Wednesday, January 16, 2019


It’s been awhile since I’ve signed up for a mystery yarn club. They are not inexpensive, and you take a chance on the colourways. 
Granted, with all the gorgeous shawls coming out on the daily, it wouldn’t be hard to work almost anything into something. That being said, it’s still a roll of the dice. 
But when I saw that Leo & Roxy were doing a club, I remember how lovely their colourways were, and I rolled that dice with a couple clicks of the mouse. 

So here I sit with a package in hand. 
I want to look at it, but I don’t. I haven’t seen any spoilers and I don’t have any hopes or expectations for the colours. Yet still I hesitate. Perhaps it’s that thrill of anticipation, like waiting for that first date, that first kiss. 
Will I open it tonight? Save it for a reward for something? Does someone want to come open it for me?!? 

Thursday, January 10, 2019


So I had started on Cheryl’s Jelly Roll socks  I got past the arch ribbing and started 2nd guessing it ... not everyone is a fan of that “arch hug”, so I had set them aside until she could try them on. Her colour request was blue, so I’m using a purple/blue and a green/blue. 

I couldn’t just not knit something, so I cast on my Turtlepurl What Does it Mean socks. Everything was going smoothly and brightly, but then I realized that I didn’t really have a kidsilk haze for the reinforcement!! Those of you who have been reading me for awhile know of my passion for kid silk haze as a sock reinforcing thread. It is light, strong, and comes in a myriad of colours that can match any sock that I can be knitting. So I texted Julie and after some pics and consult, I have two reds on the way. 
I got to the heel on the 1st sock and the ksh wasn’t here yet so then I put it on hold and set it aside to cast on the 2nd sock. The ksh is probably in my post box right now, but the weather is shit and when I allow myself an at home day, I don’t go outside for anything!!  I’ll check the post tomorrow morning on my way out. 

I did cast on for the next TSP, so I wasn’t idle today. It did take me awhile to get into a productive mode today; I was awake for no apparent reason from 02:30-05:00!! But I got going eventually and laundry got done, knitting got started and I even got a nap in! I’m catching up on Top Chef at the mo, and the keto brownies are almost ready to dig in to. Petey is giving me my evening foot massage. 
He really is the best dog when he’s not been clingy and overly protective. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Not just “Red”

So I have kind of a maker crush on Emily over at Turtlepurl yarns  I’ve decided that I am also a fan of the contrasting heel/toe sets. On my last order, I put Trenchcoat, Baah Humbug, Rock Paper Lizzard Scissors Spock, and What Does It Mean in my cart. Upon opening my package today, I realized that they all have red as the contrasting colour!! 

But when Emily says that she dyes these contrasting colours to match the colourway, she’s not lying! These four reds are all different, picking up the reds in their corresponding colourways. 

I have wound up What Does It Mean as I am awaiting a Top Secret Sweater pattern and Cheryl won’t be in to work until next week to try on her socks. I rather like the bit of rubbing in the arch of the foot, but want to make sure that their recipient likes them as well before I go any further. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Time to Spare

I finished the Top Secret Project and it is on its way ahead of the deadline!! Normally I am pushing it close, but I surprised myself with a focused diligence. The Next Projects were on their way, and new projects are highly motivating to finishing. 

The Burberry socks are done and are ready for their Feet. I immediately cast on the next gift socks.
They are Jelly Rolls - they are fun and I am using a couple of new techniques. I tend to not be adventurous with socks, so this a learning opportunity for me. 

Craig and I set out yesterday to pick up another loom. I know - I don’t even know how to weave yet and I now have two looms!! 
My sister tagged me on a Facebook post - it truly was just too good of a deal to pass up waiting to learn how to spin. I will grow into it! 
The Huronia Handweavers meet monthly, every 2nd Tuesday, so I’m going to join up and set to learning a new skill. I’ll start on the Schact and work my way up to the Leclerc
I clearly don’t have enough to do as I am going to have to make time to learn and practice this new art. 

I pulled something in my back on Saturday; it was painful and truly debilitating!! I crawled/dragged myself to the kitchen from the bedroom because I needed pain Rx and fortunately the rum was on the bottom shelf of the fridge so I could wash it down. 
Fortunately Craig was on his way before it happened and I didn’t have long to wait. My phone was out of reach (which rarely happens), but even if I could’ve called someone for help, the doors were locked and the puppies hate everyone. I’m really going to be in trouble if I ever have an actual emergency. He sorted out the puppies and helped to get dinner things ready. Fortunately I was organized and most things were prepped. The T3’s and rum flowed all day and helped me to be vertical, though it was a delicate and cautious vertical. 

The day went well - gifts were practical and thoughtful. Food was seasoned with love and appetite. Having my kids and grandkids under my roof warmed my heart. 

Hopefully I can get in for a massage this week - T3’s and cannabutter take the edge off of the pain, but they aren’t really helping. I stretch gently and am using Icy Hot and A535 sprays liberally. 
Growing older is quite the minefield and I’m clearly too slow to effectively dodge the hazards. 

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Could it be?

I’m truly not a big Christmas person. Maybe it’s because I was raised to just give gifts for no reason, or maybe I’m just really not all that sentimental. 
But then this year I bought a tree (after a fashion). Then I bought some ornaments. Then lights! I might actually be feeling a little twinge of that oft talked about Christmas Spirit. 

Maybe it’s wanting to make it special for my grandkids that is stirring this up ... I really want coming to Nana’s for Christmas to be memorable. Not just the presents, but the atmosphere and the food. Fingers crossed this is the first year of many to come. 
I have gotten some knitting done on my friends Burberry Socks  Just the gusset shaping and foot to do! 
The Top Secret Project continues at a good pace. It’s been a busy weekend at Dairy Queen getting ready for our weeks closing. I have. A few days that I have work to do and family celebrating, so I will need to jealously protect any spare hours for knitting. We do not miss deadlines. 

I’ve got the sleeve shaping all planned out. I think about doing two sleeves at the same time, but unless there is involved shaping/patterning I find it quicker to do one at a time. Or maybe it just feels that way ... not being any faster just thinking about it!! Back at it, with my nightcap of Golden Mylk  turmeric is supposed to help ulcerated stomachs, and it’s a lovely change from water. 
I hope so hard that even one of the yarn packages that I have ordered arrive tomorrow! I’ve been a little generous towards myself ♥️ 💞♥️