Sunday, July 26, 2015


I am progressing well on my sock.

I am very pleased that I am on a losing streak!! Weight loss that is. Since I am eating as only I please, it is easier to make healthier choices and that is being reflected in tangible results. While I know that numbers on a scale are not reflective of the value(s) of a person, they are an encouragement to keep on as I am. I'm glad that I have not chosen to drown my sorrow in food and (more) alcohol; that I am making good choices for me and my physical well being.

I am casting on for a Secret Project tonight after a successful swatch.
5 more days of secular work, then I am on 14 days off!! I'll be knitting to my hearts content, visiting some family, and just relaxing before surgery.

I am appreciating how much I love my home at the moment. Home is comfort, freedom, and sanctuary. There is just nowhere else that I feel safe like I do by myself, with my puppies, in my home.

This is what I came home to after baseball; and it is exactly what I needed.

I love playing baseball. I am part of a team, I participate, and then I go home. I rarely accept invitations afterwards; the camaraderie during the game is all I need.
I love the idea of accepting invitations and being out with people, but when the time comes, I just can't. I need to get better at just saying no. But then one of my besties drags me out, just the two of us, and let's me just be me with her.
Helen and I visited the most Westerly locations on the Lakeside Yarn Crawl. Of course, there were lovelies that caught my eye and tugged at my imagination sufficiently to not resist. I didn't take pics; I'll try to do that tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to seeing my longest standing bff who will be my carer, along with my sweet girl, for a few days after my surgery. Asking for help doesn't come easily to me, but it helps to know that I can count on my friends when I need it.

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