Saturday, February 23, 2013


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Fast and Busy

ETA pics

 So Linda won the Fastest Knitter Face-Off by 3 sts. I'm still fast but not the fastest on the day. Next year we shall go needle to needle again!!
Amanda & Lincoln, Helen, Jean-Francois & Jordan and so many others cheered me on and we all had fun with the knitting and cheering on the Marlies to a win.

I have finished my Pink Camo socks!!
It's been entirely too long since I finished a pair of socks; I have so many thinning pairs!!

I am making excellent progress on Beth's Seanair. The first sleeve is approaching the cuff.
I am quite certain that I have not erred on the cables this time!!

For a change from 50 Shades of Grey, I picked up my Family Pendragon Sweet Spot strip. I am loving the colours.
I think that I will never get tired of this stitch and deconstructing a dyers colour way!!

I will return to Elise's skirt anon - the linen beckons me even now. The autumnal colour way against the dark grey ... who could fight that?

Kyle plans to go East this week with his girlfriend to work with her father. Amanda makes me proud with her efforts at school.

My health is good; tests confirm this. I do the mundane things required of us all but I maintain a focus on joy, love and the well-being of my spirit and that keeps me in good stead.

Judith put me on to Toastabags!! Miraculous Teflon-type bags that toast the bread and melt the inside of the sandwich!! It's awesome!!! I didn't get them for at home but they'll come on right handy at work.

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