Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chevrons Two Ways

So I decided to do a temperature afghan. There were all sorts of crocheted ones, but I decided to do a knitted one.
I picked this chevron pattern, Bravo Worsted from Schachenmayr, this chart for the colour/temp breakdown

, and used AccuWeather for the stats.
I decided to go with daily lows for the winter months, and daily highs for the summer months. This will make for better use of the colour range.
I am very pleased with January!! A lovely randomization of the colours.

February is looking to be larger sections of colours.
This is shaping up to be more of a bedspread than an afghan. I'm looking at about 14' - yikes!! But it's going to be awesome, I'm very excited about the project!!

Question - would you do a stripe (the winter white in this case) to separate the months? I'm of two minds on the matter ...

I'm also working on a ZickZack scarf for The Needle Emporium. I was very excited to see that I was going to be knitting it out of two balls of Rialto Luxury Sock. With its lengthy, harmonious colour changes, it makes the garter stitch just keep flowing.

I just keep going to see what the colours are going to do next!!

I finally got around to getting a pedicure! My feet really deserved it after that wretched cast came off.

I feel very pretty, even if I'm just sitting home knitting.

The puppies were adorable the other day. I was blocking a swatch in front of the fireplace to sped up the drying. They love laying in front of the fireplace and helped with the blocking by deliberately, and without influence from me, surrounding but not laying on the swatch. It was sweet.

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Mail

I came home Friday afternoon and noticed as my ride pulled into the drive that my recycle bins had been turned right side up. I had left them upside down to keep snow/ice from accumulating in them I thought it passing strange, and when I got to my stairs I noticed that UPS had left my delivery in them.

Clever, as long as no one came by, noticed it, and reappropriated it. Because a UPS package has got to be good! It's secret projects, but at least you get the intro to the story.

Then yesterday I went to the post box and finally picked up my mail for the past week. I'm going to have to get my knitting in order so I can get in some spinning.

I won this fleece from Kim in the Storm the Fleece group on FB. I know - those colours!!! She included a surprise pkg of tea, which I am excited to try.

Todays post brought T-shirts.

I love teefury shirts, and have, with much self-restraint, not purchased any in over a year. I just couldn't resist when I saw these two.


"Stealing Time"
I have a few more on the way - $5 grab bag, with no charge for the upsize (American Apparel wears well but fits crazy small!!) Even with shipping + exchange, I'm happy to roll the dice.

The TRR Poncho is growing at a pleasing rate.

I started a child-sized Yuka sweater out of Bernat Giggles for Len's. Not nearly as pleasurable to work with, but needs must.

It's a lovely pattern; I think I should like to do one for myself out of something lovely when I get a day or two.

I went for physio today; got a list of exercises for stretching and strengthening to do at home. As well as a brace. Yes, so happy this is happening now as this would be a seriously not sexy look with shorts!
The chiropractor is quite fascinated with my injury and is looking forward to seeing my X-rays. Lol. He's not ever seen a break like this (high fibula, no lower ankle break, not from rolling and/or impact). He suggests that the muscles broke the bone by the way they sustained the injury. So I have weak bones and/or strong muscles. I'm rather more fond of the latter. I also found out that my ankle-modeling career is shot. Aside from the staple scars, this swelling, while it will reduce, will probably not diminish altogether for upwards of two years!! We are not pleased.
I also am in desperate need of a pedicure!!

Horrible cracks on my heel, not to mention the dryness all over my leg/foot. I'm creaming it at home, and doing my best to keep Petey from licking said cream off (weirdo).
I'm going to start driving again the end of this week, woo hoo!!! Freedom at last, again!!!

Okay ... Busy day, not quite over yet.

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Cast Off

Yesterday was cast off day!!! It was such a relief to be unburden!
It was not a pretty sight, and as I sat waiting for the final X-ray, I realized that the funky smell was coming from my leg - yuck!

The staples came out and the good Dr Casses declared me healed. I'll go for physio and get a brace next week, and my plan to return to work on the 14th is on target.

I had the most wonderful bath, slightly against medical advice, but the Epsom salts cleaned out the staple holes and I am none the worse for the experience.
The skin where the cast was is still delicate. I put off shaving so as to not irritate it further, and generously applied Glaxal Base cream. The bath certainly improved the appearance of my leg!!!

I am walking much better than I had imagined, though there is work to be done on stretching and strengthening. I'm not overextending too soon. The swelling is vastly reduced today, nearing on normal.

Resting was aided today by The Dreaded Lurgy. I have spent most of the day sleeping, both Gravol-induced, and sheer recuperative exhaustion. I have a crushing headache on top of it all. My friend and music teacher Myrelle dropped off Canada Dry. The puppies have been excellent nurses, gentle and sleeping with me.

Not much to show in the way of knitting ...
Joan loved the baby blanket (yes, I forgot to take a picture. I'll post one when she sends me one with the baby).
I've gotten a good start on the TRR Poncho, once I sorted out the gauge. 5mm needles were just the ticket, and it's just the easy knitting I need at a the mo.

Hopefully a solid nights rest will be the ticket to a more enjoyable and useful day tomorrow.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Two Steps Forward

I was making such good progress on my raincoat, then my sewing machine rebelled. Again. This time it's not a tension adjustment; something is seized in the motor. I'm hoping that Sharon at the HummingBird Sewing can sort it.

Fortunately, I've got a thing or two to knit. ;)
I made excellent progress on the baby blanket yesterday - I'm over 1/2 done!!

I am on to my 3rd swatch for the Twice Reversible Ribbed Poncho. I started on 6mm needles, as I tend to knit on the tight side. Just a stitch and a half too loose. So, down to the recommended 5.5mm needles. No difference!!

I'm nothing if not persistent in the pursuit of perfection ... a 5mm needles swatch is under way!

As soon as it's blocking, I'll be back to the baby blanket for an easy, seed stitch knitting evening.

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

All The Projects

I spent yesterday feeling rather poorly. Some sort of stomach bug had me laid low. No sewing was done, and I spent more time just holding needles than actually knitting. The puppies made sure that I napped enough.
I feel better today. Still not quite right, but better.

Better enough to make some progress on my Amy Butler raincoat!

I am really enjoying seeing a garment start emerging from the pieces of fabric. The laminate cotton has its challenges, but it is really fun.
The colourful Kaffe fabric distracts from my less-than-perfect sewing skills, but I am quite chuffed with the early results.

I am loving my new iron! Helen picked it up for me from Costco.

I haven't had one in ages, but a necessary tool for sewing neatly, and really, I'm an adult. I have clothes that should be ironed.

I managed to cast on another Bernat seed stitch baby blanket yesterday.

It's for a co-worker who is expecting, yes, a boy!! I really do love this Baby Blanket yarn.

I also couldn't resist winding a few balls of Lorna's Laces Cloudgate.

I'm going to be knitting up the Twice Reversible Ribbed Poncho by Churchmouse for The Needle Emporium. I'm planning to swatch tonight.

The puppies took turns today distracting me. They're just too cute to be cross at!!

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