then covered it, hoping it would soften the scab, promoting healing.
When I took the dressing off the next day to check on it and re-dress it, this is what I saw.

Yeah. Not. Quite. Right.
I went to see my family doctors nurse practitioner just to make sure it wasn't gauze stuck in the wound or flesh eating disease.
It's called slough flesh (the white stuff). It's dead skin that hasn't come away yet; if left to dry, it would scab black. I could pull on it but it didn't hurt, it just didn't come off.
I had done well with the jelonet; it provides a good moist environment, helping the slough flesh to slough off, allowing the pink skin to close and heal. She did put on an inadine patch just to ward off infection as it was rather a deep wound, said I'd been on the right track, and was wise to have come in to have it seen to. Always better safe than sorry!!
Still feeling a bit delicate when sitting and standing, but she said that's normal.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

In the Purple

I love the knitting belt that Elise sent to me!! The purple is so fun and that new leather smell
... who doesn't love the scent of leather in the morning? Or afternoon. Or night.

They fit not badly. I have lovely high in steps and find that instep shaping is critical. But I'm really not proficient a sock knitter, especially at toe up (this is only my 2nd toe up sock ever!!) and in this unique pattern, to just fudge instep shaping.

I was treated to lunch at Cicco's a lovely little Italian restaurant in Minesing today. Absolutely delicious!! I had a pulled pork sandwich, and while they didn't have coleslaw for it (I have suggested it), it was practically perfect. And the fries. Hand cut, perfectly fried and generously portioned. I would definitely go back for dinner. Their Barrie location has live music every Saturday.
I had to take a picture of this positively Jurassic plant outside - it's leaves are gigantic.

I am feeling off the last day or so. The allergy meds are brilliant at handling the symptoms, but my body is still struggling with the allergens. My glands are swollen and I just feel oogy.
My abdomen isn't stabby today, but is feeling delicate. I need to be slow sitting/standing. Definitely going to call the surgeon tomorrow.

Hoping for a solid sleep tonight. I'm getting old you know.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Catching Up

I have had some insomnia lately; my brain trying to sort out all the flotsam and jetsam in my life at the mo. And there's just been so much not sleeping followed by napping that knitting progress rather slumped like an airless blowup doll.
yeah, not sure where *that* metaphor came from!

I ripped out to the commencement of the heel shaping on my Stitch Surfers.

There were giant holes on the heel corners as the last 2 lines of the heel shaping were a bit off to my interpretation, but Helen didn't have holes, so I wasn't going to have holes either!! I know, her glee at my misfortune is rather transparent
I'm back to where I was; full steam ahead!!

I have finally finished the Mock Cape!!! It needs a finishing blocking, but all the ends are done in.

I found the pattern a bit odd. Vague in some areas (no indication of # of dec reps, just the final stitch count to work to), but then overly detailed in others (endless stitch counts on the collar for the pick ups).

I got my hair trimmed and my fringe restored at Connect Hair Studio during the Canada Cuts fundraiser for Gilda's Club.

Thoughts of cutting it shorter flitted through my mind, but I am still loathe to do so given how long it is. Four and a half years since I finished chemo.

I stopped by the LCBO and the selection, even in Angus, of boxed wines was impressive!! My go to red, Bodacious, is now in an economical boxes format!!

What a gorgeous kick off to Autumn we had today, the Autumnal Equinox. I took full advantage.

The puppies are still adorable.

as if you doubted it

Amanda popped in yesterday. Not sure who was happier to put eyes on her - the puppies or myself!!! They went quite mad jumping around her, vying for attention.

We had fun trying to get an un-squinty one as we were facing the setting sun. Two beauties regardless!!

Healing is going well. Spotting is all but done with. I am still crampy if I walk too far/too fast, and I had some random, infrequent stabby pains yesterday. My surgeon is moving offices, so wasn't available today to check in with, but as its not happened today, my medical opinion is "normal".
All of the external stitches on the laparoscopic entry points have healed and fallen out save one. It's quite scabbed over, so I have put some covering on it to encourage softening and healing where it's not rubbing and catching on waistbands.

Ok - back to my Stitch Surfers. Yarn laying about everywhere, telling me what it all wants to be!!

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Baking Day

I have made a bit of progress on the RF of the Mock Cape,

but mostly I have napped and baked today.
When bananas become this ripe

and so near the end of their edibleness, there remains just one thing to do.
Yup, banana bread!!

scratch & sniff mode

It was also a good morning. I was in Barrie after having -finally- dropped off my ROE, and a friend was in need. So I pulled over to talk to her. Didn't I see something a bit shiny and blue floating my across the parking lot in front of me. Not quite believing, but insatiably curious, I got out to get it. Yup. This happened.

My friend said that I should buy a lottery ticket. Maybe, but I didn't, and I still am $5 up on the day!!

I'm in Ssn 7 of Dr Who. I might just be in time for someone someone, anyone, Bueller? to download the new Dr Who for me. I really am rather useless at it :(
I really think that the writers have gone all out for the Matt Smith series. He gets fantastic one liners, and the rest of the cast gets in on the humour. I don't think I've laughed so hard yet! The writing absolutely suits his interpretation of the character.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015


I loathe cardigan bands that are knit separately. They are just a PITA. I think that this mental block has been, in part, why I've been so slow getting on with the finishing stage of the Mock Cape sweater.

But I've pushed through the left front and am well started on the right front. I may take out the LF and adjust the band:sweater ratio depending on what I work out on the RF

Petey and Chica enjoyed the pond in Springwater today.

They don't go in far, but they love the freedom of trotting through the forest. We don't go in far at the mo; just a nice stroll.

I am waiting to hear back from a couple of yarn stores, but at the moment I can confirm that Gaspereau Valley Fibres carries the Nature Spun sport required for the Dr Who scarf. Result!!

This is a video of them encountering a cat for the first time on our morning walk the other day. It looked like a stray, and all parties were wary and cautious.

On the hysterectomy recovery front, my doctor is firmly supporting my recuperation at home. Apparently I'm quite the asset at work, it's ok, I had quite a laugh as well but they will have to make due for another 2 1/2 weeks. I still need a solid nap even if I don't do much of anything. I am still spotting, but this is completely normal. I do have crampy bouts, but it is more discomfort than pain, and insignificant compared to what I was suffering before.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dr Who Scarf

I have a friend who has requested a Dr Who scarf. initially in jest, but I know he meant it He's a Whovian, and would truly love it.

This website is a treasure trove, detailing the colours, yarns, and dimensions to make as authenticate a replica as possible. Everything except meterage. I guess I'll just have to buy enough! though given the nature of the project, dye lot is not over much of a concern

The Behr colours listed are discontinued, so the chips are no longer available. Not even in the U.S. yes, I set a friend on a Mission. Thanks Cheryl!!

Plan C would be to have testers done up. Even though the sample chips are not available, the formulas are in the computer and can be made up. I may have to go this route.
The Jamieson's DK/Nature Spun Sport combo, for which all of the colours are still current but I am having some challenges sourcing the Brown Sheep Nature Spun sport in Canada. I have a few emails out to Brown Sheep retailers; I'll let you know how that goes.
Camilla Valley Farm is a stocking dealer for Jamieson's, so their stocked range of Jamieson's is complete. If I can't find the recommended Nature Spun sport colors, I'll do up my own paint chips, take a road trip and sort it myself.

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Fall 2015

The change of seasons heralds sweater weather, and what better way to celebrate this most joyous time of year than with a fresh crop of designs from Brooklyn Tweed.

The Lookbook Fall 2015

I knit Trailhead by Veronik Avery. It is always the most wonderful experience knitting, sight unseen, a pattern of hers. The attention to detail, a view to the most polished finished look, the subtle shapings - an exercise in near perfection.
Veronik sent me these pics to share. 

New this issue is a nod to the knitters. Thank you Jared, a fine example for the industry.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Slow and Steady

This describes can my progress on the Mock Cape. I have seamed and done in ends.

I am ready to do the front edgings and collar. I am not optimistic that this is going to get done tonight. I know, it doesn't look like much.

Yesterday at the fashion show kicking off the Canada Cuts fundraiser for Gilda's I saw my oncologist, Dr Bryn Presnail, who as the head of the Regional Cancer Centre, spoke about the positive and necessary human impact that Gilda's has for those dealing with cancer, directly and those with family affected. He remembered me and was pleased to have it be so long since seeing me, and that I was doing so well.

I also had the pleasure of seeing some ladies that I'd known from Gilda's, and as they were sitting behind me, we had a lovely catch up.
L.A. was one of the hair models and when she came to sit down, she sat with her mom behind me! I was knitting of course, her mom told her a few things about me, then asked my name again. I said, "Wannietta". L.A. exclaimed, "Not Wannietta, the fastest knitter?!" I have to admit, it was a moment.

I had to take a pic - her hair is fabulous and totally matches her personality!

I am still napping every day. Solid 2-3 hour naps, with a full nights sleep to boot. I quite unaccustomed to this, but when you think about the internal damage that my body is trying to repair, it's not so unbelievable. I'm being diligent about eating well, giving my body sufficient tools to repair. So as my recovery is slow and steady, it's reflected in my knitting output. I will accept this, not rush a recovery, being happy as it comes in the fullness of time.

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