Sunday, May 28, 2006

Knitting on the Road

Friday was a charter to Discovery Harbour.
Note to self: ask what grade you are going to be driving and refuse if you don't like the answer.
Grade 7's & 8's are the worst - especially in the spring. The 8's are so full of themselves because they are going to be in high school next year that they forget that this means that they will be at the bottom on the heap. This self-importance has them convinced that they are approaching a god-like status and that the rest of mere mortals are quite beneath their consideration. The 7's are going to be the top dogs next year and are feeling an exagerated sense of self-importance that begs a beating.
I drove Grade 7's. They didn't believe me when I told them that all of the windows would go up if any garbage went out the windows (which I only allow to be ½-way down to discourage such an eventuality). It wasn't hot enough for anyone to be sick or faint but it was definitely uncomfortable. And I made sure that they picked u
p all of the garbage (and when I say "garbage" I don't mean big wads of stuff, I mean the small bits of paper & plastic) from the food that they weren't eating on the bus. It was sweet to make them pick up every little bit! I don't mind sweeping off the bags of sand, but garbage ... NO.
Anyway, this is Discovery Harbour. Something about settlers ... historical something ... Jocelyn - fill in the blanks here. History is not my forté, hell it's not
even my minor!!! I didn't go on the tour because I made this discovery of my own. Jenna - don't look. Thank God that the restaurant there had particularly good coffee - I was close to fainting and needed that liquid brown elixir of life. Note to self: MF rattail bleeds when wet - don't get it fracking wet again!!! Then I realized that I had forgotten the charts so I couldn't make up for my frelling stupidity little mistake. This is why I pack so much knitting - for the rest of the day I knit on the Hawaii socks.

Saturday was Stock Family Day
at Canada's Wonderland. I think that this picture of Amanda and her Friend Riley sums up the day. That and this picture of me knitting in the line up to Scooby Doo's Haunted Mansion. 90 mins in a line up with other peoples' tired, miserable children trying to cut the line would have had me curled up in the fetal position ready for the sleeveless jacket (and it's not even knitted) if I hadn't been able to knit it away.
Kyle had fun too.

Today I am making up for lost time and while I do a weeks' worth of laundry will finish the sleeves for Jenna. Sorry Jenna - you can look now.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

getting' there

I love it when the end is in sight! Fiona's sweater (Top Secret Sweater #2) has had details finalized and yarn delivered and is moving along very well.

I drove the bus on charters Saturday & Monday. Fortunately they were on Base, shuttling cadets from one area to another and waiting. Long stretches of sitting on a bus waiting for cadets that if I didn't have my knitting & MP3 player would send me into a coma. So I got much done on Jenna's sleeves. Don't try to figure out the stitch pattern - this is the back of the fabric! (I know ... 00-spy skills again!) Just a little more on the top and presto! FO!!

It doesn't sound like I'm getting much knitting done, but these 2 projects are not condusive to speed. Sheer dogged determination and persistence are the watch words here.

I saw these gorgeous foxes while on Base. There was a family of 5, and I was lucky enough to drive by them with an empty bus so I could stop and capture them on film. The adult male had a much deeper, richer fur than the picture shows.

Yesterday I went to the chiropodist and for my massage (a session every couple of weeks keeps me knitting). Afterwards, while I was setting up my next appointment, the chiropractor that also shares the building came to the front desk. Now he is quite well used in the area on various sports teams and has been with teams at several Olympic and World events.
"Can Erik see me on Friday morning? I have a marathon on Saturday and I need him to make sure I'm limber," inquires the knitter.
"Sure - same time?" replies Marjorie the excellent receptionist.
"Which marathon - Ottawa?" asks the chiropractor. He seems quite fit himself, perhaps he's running there.
"No, Riverdale in Toronto," answers the knitter, turning to the chiropractor, a smile twitching at her lips.
"I haven't heard of that one - how long is it?" he asks, genuinely interested/puzzled.
"We're hoping to break the Canadian record and come in under 6 hours. The Australians did it in just under 5, but we'll have to spin and knit to the max to beat that."
stunned silence
derisive snort, eye roll & head shake while walking away

"Hey, the way I knit it's a sport dude. I normally compete for speed, but this is an endurance event." The knitter shares a laugh with Marjorie, enjoying the moment.

I think that this chiropractor takes his "sports" quite seriously and needs some education about the rigors of serious knitting. If ping pong can be a sport then I'll go to the mat defending the sporting merits of knitting.
I am laughing out loud right now when I remember the look on his face when he realized that we weren't talking about the same kind of marathon. Not quite humiliation, but definitely discomfiture & some perturbation.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Losing my Virginity

I have a very hard time saying no. Whether it's working or volunteering, I almost always say yes unless I have been able to plan ahead and practice my "no" speech or if I really have a time/date conflict.
So it comes as a bit of a surprise that I haven't been suckered found my way into any number of walk/run charity fundraising events ... until now.
Joan Kass invited me to be a part of the Downtown Knit Collective team for the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Of course I said yes, then asked for details. I am excited to on a team for my charity deflowering. I know that they will be gentle and not have especially high expectations for my first time. I'm nervous and want to be everything that they've been hoping for.
If you are so inclined, I would be grateful for any monies that you would like to pledge to me in support of the CCS. I want my first time to be a positive experience so that I'm eager for the next time. Would that make me some kind of charity 'ho? If it does, is that bad? Click here, and follow the menus. My name is spelled Wannietta Prescod (I mostly don't care how people spell it as long as there are enough 0's on the cheque, but in this case it matters). Thanks in advance!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Medieval Times

I drove a bus load of grade 4 students down to Medieval Times today. I know, but it was worth it! Getting paid for the whole day + I got into the show. This is the stadium (it's huge), the narrator, the Princess, my Red Knight - omg, it's he the cutest?! - and M'Lady Amanda. I had to get her this little "put-it-on-your-head-and-you're-instantly-a-princess" thing! I bought Kyle a dragons' claw holding a crystal leather-thong necklace - quite manly.

So, very little knitting was done during the day - although I think that I have the gauge worked out for J Yo's sweater. (I
t's my own nickname for Joanne Yordanou - I hope that she doesn't hate it.) Gauge swatches are the perfect travelling project.
I have been making progress on Jenna's sleeves. (and when I say "making progress" I mean slow like the tortoise so I have to put in quantity time as opposed to just time)
Fiona's sweater has stalled a wee bit so that we can work out some finesse-type details.
Kyle is being very understanding that all of this work knitt
ing has put his sweater on hold.

And not to tease you (well, yes it is) here is my Socks That Rock yarn. Scaponia on the left and Waterlilies on the right. Thanks to my properly placed connections I was able to score these before they sold out - in like 2 days!

No trapped skunk yet - bloody hair trigger on that trap. But I am not defeated yet - I'm nothing if not persistent!

Kenny - that fastest knitter contest was held at the CSNF in Toronto. It's an annual event and it's a ton of fun. Not too many of us take it very seriously. There is a similar thing done at Stitches and the needlework show in the UK, so it's a fair claim of "North America".

Monday, May 15, 2006

Toronto Spiders

Here is (l-r) Joan, Denise, Lorraine, Julia (hostess!) and me. Absent from the picture are Judy, Karen, Barb and Bob (the shearer - who won't actually be shearing but is none the less a Spider). Oh and Emily who is taking the picture! While I didn't actually make the cake, I thought of having it made & I carefully explained the design. Good enough! We had a great time spinning unprocessed fleece, knitting the greasy yarn and timing all sorts of things. We have a "quick start plan" to get us through the first 10-15 mins - which we have been told is the key.
We will be at the Riverdale Farm on June 3rd - come on by and check it out!
Bring your best spinning/knitting cheer, energy snacks (I don't know about the rest of the team, but when I say "energy snack" I mean Chocolate)for the team and a couple of bucks to buy a ticket for a chance to win the finished sweater (proceeds to a charity - I'm not sure exactly which one). After meeting the rest of the team I am confident that we will rock this!!

SHHHHHH - be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm twapping a wascawy skunk!
The trap has a very sensitive trigger and the first couple of nights I came up empty. I think that I will have to switch to actual meat - maybe he is not especially enticed by PB on Whole Wheat.
Does anyone know if skunks are stupid? Or are they smart like dogs? I mean, if when we trap it and drive it 20mins away and release it, will it find its way back to my yard? I think that I need to get a $200,000 research grant from the government and study this. (and when I say "study" I mean sit on my ass and think about it lots while I knit then work up a spreadsheet or 500 with numbers that could go either way)

The neighbourhood rabbit was spotted across the road yesterday. We love these guys!!

My wretched children used all of my cream over the weekend while I was out (Spider team meeting, dinner with Jocelyn & Ada, driving bus) all weekend, didn't tell me & now I am drinking my coffee with milk. GAHRG!!

Okay, enough sidetracking ... back to the grindstone knitting needles.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Somewhere over the Rainbow

I woke up to a wonderful full rainbow this morning, but couldn't get far enough back to get it all in one shot. There was also the a double on one side! I love real rainbows!!

This is what I can show you of the project for Jenna.
Not very enlightening?! Perfect - bwa ha ha!!!

I am making progress on Fiona's sweater but you'll have to use all of your imagination for that one.

Here is Amanda's first self-portrait. Not bad for being taken on the bus at 8:00AM.
I'm very busy knitting, so I have used few words & big pictures. Does it look like a big blog entry?

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

The Summer of Wannietta will be interrupted

The house was painted & stained last summer/fall and this was going to be the Summer of Wannietta. Sleeping in, leisurely days spent on the deck - sipping lovely drinks, knitting and supervising children at play - and BBQ'ing in relative peace and quiet. I found a patio set that I just love (and yes, I would marry it!), Kerwyn dutifully put it together without procrastination and I started having all sorts of fantasies about the lovely parties I could have on the deck.
Then this started.
Now, in all fairness they have been working on this small subdivision since before we moved in, so the overall idea of construction didn't just come out of the blue, but I convinced myself that this specific area wouldn't be built upon. Or that it wouldn't be until later - September would have been fine. Not at the beginning of my summer!!! If the noise and constant vibrations weren't bad enough (and when I say bad enough, I mean pissing me off when I'm in the house with the doors & windows closed), if I wad up my anger into a tiny little ball and shove it down by my ankles and I go out to enjoy my deck and try to ignore the noise & dust (don't get me started on the blowing dirt/sand) then I have to listen to the music they have blaring.
I can listen to almost any music and even enjoy most of it, but I draw the line at Country. What would they be playing? Of fucking course!!! A couple
more days of that and I will have to go over and fuck up their shit speak to them about some sort of compromise about the radio station. Either that or get a stereo louder than theirs. sigh

Knitting progress has been great though. Kyle's sweater is almost done (poor boy looks like a deer caught in the headlights) and I've almost completed the 1st border chart around the Tina Shawl. The yarn came to continue Fiona's TSS and I am working on another Top Secret project for Jenna. I will continue to take pictures, but as they will be Extremely Useless, you'll mostly just have to take my word for it that I'm knitting.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Women vs Men

Prescod women are not afraid of colour.

Prescod men are.

The coloured bricks go all the way around our front walk. I love 'em! Kerwyn says that it's okay, it'll be gone with the next rain. lol

I think the rest of the sweater will go fairly quickly with the end in sight. An endless sea of black leaves little room for enthusiasm.

This is Amandas favourite tulip. She thinks that it looks like some paint was dripped on it. I'd have said blood, but I guess that's the difference between young & innocent and not.

I have been feeling like a big slug lately. In an attempt to re-energize, I went to a yoga class tonight. It felt uncomfortable at first - because flexibility & quiet meditation are among the weakest of my abilities - but by the end of Relaxation and Meditation I felt renewed and a certain sense of inner calm. Mission Impossible Accomplished. I will definitely go back next week.

To Do Tomorrow:

1. Call skunk killer trapper/remover.
2. Call hot tub repair guy. Cold, agitating water is not condusive to an atmosphere d'amour.
note to self - do #2 first!!!

Monday, May 1, 2006

Bad Blogger, Good Knitter

Well, the backyard is completely raked and I was able to seed 1/2 of it last weekend. I'm going to finish off the front yard today and finish seeding so that it's ready for the rain that we are supposed to get on Thursday. I want a lush green lawn this summer!

Kyle is modelling the back of his Blue Sky Cotton sweater - it looks skinnier than it is. I'm almost done the front and should be able to snap another pic once I knit the shoulders together. I am going to knit the sleeves from the top down so that they will fit perfectly (I swear that he's growing as I knit - I've adjusted the pattern twice to make it bigger) and so that I can more easily add length to them as will certainly be required. I have started in on the 2nd dyelot and I'm not sure that 4 (and a bit) balls will be enough for the sleeves and neckband so Megan had better get ready to send me a couple more skeins in yet another dyelot. I know, it's like I'm new here. I haven't said anything about it to Kyle and I'm kind of hoping that he won't notice.
I have also made visible progress on the Tina Shawl. Here is the center square, unblocked and blocked. Maybe I should say Abra-ca-dabra!!! because I am still filled with child-like wonder at the magic that blocking works on lace.

Amanda spent most of the weekend skipping & colouring with sidewalk chalk. Here is a cute one of her and Riley.