Saturday, September 24, 2016


So on this, the day before my 47th natal celebration, Craig and I set off for The Needle Emporium. Truly, where else would I find the perfect gift for myself?!?
 Another beautiful day for a road trip, even with a decided chill in the morning air. 

My mission to Julie's was to make sure I had a proper
selection of Hedgehog fibres Skinny Sock to make a final decision on my colourway for the Westknits Building Blocks MKAL  I was more than successful! I also picked up the latest Rowan magazine

On the way back we veered off of the highway since traffic into Toronto was nuts - concerts & sporting events galore - and I remembered how much I love a Krispy Kreme donut. And since it was on the back way home, and the Magic 8 Ball concurred, we stopped in. It was more processed sugar than we usually eat in an entire month, but it was so totally delicious!! Craig had a simple glazed, but I went with a salted caramel, and a lemon filled. It's my pre-birthday, I shouldn't have to make the hard choices. 

Then there was groceries and home. Since we were making this a cheat day, it was manicotti with a homemade pasta sauce. 

I am now defrosting the freezer to make room for all of the yummy things that I'm making tomorrow. Planning and meal prep is key to any kind of diet plan and having only a 1/2 hour lunch with no easy access to other food. 

I am getting ready to cast on my next project:
 Sorrento from The Studio Linen Collection by Erika Knight

I am having a lovely day, and looking forward to another one tomorrow!

Friday, September 23, 2016

This 'n That

Sometimes, no matter how much you like what you do, it doesn't work out on other levels. So I am now working at Honda for the company that takes the cars off the line and parks them for shipping. It is relentless, but I like the predictability of the work. The people are easy-going and fun, I walk 12-14km on an average night so exercise is a bonus, and I really love working afternoons. 
Not an easy relationship work schedule, but generally nothing worth having is easy. Craig is being supportive which makes it easier. 

Overtime's been thrown out this week and I've been taking it since I'm not on a knitting deadline. But the knitting never, ever stops - I've been working away on my socks! 

Winter is coming - I've gotten a crazy urge to cook all the things!! It also is about lunch prep. Afternoons requires planning so that I can eat healthily and  maintain my current weight loss trend! This weekend I'm planning on doing up these three and making chicken soup.  
 Yes, that curry recipe has been well used! 
I went into the cupboard to make sure that I had all of the spices that I needed and that resulted in me coming to the realization that I need more little containers and spice bottles. 
Yeah, that needs sorting!!

Going to be a great birthday weekend with Craig. Saturday will be errand day - The Needle Emporium  Costco, Walmart, then Sunday will be about cooking and knitting. I can't wait!! 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fait accompli

And Hitchhiker is done!

It's not blocked yet; I can't wait to see how much more wonderful it looks when I do block it!!
It was a great week. It would certainly have taken me longer if I hadn't known that Julie was on my heels all week. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Still Hitching

Been a busy week - a new work schedule, battling The Allergies, sleep ... the usual. 
Fortunately, garter is a kind stitch and yields satisfyingly visible results. 


Alright then, back at it! 

Still Hitching

Been a bit busy with work, errands, and sleep, but fortunately garter stitch makes for satisfying and visible progress.