Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Home Sweet Home

I had more relaxing

Sunday afternoon I went to visit with one of my best friends from high school. We haven't seen each other in easily 25 years, but he lives with his family around the corner from my dad.
We both clearly had a miserable time.

Facebook has been so excellent for catching up with high school friends.
Mark is an artist and I purchased a piece of his recently that just spoke to me.

Something about the eyes ... I could stare into them all day trying to figure him out. I am excited to get it framed, but am waiting until I have the funds to do it up exactly how I want to.

Wicked storm Sunday night all over the place. My dads off the grid, so I was unaffected by local power outages, but I did have to close the door despite a generous 8' overhang on the back of the house.

I know, looks like a hurricane!!

Sunday I picked veg from the garden for Joan & I - organic all the way!!
We had a wonderful visit and I got a grand tour of their home. It's big as is, and with the plans her & Vic have made, it will make excellent use of a lot of wasted space.
The puppies and I enjoyed a perfect afternoon on the deck, catching up about every little thing.

The puppies were exhausted and slept most of the way home. Awwww.

I fed them when we got in, then despite the need for a shower, o succumbed to the greater need for sleep in my own bed.
The puppies and I both slept soundly. They are eating normally again; they were off their food whilst I was at my dads. I wasn't overly concerned as they were active and happy. But they are much happier now that we're back on familiar ground.

I have been spending time with my friend Dorothy

and her horse Ryon

learning about grooming and basic care. I would like to learn to ride, and am quite content learning from the ground up

Ryon was so chill and just tuned in with us today. He is beautiful, and his demeanour now comes in large part from Dorothy. She cares so much about his mental and emotional well being.

I'll be at The Needle Emporium after lunch on Thursday catching up on all the new yarns and patterns. If you're around, let me know and we can catch up too!!

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