Sunday, April 30, 2017


Totally got the Sleeveless Slipover done and blocked for the Frolic. Once again, I didn't get a picture of a FO, but I know that Julie will take a pic that I can snag 😏

We were up and on the road early. Craig offered to come and drive, even though I explained how much knitterly things that there were going to be and it was a whole day. He was adorably eager, and I want going to turn down a driver and traveling companion. 
 I needn't have worried - he was well occupied hitting up the PokΓ©stops at the JCCC  and there were judo, aikido, and archery classes to educate and entertain him.  
He also did a Tim's run for us and he might have to come to every show from now on!! 

It was a terrific day, I saw all sorts of friends, customers and students from previous years. It's so gratifying to hear how taking a class had changed how they knit and how much more they enjoy the entire process, including finishing because the result is more polished and with practice, easily achieved. It's why I enjoy teaching and maybe I'll submit to do it agin next year. 

I was at the indigo dragonfly booth first thing to get my Frolic colourway in the 3 bases. One of these years I will decide on what they will be ... 

After much deliberation, picking and choosing, 2nd guessing, walking away and coming back, I made my colourway choice for the Starting Point MKAL  It's the Skinny Singles from Hedgehog Fibers. I loved knitting with the Singles so much on my Building Blocks shawl that this was the easiest choice I had to make. 
I am pleased with the combination and look forward to the winding and knitting of it. 

I also got another bottle of SOAK for all of my soakworthy projects! 

I hadn't bought a ZigZagStitches bag in awhile, but the batiks the Catherine had hanging called my name. I also bought a smaller Northcott Canadian one for a friend. 

Craig was photoshopping this morning ... he's really quite good and in comparison to what he usually does, a Mother's Day project for DQ was a simple diversion. He made my initial efforts look basic. He's going to be pressed into service all the time now!!  I'm going to knit on my sock 
and study for my DQ mgmt exam while I wait for my next work project from Julie. Some relative down-time. 😏☺️ 


Saturday, April 22, 2017


So I decided to block the back after the armholes to make sure I was on track, no loosening up at all. 
Sometimes my gauge changes from swatch to garment, especially if I'm making a conscious effort to knit tighter than on the swatch. Though it's easier for me to be consistently more tight than loose, things can change. Everything is good - the yarn def seizes up with the wetting, so swatching and relying on your swatches gauge to calculate your rows required to meet the measurements is key!! 

The puppies had a good dig outside yesterday. 
It's mostly Petey, but Chica gets in there a bit to make sure that she isn't missing out on anything delicious! 
I had to give Petey a quick tubby because he had dirt packed into his nails and pads!
He is so much nicer to sleep with now 😊 he's also gotten over his habit of chewing on my bedding. He's still adorable in the morning; he senses when I'm awake, as opposed to going back to sleep, and he comes crawling up and licking on my face. Then when we get out of bed to go get Chica (who still gets crated because she is so guardy of her space that she growls when I move at night), he acts as if he hasn't been with me all night and jumps around like we've been apart. He's my boy and has my heart. 

I went out last night with work friends. I made a concious effort all day to make it a positive in my head and not talkyself out of it. That's kind of my go-to strategy - accept invites when they are days/weeks away, but find a way out at the last minute. And I truly believe that I will go, have fun, and I look forward to it the further away it is. 
But then it gets closer and I start stressing - mentally and physically. Even though I know and like these people and I interact with them on the daily, socializing with them is different. I felt physical symptoms from the anxiety and cancelling was just a text away, it was painfully tempting, but I battled my mind and put one foot in front of the other and just went. 
It took a few drinks to relax a bit and I allowed myself to be drawn into the group; I didn't rely on my phone or knitting as a coping mechanism (which was sorely tempting). I didn't beg off early (though a knitting deadline would've been legit). One of the ladies provided an amusing diversion, and we had a lovely night. 
I was deeply relieved to be home and stayed up later than I should've to decompress with the puppies and knitting, but I am proud of myself for just doing it. 

My rhubarb is coming along. 
I am looking forward to the first batch of rhubarb muffins! My mouth waters at the thought of it!! 

Okay - back at it before my mid-shift today! 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Best of Intentions

So I closed the last three nights at work, and I had taken pictures and fully intended to do a quick post each night in my break. 
But as things are wont to do when you've laid out a plan, it went awry. 
So now I'm writing up a post on my day off! It's not been a knitterly day - trip to see my dad and a sneak nap attack - but I've got a few quality hours ahead of me. 
 The 3rd swatch was the key. Still a stitch off, but I am making sure to knit snugly, and the row gauge is spot on, so I forged ahead.  
I made excellent progress! 

I signed up for the Joji Knits Starting Point MKA  - I am tingling with excitement to pick out yarn!! I am screen-shotting colourways that catch my eye, and I'll see what Julie brings to the Frolic  This may require a road trip out to The Needle Emporium though ... 
I don't really want to buy a pre-fab kit; I want something unique. 

I have been plagued by a relentless tension headache for the last couple of weeks that is radiating from my right neck/shoulder. I've tried all sorts to remedy it, all to no avail. I caved and went to see a professional yesterday, and I have found my new massage therapist!! Lindsay went hard and deep, and even though I knew I'd be feeling it today, it cured what ailed me for a day. Today the headache has come back a bit, and I hurt like I took a beating, but it's a start. I'll have to see her on a regular basis, and I'm adding a chiropractor to the mix. Gotta stay in fighting shape 😏

Ok - now that you're caught up, I must make more fabric! The Frolic is fast approaching, and I don't miss deadlines.  πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Sunday, April 16, 2017


So I finished a Secret Project, and now I can blog what I'm knitting.  
I started knitting on Churchmouses new Sleeveless Slipove . Well, to be more accurate, I'm still swatching. 

The 1st one on 4mm needles was too small. The 2nd one one 4.5mm needles is too big. Le Grand Sigh. The 4mm swatch was on Signature needles, but I went to Aero's for the 4.5mm for a less sharp tip as the linen tends to split with a sharper tipped needle. I'm going to swatch again with 4.5mm Signatures and deal
with any splitting. 3rd  time's a charm, right?

I'm without internet service at the mo ... it's been failing all week, but I haven't been home long enough to deal with it. Bell is coming today, between 8-12 (when in the history of "we'll be there between 8-12", have they ever shown up at 8??) to rectify the issue. 
I have 7gb of data on my phone, so that's alright. I spent the better part of yesterday at work (Dairy Queen) using the free wifi to do work that I could've been doing at home. Between that knitting time and the Rock lacrosse game Friday night, I did get a sock finished! 
A better result for me than for The Rock 😏

Awaiting test results - my foot has swollen to painful proportions! 
It's been off and on swollen, and will continue to be from the break, and the left foot has always been prone to swelling, but it's been actually downright painful lately. X-ray and blood work have been done ... hopefully it's just something that will self-correct sooner than later. 

My rhubarb is budding!!  
I am giddy with anticipation for it to grow to harvesting size; I really do need to plant more. 

Okay ... back to the needles - I got gauge to match!!