Monday, May 25, 2015


I have learned the hard way that I can't always just curl up and deal with stuff in my own way in my own safe place. though this is still my default strategy with its own merits
Gilda's Club was where I needed to be when I was in treatment and the support group that I joined there gave me the strength to get through that tribulation.

Now I need help again and through an unfortunate, but with hindsight, fortunate, crossing of paths, I have found another support group. APSGO. Strategies, successes, and support to get me, sanity and health intact, through another adverse time. It is good to know that you're not alone, that there are ways to manage the challenges, and to be reminded that you are strong enough.

No actual knitting today, but tomorrow will come and will offer its own opportunities.

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Whatta Weekend

My sweet girl needs your prayers and/or most positive thoughts/vibes/karma. She has gone down a more challenging and trialsome path than most anyone would intentionally choose. She is struggling and needs all the help she can get and then some.
It is said that God takes care of children and fools - I pray that this is true and thus she is the best hands possible.

My mind has been on her and while I have been desperate for distraction, my heart was not fully on baseball and I had poor games on both Friday night and this afternoon. Fortunately the teams pulled through with a win and a tie respectively.

I made some visible progress on my Châtelaine mandala.

It was restful stitching. Almost ready to start the specialty stitch flowers!

I have also managed to get near to finishing Romi's Mysterious Shawl, especially while doing an epic laundry this morning.

I have had my Under Armor slides for going on 5 years; they owed nothing.

Sportchek had a sale on sandals, so I went in to see what was on offer. The young man who offered assistance suggested that Nike and UA might not be incl in the sale. "Seriously??? Given that 2/3 of your sandals are Nike & UA, what kind of sale is this?" Needless to say, my 2nd pair was indeed 50% off. Then I had to have them refund the difference of $34.99 to $29.99 on my Fitbit Flex bracelets. It was my day, monetarily anyway.

Lee made burgers and I've been having some lovely drinks. Tomorrow morning may be a struggle.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

End of Clue 4

I'm way behind the pack on this one, but that's ok. I'm thoroughly enjoying each stitch.
Have I mentioned that this is my first Wollmeise project? I had stashed a number of her skeins and nothing seemed quite special enough until my first Romi knit came along.

Petey loves it at Lee's, not in small part because Lee leaves socks all over and Petey brings them to me like the most precious gift.

Chica doesn't bother with these humble offerings, but Petey is persistent, much to Lee's chagrin. But not so much chagrin that he picks his socks up!!

Rough day for pain; had to go to the higher dose codein, but I am grateful for the relief.

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Monday, May 18, 2015


So, thanks to the neighbourhood chainsaw enthusiast I was up early (for a holiday). The puppies were pleased, and I didn't really mind. I don't like messing up my early rising schedule over much; it makes going back to work that much more difficult.

So after sorting out the puppies and getting a coffee made, I approached the Magic 8-Ball with humility and hope.

So I stitched some more Honeydew on my Châtelaine mandala.

Then a nap, during which Petey, like the other men and children that have shared a bed with me, managed to gain more than his share by disguising it as snuggling.

Truth be told, he's a very good companion. He generally stats in his bed, but when he doesn't, his warmth is welcome.

After the puppies and I arrived at our country retreat, I set to on Romi's Mysterious Shawl.

Still deeply enraptured by these colours!!

A lovely and productive Victoria Day. I hope you all enjoyed it as well.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015


I don't know what to call today.

The crab apple tree in my yard is in full effect - I love it.

The fruit it bears is paltry and useless, but it blooms like a Boss!!

Amanda had her wisdom teeth out today. They've been giving her pain for some time now, but they have finally been extracted.
She was quite swollen and incoherent when I dropped her off with many liquid provisions (and prescribed drugs). We'll see how she does ... she's a tough little nut, I'm sure she'll be fine.

Magic 8-ball was quite adamant today that I work on neither my Châtelaine cross stitch or my Romi shawl.

So Secret Shawl again it was.

This afternoon was spent clearing, sweeping, washing, scrubbing and double waxing my kitchen floor. I'm waiting right now for it to dry so that I can eat. Though I considering walking to Crabby's for a burger because I'm ravenous!!

I've closed all the doors and windows and turned the volume up a bit to mask the fireworks going on. The puppies don't seem so much afraid as just worked up. Which works me up.

Hey - don't forget to click on over to the CCS and support my Relay for Life this year. If all of you have just $5, I'd be well over my goal!!

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