Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This 'n That

I finished my Doodler!! It's not been blocked, I really will do that this week, but it's done. I'm quite pleased with it.

I have picked up the Secret Shawl and have been working on it.

The linen had been hard on my hands, but I am pleased that it's almost done; tonight should see it to a conclusion.
I am a fiber snob, preferring natural fibres. I especially love the way that plant fibres soften with wear & work. It makes using garments made with them a special pleasure.

Chica loves her squeaky toy. She was quite amusing today in her gentle relentless chewing.

Petey has this quirk where he will "sing" whenever there is any operatic music, whether it's on the tv or stereo. Every. Time.
He also derives an intense pleasure from licking my toes.

I generally don't find it ticklish, so it's a winning bonding time for us.
Chica has never shown such an interest, so fortunately there are no fights near my 'ickle piggies!! She has her fave spot on my lap.

I took advantage of a cold day to defrost my freezer. It was well past time, but I needed an alternate "freezer" to use to get the job done whilst maintaining food safety standards.

Thank you Mother Nature!!

Don't forget to comment on this blog post to be entered to win the Denise-2-Go circular needle set.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Doodler

So. Finally. I have cast off and am on the picots.
Except in not loving them as a treatment, so I'm experimenting.

Picots as written.

Knit one row, cast off on next row.

Casting off as I pick up & knit the first row.

I am partial to this last one. I'll think on it as the day goes on, maybe get some impartial opinions at work and then get busy at it tonight.

I really want to finish this, then I'll set to the Amy Butler raincoat with a passion for the weather to go with it!!

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Giveaway, revised

So from the feedback from a significant number of my readers, the Instagram part of the contest is not a popular option.
So to make this fair and open to you all, simply comment on this blog, or on Facebook post of this blog link, and you will be entered in the draw for this travel-friendly Denise-2-Go circular needle set.

I'll do the draw on Feb 14 ❤️❤️

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

First one of the Year


Seeder is a fait accompli!
I went with a crab st rather than a double or single crochet around the armholes. I find it's a sturdier, more stable edge, and it gives it just a bit of texture.

It is now ready to send off to The Needle Emporium, so you can have a look in person if you'd like.

Now what?
To figure out where I left off on The Doodler!! It's been entirely too long, but I'm near into the 4th weeks clue.

I got this.

I had a minor terror yesterday. To let the puppies out for pee, I put them on their retractable leads, stand at the outside doorway, and they use the 16' of lead to do their business.
I apparently didn't actually latch Petey's lead to his collar, because he just kept trotting away!!
He's normally not the one to do a runner, that's Chica. But he did. I called in my happiest, "mommy's not mad" voice, offered "num-num's" for the hungry puppy, but he was not to be enticed.
I took Chica back in, went out on my crutches on the sidewalk to the side of the workshop, but he was nowhere in sight.
I was truly beside myself. I knew in my head he'd come back, lived pets know where home is, but my heart was beset with fear.
Chica didn't understand how she was on a lead and Petey got to go off on a walkabout.

I fed Chica, texted my work wife that I might not be in to work, and just keep whistling and calling. 10 of the longest minutes later, he came trotting back like all was right in the world. I reined in the instinct to yell at him for worrying me, gave him a treat for coming inside, (and gave Chica one for being a good girl), and rushed to get myself sorted after giving him the biggest hug ever. Idjit dog is lucky I love him so very much.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Interminable Ribbing

I had intended to make real progress on the Amy Butler raincoat; transforming it from shaped fabric pieces into something approaching a garment. The Fates had other plans.

At some point the thread holder had been knocked off and some puppy thought it a brilliant chew toy. He had brought it to me the other day; I fm didn't know what it was, but it looked like a piece off of something, so I kept it. Sure enough ...
So my machine will be off to the shop again; hopefully they can McGyver summat.

Fortunately, I was not left without anything to do!
My lips are healed enough to practice my flute again. It was a bit rough, but felt good!

I hoovered, showered, having finally mastered wrapping the cast to waterproof it, and managing to not do further injury to myself getting in and out of the shower.
Then a lovely day of knitting.

Though the 2x2 rib seems interminable, the colors of Noro always make it a joy.
I am watching The Abominable Bride - should make the last 3" go quickly!

My leg is healing well. I was rather concerned that my gimping about on it sans crutch(es) may have buggered it up, but I come from sturdy stock!! Everything is healing normally, and in this context, I will be pleased with the label. I still have 4 more weeks of miserable restriction and reliance upon the generosity and care of others. Fortunately, I have a generous circle of friends watching out for and helping me.

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