Wednesday, October 18, 2017


I’m tired, so I’m going to drop a few thousand words in picture format. 
Daphne and Jasmyn came to collect potential yarn, aka fleece. 

We’re looking a whole lot less identical these days 😏

Helen called in her order, and gifted me 4 skeins! I know - a generous gift that idk how I’ll ever repay. Hopefully my joy will be a sufficient down payment. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Speckle and Pop

Nothing is an easy decision when it comes to colour choices with me. But I went stash diving, 
which was no simple feat either, and came up with all sorts of Pop!
The left bucket is my Koigu (which produced the winning Pops), and the right bin is my fingering leftovers.

What is that burning in my nose? Oh yes, I had mince the last ghost pepper for the chili re-do without gloves and I guess I’m glad that I didn’t rub my eyes!!!

Back to the Speckle and Pop - colours decided upon and casting on will commence.

Once I decide, it’s full speed ahead. 
Though I’m in the midst of three different full projects, plus a sock, so I have almost too much knitting ... I’m torn about which one to knit on! 

Petey is still a Conehead. We are less patiently waiting for his inflatable collar - he’ll be done with The Allergies by the time it gets here! He’s much more himself personality-wise, Craig noticed it right away on the weekend. 
He’s still pink, but the skin irritation and oozing is much improved. 

Work is fantastic; I am part of a strong, motivated team of women. We rag on each other, but are there for each other for support or encouragment the second life happens. That’s the family that you get to choose. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Craig and I had the pleasure of listening to Bill McBirnie’s fingers dance and make magic by blowing air down a tube. 

A girl can dream, but it is beautiful and inspirational.

I cast on and made progress on the Flat Rib PulloverWoolstok is a pleasant worsted weight wool to knit with, not scratchy and so far no vegetable matter. It’s not smooth, but more rustic without sacrificing quality and ease of use. It’s knit at a looser gauge for this sweater, emphasizing it’s lightness. 

Saturday, September 30, 2017


What the Fade Clue Three spoilers at the end of the post.
Today was pretty much all about Craig. 
He had a part in the Bruce County Heritage Ducumentary Project and played the part of Robert Dunlop. I now know a lot more about this small piece of Canadian history than I used to. 

He was brilliant! I’ve never seen him acting proper before, so this was a treat. I was so proud of him and though it’ll be into next spring/summer before the dvd is released.

We were filming at the Bruce County Museum, and I took a selfie with a cool sculpture using a massive old chain. 
Between the drive there and back an dtime between scenes, I managed to finish Clue Four of What the Fade!!

Rows are feeling painfully long - 373 is a lot of stitches, even in garter. Gorgeous fade of three colours in that garter section!

Friday, September 29, 2017


So I am hopelessly behind on What the Fade. This is where I’m at, last fade of Clue 3. I absolutely love the colours that I chose and how fabulously they are fading together!!

Clue 1 dropped for Speckle and Pop. 
I wound the Main Colours for it today; I still need to go stash diving for the colour pops ... or I might wait until Woodstock and buy some. Knitting time is precious and stash diving may be time-consuming distracting. I’ll be swatching on the main project for this one. 

Then I wound up yarn for a Flat Rib Popover vest for Julie. 
I haven’t knit a project for Julie personally in awhile, I think Patrick was the last one, so I’m especially excited for this project!! 
I love knitting Churchmouse patterns - such well written patterns and effortless knits. 
I’ll prob swatch it tonight. 

I don’t usually have this many major works on the go at the same time ... my knitting eyes may be stretching my physical abilities. Lol. 

Craig brought with him my birthday present. He really listened and reached out to Julie for advice and he did good!!! 

I absolutely needed a new shawl pin as the last one dropped and broke. I also explained to him that the yarn was perfect since “sock” didn’t necessarily mean socks, that all of my shawls were knit in sock weight yarn. 

Quick post - much fabric to make!!