Friday, December 14, 2018


I finished the blanket, but will wait to post a picture until it’s gifted. I am pleased with it. You all know what a fan of natural fibers, but at the risk of actually gushing, I am passionate about Bernat Blanket for blankets - adult and children. It is so cozy - both to knit with and snuggle into - and it washes well. The colour range is fabulous; something for everyone. 

My next project is a Top Secret Project, so that’s out. 

So I bring to you my latest yarn purchase! I’ve gone a little Turtlepurl fan girl lately. I’ve become a real fan of the dyed-to-match contrasting heel/toe skein. 

I know one young lady who will be stacking a claim to the Rasta. Winter is Coming and Dream Room are for my cold little piggies! My socks are starting to wear out at an alarming rate, so once I’m done the ones that I’ve promised for my workbesties, I’m onto socks for me. 

There are also cute puppy pics to fill the actually knitting gaps. 

I am also proud to share this year ago comparison pic.

I’ve been living la vida keto for 9 months now, and seeing a side-by-side like this makes every choice I’ve made worth it. It’s been a long row to hoe. Deciding to start and making that 100% commitment to myself was the key for me. I’ve done it (and continue to do it) one day at a time. It’s not a struggle; I enjoy the foods that I eat, and don’t generally long for sugars or breads. I choose the rare days that I moderately indulge in empty carbs, then get right back to the course that I’ve set myself upon. My knees are so much better, even the swelling on my (previously) broken ankle is significantly reduced!! 
The unrelated ulcer is further reducing my food choices, and I bitch every day about this, but I’m on new meds for that and have my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to have coffee, fizzy drinks, spices, and an occasional adult beverage again soon. 

Ok. Back to my TSP, while watching Ink Master on the buzztv android box that Helen sent me. This thing is terrific and I’m likely to subscribe to the live TV option to make watching my sports easier. Thanks Helen - this is epic knitting enabling!! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


So Hartwist is finished and ready to take up to Julie’s.
I’m going to deliver it in person rather than post it because I really want to see the new Namaste bags in person!

I was set to start on my next project, but I’m stuck at the cast on waiting for clarification - not an auspicious start. 
Fortunately, I have a few other deadlines to choose from, so my hands aren’t idle. 

This one is only kind of a surprise, but I’m trying to keep the colours a secret, and most of the pattern, so it’ll be black and white until it’s done and received. Petey is keenly watching my progress ... or rather watching me. He’s being especially clingy lately; not sure what that’s about.  He’s clearly feeling some kinda way, I wish that I could figure out what it is and/or why. 
Maybe he’ll settle down if I pick up the knitting again ...

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Final Stretch

What a great weekend!! 

I am on the homestretch of Hartwist! After what felt like a never-ending collar, it is cast off and I’ve set in the first sleeve. 

I really do love finishing a garment. There is a skill to it, and I take as much pride in the quality of my finishing as I do with my knitting. It makes such a difference - poor seaming can detract from beautiful knitting.  

I need to be up early for work tomorrow, but I might just use concealer and foundation to cover staying up late to finish. Shhhhh!!! 

Craig and I had our pictures done yesterday. Craig and I really enjoyed going through the gallery and picking our favourites. I don’t usually think of myself as photogenic, but Jacqueline really captures some lovely moments and I’m so pleased with how the pictures came out. I am so excited to see the final proofs and get prints made!! 
Petey helped today. 

Petey has been extra special attached to me today. I even captured him giving me a look of pure love and devotion. 
He really is my best buddy. 

Saturday, December 1, 2018


So I booked a mini photo session today for Craig and I to have our pictures taken. Even though most of our picture-perfect snow has melted, Drysdales still looked fantastic and Pink  Champagne Photography had a fabulous antique sofa and chair to brighten the scene. 

Craig & I took a couple amateur pics while we were waiting. I can’t wait to see what Jacqueline captured!! 

I am making progress on the collar ... still 9cm to go.
There are a lot of stitches to make this collar so voluptuous & cozy.!!

So I had a coffee this morning. This doesn’t seem so odd, except I quit coffee last Friday to help help my persistent ulcer. I’ve been slowly giving up the things that can irritate it and prevent it from healing. Coffee was putting me into rather severe pain, so it was the last to go. I suffered migraines for 2 days in the quitting, but it’s for a grater good. I’m doubling down on my ulcer meds (on Dr orders) for two weeks. If that doesn’t start to sort it out, it’s a referral to a gastroenterologist for an endoscopy. Totally not my idea of fun, so fingers crossed!! 
Back to this mornings coffee. I didn’t really miss food since I’ve switched to a ketogenic diet, but I desperately miss the taste of coffee.
It doesn’t look any different from any other coffee, but it is deeply different. It is soulless coffee. I don’t know if it’s just in my head but caffeine free coffee just doesn’t taste the same. It was good, but not the same. 

So I basically have no vices left. No alcohol, no sugar, no chocolate, and no coffee. I drink water. Just water. Sometimes an herbal tea. Then more water. 

So I’m going to go back to my collar and my water. 

Friday, November 30, 2018

Final Stretch

I am working on the collar! 
After a few “oopsies” on the final sleeve, I got it done and they’re blocking. Even with the ceiling fan on, it’s taking a bit for them to dry. 
I have covered it so that Robbie doesn’t dig in it. The puppies are rather awesome at not playing in anything that I’m blocking; Robbie is bigger and hasn’t been around knitting since he was a baby, so I don’t take the chance. 
We’ve started on the Christmas cakes at work. 

It’s really a fun season for cakes! Alhough I don’t think that there’s not a fun season for decorating cakes.