Thursday, January 16, 2014

100 Happy Days

So I have been participating in 100 Happy Days challenge.

I have missed a few days, not necessarily because I couldn't find joy in anything that day but the day just got away on me.

Yesterday I met up with Myrelle and picked up these:

Myrelle had commented on my last blog post that she had stones that she no longer used and would I be interested. Would I?!? I am so thrilled - this kind of happiness will stay with me and make me smile every time that I use them.  And while some of them are doubles that perfect because I have brought some to Lees. For all that the man cooks a lot, it's pretty much all stove-top, he doesn't bake so has no tools for it. Now he does; or rather I do.

Today when I arrived at Lees I saw this:

Lego Central!! I'm not sure who enjoys the Lego more - Lee or Jake! Jake loves playing with it though, not just building it; he'll spend hours playing with it.

So, this is days 7 & 8. What makes you happy?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I love Pampered Chef - especially their stoneware. I even sold the stuff for awhile.
One of the very first stones that I bought was the bar pan. I loved that stone - I used it for everything and made sure that it was cleaned properly (never with soap).

Somehow a stovetop element was left on while Lee & I were make Christmas dinner and I put the stone on top of it. All we heard was a very loud "CRACK" and that was all she wrote. Fortunately I have a very chill attitude and it just snapped in half and didn't make a giant shard-disaster that needed to be cleaned up.

Check out how deep the seasoning went on my stone!! And that colour - perfection!!!

So now I'm going to have to buy another one and start from scratch. Another beginning. Anyone I know sell PC?

PS - dinner was a massive success!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bilateral Epicondylitis

No, it isn't any more fun than it sounds. Bilateral epicondylitis

I am just too good at being a cashier. Pushing through over 1000 (and upwards of 1200) items per hour on a full time bias will take it's toll.
It's been creeping up for about the last year but I put on the arm bands and started taking Aleve. When those stopped being effective my Dr. prescribed Vimovo and I finally had to be written off of the belts and relegated to the Express lanes. Unfortunately I still put through the same # of items and it was such a busy time of year that it was of no consequential relief. About a month ago my doctor put me on lighter duties and it became a whole WSIB Thing.
I miss being a cashier. Not that I don't have the skills to be on the sales floor or that it isn't a nice change but I really love the Front End.
Unfortunately 3 weeks of zoning (picking up and putting away) didn't help. It was less than being on cash but still too much. I have now been put on the lightest and most menial of duties - scanning outs, changing labels and only the merest of zoning. Still important but I have a very hard time not doing the most that I can the fastest that I can. I am getting better at it though.
I've been doing the exercises and will have to start actual physio for the ultrasound and other adjuvant therapies. I ice it constantly - I even take an ice pack to work.
I go back to the Dr. in a week and since I am still not feeling any appreciable improvements I will be referred to a sports specialist and will most likely have to do the Cortisone shots.

My knitting output has decreased over the last year, but fortunately the way that I support my knitting and the way that I just flick the yarn keeps my knitting from being a stressing factor but the pain in general is what puts me off. I took a week off of knitting and my elbows (though it's mainly my right one) weren't helped; I even had worse days if I did too much (like using a can opener) :-\

I know - I'm a physical disaster!!! And of course I fall into the 10-20% that have bilateral symptoms.

But I'm a Survivor and I can totally deal with this. I need to - baseball season is coming!!!

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