Sunday, April 26, 2009

Watching TAR 14 with Wannietta - part le 10

Kisha & Jen are off at 1:48PM to Beijing for that Foot massage.
Tammy & Victor are on their heels at 1:49.
I would argue that they don't seem to have profited much from their cultural & lingual advantage - I mean they came in 2nd, close but still 2nd.
Margie & Luke are right with them departing at 1:50.
Jaime & Cara are totally in the hunt at 2:12.
Well Jaime, karma's a vengeful bitch and you're sucky attitude towards the non English-speaking population may be coming back to bite you in the form of not winning.
That attitude seems to be contagious - Jen & Kisha have it now too.
And they cut the line when Margie & Luke had to switch desks because of their TAR credit card.
Kisha had no idea that Tammy & Victor were asking (in Chinese) for the most forward seats as possible but they went & asked for the same thing!
Tammy & Victor totally flew off of that plane & into a cab!
Margie & Luke, Kisha & Jen then Jamie & Cara out of the airport.
I'm with Tammy - I am not a fan of having to touch other people's feet.
Jamie & Cara are the 1st team to the foot massage followed by Keisha & Jen, Tammy & Victor

Normally I'm all down with the massages, but I'm thinking that this looks unbearable!!
If you can't get through the 10 minutes and have to call "Uncle", then you have to do it over again. WTF?!? If you couldn't finish it why would you want to restart it?!?
The tea seems to be a prequel to the torture.
Does that masseuse seem to be taking a bit of pleasure in their pain?
Tammy doesn't seem to be doing too bad so far ...

Cara is done, Kisha not far behind, Tammy is being quite stoic and is trying to lend some support to Luke.
Luke's on his own now.
Can you say "Uncle" is you can't really say "Uncle"?
And Luke is done!
I'm sorry - did Kisha just say "they all look alike"?
This gym/auditorium seems to be a bit obscure - a lot of the cabbies don't seem to know it.
or Swim Swimmer
Synchronized diving or 800m relay swimming - there would be no good choice here for Kerwyn & I.
Well then, for Jen this will really be a case of Sink or Swim.
Yeah Cara, just try & beat Micheal Phelps time - wtf ever.
Tammy & Victor are a total fail at the synchronized diving; Keisha thought that it was funny until Jen gets up there and freezes.

Those laser suits are totally not meant for most people.
"Mama still ain't name her Grace." Kisha is a wee bit less that graceful.
Margie's tearing up that pool!
Jamie's getting pissy with Cara now.
Kisha is dragging herself along by the floats now.
Jamie & Cara are off to the Pit Stop at the Drum Tower.
I'm sure that Micheal Phelps is in no danger from your inner Olympian Cara.
Kisha & Jen are back to the diving.
Margie & Luke are on their way to the Pit Stop.
Jen's falling apart, but fortunately Tammy & Victor haven't mastered synchronicity yet.
Does it occur to either team to do an audible count?
Victor is leaving it up to Tammy if she wants to switch to the swimming; she's decided that they'll switch.
I wonder is a sychronys bellyflop would count or if it has to be vertical?
Question Mark
Victor dove in so hard for his first length of the pool that his goggle were down on his mouth.
Jen is really losing it - I had to explain phobias in general & aquaphobia in particular to Amanda.

Jen has chosen to go back to the swimming - at least she can wear a life preserver for this one.
Victor's calf is cramping up.
Tammy, being a trypical sister, asks him if he can get his leg in the car.
Jamie & Cara are desperate for a 1st place ... and they've gotten it!!
OMG - it's a double leg!! This is more of a check-in than a Pit Stop!!!

See ya'll next week to see which teams make it to the top 3!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

DKC Frolic

It was a fantastic day! I went down last night and hung out with Wendy, Wendy, Joan, Sandy & Donna while vendors set up, then we went to the hotel. It was nice to just hang with a knitterly friend and talk shop. I stayed up a bit later than may have been advisable because I wanted to get to the next colour on my new afghan.
We were back at the JCCC at 6:45 to have the doors open for vendors arriving at 7:00 to finish their set up. There
was a blur of activity starting at 8:30 when the doors opened to the public - it was a gorgeous day and it seemed like knitters from near & far were taking advantage of having somewhere to go to!
I taught the Knit One Below technique using the Inside Out scarf.
You can download your free PDF copy of this pattern here. It was wonderful - it's not a difficult technique but like a lot of techniques, it's great to be able to learn it in a group, have someone be able to walk you through the learning mistakes and get some hints & tips that make it easier when you get back home.
Jill was awesome - she was working very studiously and when by the time that I got around to her she had a good amount of what could be a new pattern done! It was easy enough to sort out what she had been doing and put her back on the pathway to vertical columns of colour. She had a few hiccups but knew where she had gone astray and was confident to go home and k1b on her own. You're a good sport Jill!!! I was really impressed with everyone - they all stuck with it, really got it and I'm sure that they will all be progressing rapidly from their scarves!

I finished Fiona's Bandana Fair Isle Cardigan for Naturally earlier this week and Beth donated a kit for it as a door prize!!
Good Luck Barb!!!

I'm going to put in some hard core hours on Veronik's Blue Twist cardigan - between other deadlines & the Frolic I'm not quite almost concerned about finishing. Then I need to finish an afghan for June 1st. You know me - it's not fun unless there is a glimmer of impossible!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Watching TAR 14 with Wannietta - part le 9

I'm gonna have to pay attention to that & learn how to sign "Bitch".

Margie & Luke are off at 9:36AM to Guilin
The Cheerleaders are off at 10:30 with the intention of being positive. That'll last until they get in another cab.
The lawyers are right behind them at 10:40 & are excited about being the Chinese in China.
data not applicable
Kisha & Jen are not out of it with a 12:43PM leave time, but they will be on a flight 40 mins behind the 1st 3 at the Guangzhou airport.
Mark & Mike are out at 4:08PM after serving the balance of their penalty from last week.
Oh Snap - a flight delay and Kisha & Jen are now the 1st team to land in Guilin!!
Way to use the language advantage
data not applicableand I'm sure that you're cabbie will not realize that you're American Tammy & that you're a bit of a foreigner yourselves!
Jamie & Cara have the lucky cab driver who knew where the hairdressing shop was.
Tammy & Victor are 2nd to the clue box.
OMG - maybe Margie & Luke and Kisha & Jen need a big neon sign saying, "CLUE BOX"
There's been jostling and trash talk before - Luke & Jen are just taking it all personal like.

This one was both of them not wanting to give an inch on the way to the clue box and they both pushed & shoved.
I'm sure that the
Fish are super, extra well cleaned so that all of the cormorant spit is taken off.
Amanda thinks that grabbing them by their necks is mean.
Mark & Michael are at the Speed Bump - they need to wash & dry the hair of a "client" each.
The shampoo goes onto dry hair?
Mark's dad is a hair stylist and now we know why Mark doesn't work for his dad.
She could be smiling
Smile or wincing Smile

Mark - close call.
Poor Luke got bit by a cormorant. Well, that'll happen when you hold a fish in your hand in reach of a retriever bird.
Jen & Jamie are properly grossed out by all the hands-on with the fish.
Kisha & Jen are done "fishing" 1st followed
by Jamie & Cara and they're on their way to the ancient South Gate.
Jamie is finally impressed by & happy with a cabbie, though her sarcasm still comes through.
Margie & Luke have gotten their 10 fish.

Tammy's cormorants have taken off! data not applicableCome back birdie!!
Mark & Mike are done & on their way to the cormorant fishing Road Block.
Tammy & Victor have their next clue 3rd because Margie & Luke were on the slow boat in China.
Victor is funny telling Margie & Luke's cab driver (in Chinese) that he's driving too fast and that he should drive slower!

Kisha & Jen are just not getting over this clue box tussle.
Dancing Coupleor Calligraphy Writing
I'm a bit of a 2-left-footed white girl but I love dancing with Kerwyn.
My artistic skills are totally non-existent so we'd have to be Choreographing.
Jamie & Cara are doing the dancing, Kisha & Jen, Margie & Luke and Tammy & Victor are doing the writing.
For being able to "do exactly what they are taught, right down to the T" Jamie & Cara are looking a wee bit uncoordinated.
Writing Chinese is not quite as easy as speaking it it seems.
data not applicable
Margie & Luke are out behind the other two writing teams, but not far behind.
The Cheerleaders are thunking around like they have lead boots on.
Not right yet - pride goeth before the crash.
All three calligraphy teams are out of the 2nd station together - the strategy is to follow Tammy & Victor.
Tammy & Victor are playing the Chinese card to the max (in a humourous way), but all 3 teams are still together.
Jamie & Cara are just not picking up the nuances of the dance.

Mark & Mike are done the fishing Road Block.
The lady cab drivers are rockin' it out!
Tammy & Victor are on their way to the next Pit Stop.
Margie & Luke are done and out with Kisha & Jen right on their heels.
It's a 3-way foot race!!!
Kisha & Jen just beat out the others to the mat.
Jen plays basketball - using your butt is fair play.
I think that Kisha was dissing Luke, but editing can do that. Phil doesn't think that Kisha laughing at Luke and it wasn't intended as a rudeness/put down.
There is no way for this rivalry to end with a handshake and apology
I'm Sorry
Mark & Mike dance very well together, but it's for naught.

#1 - Kisha & Jen
data not applicable
#2 - Tammy & Victor data not applicable
#3 - Margie & Luke data not applicable
#4 - Jamie & Cara data not applicable
Turkey Wave#5 - Mark & Mike data not applicable

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Getting There

Well, I finished my Koigu Sweet Spot afghan!!! It was seriously anti-climactic - I love this project and am a bit sad to see it an actual fait accompli, but I'm so thrilled to have it finished so that I can revel in the glory of it and get started on the Indie Sweet Spot afghan. Here are the skeins that Stacy from Tempted Yarns has sent - totally Tempting. I can't share a picture of the KSS because it (and the ISS) are destined for Fall Knitty!!! I know!!! Raise The Roof 1

I am going to finish the 2nd sleeve
for the Bandana Fair Isle Cardigan. It's a Fiona Ellis pattern, but I'm not entirely sure where it can be obtained yet, I think that it will be available through Naturally.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Watching TAR 14 with Wannietta - part le 8

Was anyone else suffering from TAR withdrawal last week? The fact that it was usurped for Country Music Awards was like kicking a woman when she's down or rubbing salt into a wound.

Tonight we're heading for Bangkok
Thailand - I can't help it, this is an instant association!!

You need to keep doing what you've been doing Tammy; Victor needs to learn to include you in the decisions.
Jamie is obviously well rested - her inner bitch is just rarin' to go!
I'm sure that Mike & Mark have learned how to play nice in the sandbox.
Awwwww, no advantage to getting to the airport early.
Keep yourself hydrated Margie - by the time that you're thirsty you're already dry. You just keep on her about it Luke.
More with the confused cabbies.
Cabbies & directions are right up there with flight connections for being huge unknowns.
Cool pink steering wheel dude!
Is that a boat yard or boat dump?!?
They have to assemble a propeller for a boat; Kerwyn would totally rock this out!!
Go Margie!!
I'm surprised that Jamie didn't add a "sit" to that "stay" command.
Puppy 1 She'd better be careful or one of these days the cabbie will understand her rude English.
Good on ya Margie -We're Number One
Let's see how mechanically inclined the lawyer is.
Jamie & Cara are in 2nd - they almost left their bags & had to come back to the dock.
Victor & Mark are head to head on theirs; Kisha is getting started.
Mark is done - they've left their backpacks
Backpack, Mike figures that they come back to the docks after so they're continuing on.
Kisha's done - she over rules Jen, convinced that everyone is coming back to the docks so are leaving their things.
Victor's prop seemed to be fine but failed the water test.

It's good the 2nd time 'round - Tammy & Victor made a quick pit stop for their packs.
Well, 2 out of 5 teams left stuff behind. This will be interesting.
Broken Teeth
Teeth or Broken Record Famous 1
There is no good choice here - digging around in dentures to find 5 perfect fits or karaoke in a taxi for what could be a very long ride depending on traffic.
Margie & Luke are going with the dentures.
Jamie & Cara are great singers, so their going with the karaoke.
Mike & Mark were going to head back for their backpacks but were told that it was too far so are going to go on with the task.
Kisha & Jen are in a cab, but don't even have their fanny pack - this can't end well.
Mike & Mark are arguing about when & where they will get their 1st cabbie to meet them with the backpacks.
WTF could Mike have brought with him? "irreplaceable momentos"??
I don't know about great singers, but Jamie & Cara appear to be having fun.
Tammy & Victor are doing the karaoke because they're Chinese and feel that they have to represent.
M&M are in a cab back to the Roadblock for the backpacks - Mark is vocally unhappy about it.

Margie & Luke are at 3 out of 5 happy smiles!
5 happy smiles - Margie & Luke are off to Phya Thai Palace, this week's pitstop!!
Kisha is totally into the spirit of the karaoke ... Jen, not so much.
Victor should totally not quit his day job.
There should be a sign for "Intercontinental" - that was a handful for Margie to spell out!!
Kisha and Jen have finished the Party Taxi karaoke and now have to find their way back to the Road Block for their backpacks & fanny pack.
Cheerleader 1 & Lawyer are battling for 2nd place.
Kisha & Jen have found a kind cabbie giving them a free lift to Pit Stop - they're in the mix for 2p>nd now too; then they'll sort out how to get back to their stuff. Can you check into a Pit Stop without your stuff?!? If they can, Mark is going to be seriously pissed at Michael for making them go back.
Kisha & Jen just beat out Tammy & Victor!!
Oh Snap - they can't check in at the Pit Stop without their travel documents because they can't continue the race without them. They have to go back now. The question now is can they get a ride back to the Road Block and then get back before M&M finish the Detour and get to the Pit Stop?

Jen's going to be saying "I told you so" for a long time on this one.
There's an ongoing theme of younger siblings being right in this Race.
M&M threw in a couple of flashlights to cover what cash they didn't have for the ride from the Road Block to the Detour.
M&M sure are partying down in the Party Taxi.
It's now a taxi race to the Pit Stop.
M&M have given away more backpack crap in exchange for the taxi ride. OMG!!!
Shocked Did these 2 read the rules Newspaper?!? Apparently you can't trade personal possessions to settle a bill. It's a 2 hour penalty x 2! Their only hope is that this is a non-elimination leg.
This has got to be the luckiest
CloverHorseshoeRabbit FootPenny leg for several teams. Next week is going to suck for M&M though. They have to finish their 3h10 penalty at the beginning of the next leg, as well as having a Speed Bump to complete.

#1 - Margie & Luke
#2 - Jamie & Cara
#3 - Tammy & Victor
#4 - Kisha & Jen

#5 - Mark & Michael

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ethnic Knitting Exploration - The Blog Tour

Thank you to Donna for including me in the blog tour of her new book, Ethnic Knitting Exploration.

I love books and love my knitting books – patterns, techniques, history & fiction all have spaces on my shelf. This is my first Ethnic Knitting book and given my intense passion for all things historical, thirst for knowledge of all things knitterly I couldn’t wait to see what Donna had uncovered.

I’m more about the hands-on knitting for sampling the world of knitting, hearing the histories from a knitter who tells the story with her hands as much as her words. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to not have to wade through chapters of dry history with pictures of recovered knitting in various states of preservation to have my appetite whet for more of the Lithuanian & Icelandic motifs! I’m already a lover of all things Aran, so that was like preaching to the choir! The motifs included immediately evoke the feeling of more traditional Scandinavian sweaters and the Lopi “skating” sweaters that I grew up with.

Ethnic Knitting Exploration is an enticing appetizer for colour- and stitch-work while taking the time to explore the sweater shaping of the raglan, yoke & saddle-shoulder.

What I seriously love is that Donna has stocked the pantry with the ingredients and recipes to take this appetizer and make oneself a banquet! With so many “how to” books for knitters I am very impressed with the ground work that is laid for knitters who want to design their own sweater (or fingerless glove, or capelet or poncho). She has taken into consideration varying skill and comfort levels for those new to designing and has detailed worksheets where you can just drop in the numbers -which she explains very clearly how to get – and you can work from a schematic, step-by-step plan or a planning sheet for counters like me who work it all out ahead of time.

The technical drawings and swatches are clear, the graphs are easily read and the sketches are whimsical – I didn’t even miss the colour included in most books that, as Donna mentioned somewhere (it escapes me …), increases publishing costs and can distract a knitter/designer from their own vision.

Ethic Knitting Exploration is just that – an invitation to join Donna in her love and discovery of knitting traditions, explore them and make them your own.

For more information about Donna and all her books, check her out Sheep to Shawl and her blog. You can also find out about the other blog stops on the tour and get more insight into Donna, her Discoveries, Explorations & Adventures!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

They are the Champions!!!

Amanda made the Jr. Girls Basketball team at her school. This was her 3rd year trying out - I'm as proud of her persistence as I am of her making the team.
Their first game was a 4-team tournament and the Pine River Patriots were hoping to not come in 4th. Apparently most of the Barrie teams have players that are also on rep teams so they have that much more practice & skills and we don't g
enerally fare so well.
So the host team Holly Meadows has about 2-3 times as many players as the other three teams. I figure that while it's a bit unfair (I mean, if they're have a bunch of foulers how fair is it that the bench is stacked with replacements???) but maybe they're using this tournament as a kind of pre-season, final cut thing. Anyway, they played Ferndale in the first game and even though Ferndale played well, Holly Meadow spanked Ferndale quite soundly. I could see why the girls were none too optimistic, but if we didn't come in 1st or 2nd we wouldn't have to stay for the final championship game. A small silver lining.
We played W.C. Little next and it was awesome!
They had some much taller players and played well but we won handily!!! Amanda is #4 - my new lucky number!
W.C. Little played Holly Meadows in the next game and beat them! Watching the game, I couldn't understand how HM had beat Ferndale, especially since WCL was playing them right after their game with us and HM had a break. But statistically it was totally good for us - I mean we beat WCL & if they can beat HM then we could beat HM. And since HM beat Ferndale then we could totally beat Ferndale ... the tournament was as good as ours. On paper (or in my mind) at least, the girls (and their parents) were less convinced. Oh ye of little faith!!
We played Ferndale next and while it was close, they played hard (and when I say hard I mean that they had a couple of players who weren't afraid to play rough) and we lost. Then we played HM right away and took them to school - we won by 14 points!!! Our girls were totally stoked - HM was out of championship contention and our shot at the playoff game hinged on WCL vs Ferndale.
I was pulling for WCL to win - not by much because then it would come down to a point spread to break the 3-way tie (Ferndale, WCL & PR would have all had 2 wins), but just enough to win and take the wind out of Ferndale's winning sails and work them hard before the final game. My lips to God's ears - that's what happened. I swear, the girls were ecstatic at getting into the final game - and not just getting there but getting there in 1st place because they won their games so soundly!!!
The championship game was close all the way through. Both sides played well and didn't give any quarter, but heart won out & the Pine River Patriots won 25-24!!!
Amanda was amazing - and not just Mom-pride amazing either. She was a little terrier, not afraid to stay on her girl and play for the ball. Her confidence grew visibly with each game and she was taking the ball up the court and scoring, though she's more comfortable passing to her more experienced teamates. She was aces at being the one to throw the ball in from the side (throwing guard) - she's quick at it and we scored some easy points from her fast passes to open girl under the basket.
It's going to be a fun year - I'm really looking forward to rest of the season. We play again on Tuesday. A bonus - one of the other moms is a really excellent knitter!!!