Saturday, June 26, 2010

We did it ...

The Toronto Spiders have taken back the B2B title!!!

International Back to Back Wool Challenge

P.O. Box 34

Birregurra Victoria 3242 Australia

20010 Results Annual Challenge

Promoting Wool World Wide & Fund Raising for Cancer Research

Ph: + (03) 5233 6241 Email:

POSITION TEAM 2010 Time Previous Best Time

1. Toronto Spiders, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 5hr 52min 48sec 5hr 55min 50sec 2008 . Including a 5 min penalty NEW CANADIAN RECORD 2010

2. Team 1, Pelhrimov, Czech Republic 6hr 52min 10sec 7hs 34min 15sec 2009 . NEW CZECH REPUBLIC RECORD 2010

3. Hitsujikouboh Masako, Chibaken, Japan 7hr 14min 04sec 5hr 33min 46sec 2006 JAPANESE RECORD 2006

4. Spinning Knitwits-Newcastle, Patterson, NSW, 7hr 22min 35sec 5hr 43min 26sec 2004 Australia

5. Kurrajong Handspun Crafts, NSW, Australia 7hr 44min 00sec 6hr 34min 19sec 2007

6. Team 2, Pelhrimov, Czech Republic 7hr 44min 13sec 8hr 32min 40sec

7. Bloemfontein Spinners Academy, 8hr 13min 40sec 9hr 9min 15sec 2009 Republic of South Africa NEW SOUTH AFRICAN RECORD 2010

8. Gumeracha Gumknutters, Lobethal, South Australia 9hr 34min 38sec 7hr 21mins 59sec 2009

9. Gospereau Valley Team, Nova Scotia, Canada 9hr 59min 10sec 11hr 15min 00sec 2007

10. Cotswold Woolgatherers, Stroud, 10hr 10min 00sec 9hr 40min 13sec 2009 . Gloucestershire, UK

11. Thunder Bay Weavers& Spinners, Ontario, Canada 14hr 25min 12sec 17hr 46min 20sec 2008

12. The Unspun Heroes, George River, 7hr 37min 00sec 15hr 09min 00sec New Team . Cape Brenton Island, Nova Scotia Canada Including a 5 minute penalty

13. Spinthrift Scotsville Cape Brenton Island, 15hr 30min 00sec New Team . Nova Scotia Canada


Pembroke Merriwa Jumbucks, NSW, Australia 4hr 51min 14sec ~ 2004

2010 Awards:-

Scottish Wool Centre - The winning team world wide.

Toronto Spiders, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 5hr 52min 48sec

Including a 5 min penalty NEW CANADIAN RECORD 2010

City of Geelong - Winning Australian team.

Spinning Knitwits-Newcastle, Patterson, NSW, 7hr 22min 35sec

Shipway Trophy - For the winning New South Wales, Australia, team.

Spinning Knitwits-Newcastle, Patterson, NSW, 7hr 22min 35sec

Canadian Cooperative Wool Growers Ltd Trophy for the winning Canadian team.

Toronto Spiders, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 5hr 52min 48sec

Including a 5 min penalty NEW CANADIAN RECORD 2010

Brigadoon Trophy- The team with the greatest donation to charity.

Results to be announced when all the results are in.

Media Release

Toronto Spiders Spin a Winning Woolly Web

The Toronto Spiders team competing at Black Creek Village in Toronto, Ontario, handspun and knitted a jumper from sheep’s back to theirs in just under six hours to win this years International Back to Back Wool Challenge.

Winning a whole hour ahead of the second place getter, The Czech Republic team, their time was not enough to break the Guinness world record time of 4 hours 51 minutes and 14 seconds, held by the Merriwa Jumbucks

Thirteen teams of blade shearers, handspinners and knitters entered at

twelve different venues around the world in the sixteenth Challenge, completed on Sunday 20th June 2010.

Each team consisted of a blade shearer, a country of origin sheep and seven

handspinners (with spinning wheels) and knitters who follow the identical

Challenge rules and pattern to knit the adult size jumper.

The teams were from six different countries, two teams competing on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada for the very first time.

Each team not only promoted wool world wide but raised substantial

funds for Cancer Research.

Countries competing this year included Australia, Canada, Japan, UK, South Africa and the Czech Republic.


First :- Toronto Spiders, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 5 hours 52 minutes 48 seconds.

NEW CANADIAN RECORD Including a 5 min penalty.

Second:- Team 1, Pelhrimov, Czech Republic 6 hours 52 minutes 10 seconds.


Third:- Hitsujikouboh Masako, Chibaken, Japan 7 hours 14minutes 04seconds did a great article - check it out!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Twas the Night Before ...

... the Relay for Life. I missed last year and am totally stoked to be knitting with the ladies of the DKC/Toronto Spiders again this year. A couple of friends from the Mart of Wal will be joining me - while they don't knit they have not vehemently refused to learn so they are welcome. They can be our token walkers!!!
While we have traditionally knit & spun pink scarves & yarn, this year the team is representing the Rainbow of Hope so I have done my nails to get into the spirit of this new tradition.

P.S. If you are able to sponsor me, it's not too late & I'd really appreciate the support!!

Nicole & I are heading out early tomorrow to pick up some pants at the Eddie Bauer outlet in Vaughan then a surprise mission - I'll share tomorrow!!! Then it's packing up supplies, picking up Krista and then on to the Relay for 12 hours of fundraising & knitting fun!!!

And yes, China Clouds is progressing - pics tomorrow?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Head in the Clouds

Sunday was excellently productive - I started out here:

and ended up here:

Yesterday was a bit of a knitting bust but I'm closing tomorrow so I can stay up a bit late tonight & get some knitting in before I head in to the Mart of Wal for 2:00.