Sunday, October 14, 2012

Woodstock Fleece Festival - The Day

Helen and I had a blast!!! Neither one of us bought very much but we found what was needful and lovely and touched so much more!!!

Shouts out to Lori and Carol - awesome to see you ladies again!!

Helen found a perfect worsted weight for a hat for her grandmother - Malabrigo. She also purchased another knitting project bag and some koigu for fingerless mitts.
I fell hard for some Studioloo - the colours in Vintage Sundress sung an irresistible siren song to me (and my feet), then I saw "eat your greens" and knew that I had to have it to swatch up for another Sweet Spot strip.

We petted an French Angora rabbit and had some close moments with Halifax, a very loving (and lovable) alpaca!!

I had swatched for Seanair Friday.
Very Loose
Still loose
Apparently I am a much looser knitter on circulars. I started on the recommended 4mm needles and finally achieved gauge on 3mm needles! I cast on for while Helen was in class for the afternoon. With that time and the drive home and DVR watching last night, I am off to an excellent start!!

Today I am revisiting my Rockefeller shawl - I really hope that I can finish the 2nd (and final) wing today.

I have been coveting starting the Color Affection shawl but between not being able to completely commit to a colourway and having a lightweight shawl on the needles I've talked myself out of purchasing yarn.

This is a Madelaine Tosh Merino Light colourway that I've picked out that I keep going back to.

Okay ... back at it; I am really excited about finishing a project for myself!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Woodstock Fleece Festival

Helen & I are going to Woodstock tomorrow!! I'm so excited; I've never been before and I'm going with a super fun friend!!

Shout out if you see us!!!

Oh - and this is Helen's Ravelry page. Check it out & friend her if you are so inclined.

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I Love Yarn Day

Hallmark should get on this for next year!!

I will be knitting - at work, in the pedicurists chair and at home. Enjoying every moment of the yarn sliding through my fingers, stitches turning into fabric and colours dancing before my eyes.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

Meditation was very enlightening and was deeply soul satisfying. It was exactly what I needed and the practice does me in good stead still.

In other news --- I am separated!! I know, finally! It was the perfect belated birthday gift and an ideal way to kick of my 43rd year. I It is good to have a sort of official closure on that part of my life and I feel like I can move on now without an invisible tie to the past {or Sword of Damocles hanging over my head - whatever ;)}.

I am working away at Elise's project. I am now at 256 sts in the round ... it's slow going but I am enjoying the colours at play.

I received a new project from Julie today!! I know, there is nothing more exciting than finishing a project except for starting a new one. And this one is going to be fun, but not a quickie. We will be having all sorts of lovely times together, Seanair & I.
I was initially hoping for a lovely, traditional cream coloured yarn but the Misti Alpaca Tonos Worsted that Beth sent out has me all sorts of excited to cast on!! It's called Blackberry TW23, but between you and me, it is now 50 Shades of Grey.