Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Naughty Puppy

Deadline met, project posted. As soon as I can I'll link you all to the details.

I've put proper dressings on my scuffs. The Jelonet is helping them purge the ooze within.

I'll spare you *those* pics.

Crazy storms cracking and popping 'round here today! Very close and the thunder sets the puppies off in a bout of manic barking.

I napped. The Allergies (for those of you who don't know, I write and say this with capitals because when Kyle was young, that's how he said it. "Why do I have The Allergies mom?" It was cute and stuck with be me.), the pain (thank you for one last period Mother Nature. Bitch.) and the meds are exhausting, so I took a nap. For the first time EVER the puppies had at a skein of yarn. Even though they're staying stum, I know it was Petey. So that's how I've been occupying myself; untangling.

I think this is his contrite look. I was quite cross with him and he just got allowed back up beside me.

Then there were the kisses.

He's fortunate that he is adorable.
When he's up with me, if Chica's not got me tossing her the ball, she either sleeps beneath the footrest or in my bed.

My sweet little loner.

Tomorrow - grocery run before going under the knife.

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