Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I’ll Blame the Cold

I felt the niggling in my throat last night , and even though I jumped straight in to the oil of oregano, I woke up with a for real sore throat, along with all of the other symptoms of The Dreaded Lurgy. 
I am in general a fan of the old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. I’ve managed to dodge the plague at work, but now that it has hit me, I’m hitting back with a heavy pound of curing!!
I continue with oil of oregano, Cold FX, Vitamin C. I am deliberately upping my water intake, and fortunately I had some beef soup the freezer. I added some tortellini to is as I don’t skimp on carbs when my body needs recovery fuel.
I was fortunate that Veronica could and did cover my afternoon shift so that I could come home and nap.Through a fortunate meeting today, tomorrow could well be an easy day as well. 

The Dreaded Lurgy settling upon me last night can be the only reason that I made the following error.

I have knit the cardigan so far without missing the return knit row that forms the purl bump on the Right Side. I totally missed it last night and now I’m fixing it one stitch at a time as I work this row across. Slow, but I’m my head it’s faster than ripping out and re-knitting.  

If I can manage to sort this one row out, I’ll be happy with my progress today. I’m definelty for bed early tonight!! 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Magical Butter

So Craig bought me a Magical Butter machine as a total surprise at Xmas. He said that the people down at THC were patient, made him feel at ease and answered all his questions. I am finally getting around to making my first batch of cannabutter in it.
It has fancy lights, which I’m not gonna lie - are totally cool!! It has it’s own cleaning mode, which was a nice bit of domestic engineering. 

I started using the edibles - I started with cookies, then have moved on to brownies as my go to - as a sleep aid. I can take a small amount an hour before bed and then just sleep. I rarely wake up during the Witching Hour (the usual time when I seem to wake up and be unable to get back to sleep). I wake up without the drugged feeling that traditional sleeping pills leave me with. For me, it’s an ideal solution.

I decarbed the herb, clarified the butter - which had about a 30% loss of volume!
I hadn’t accounted for quite that much, so this batch will be a bit stronger by virtue of using only 3.5 cups of clarified butter:1g of herb. I also sent Craig on a mission for sunflower lecithin. I’m really learning a lot more about the science behind making edibles!! The Tottenham Health Food store was awesome and I’ll definitely be giving them more of my business in the future. 
I baked my last batch of brownies with the old slow cooker butter, but I’m excited to try the new butter and compare the results.

I have had a thoroughly relaxing day - and I definitely needed it!! I close tomorrow, so I even get like another  1/2 day off :) 
I noticed several errors in the ribbing on my Veronika Cardi.

Nope, not ripping back. I’m just going to go forward, try not to make any more goofy mistakes, and not beat myself up for the mistakes currently on file.

Saturday, February 24, 2018


Well, it wasn’t quite the day that I had planned.

The kids were supposed to come up, I’d meet Mahsa and Amin,  have dinner and we were going to do the gender reveal with a DQ Cake. Poor little Amin and big Kyle are laid a bit low with some of the flu/cold going around, so that was cancelled. I put the lasagna in the freeer and  Craig was not disappointed to not have to share the pulled pork. 

This cake is a work of unrevealed art, which will keep in the freezer until next weekend when were are planning a do-over.
The ladies at work who are in on the secret have done an excellent job of not letting the cat out of the bag; they’ll have to keep stumm a few days longer!
After that, it was just a succession of annoying and disappointing bits that conspired to fuck with my day. 
But the laundry got done and we met up with my Poke-buddy Jess for Community Day. Most definitely successful and we had a great time!!
One of the shiny Dratinis became a green Dragonite (which I have renamed Puff), and I have a nice little herd of normal Dragonites. I am now Mother of Dragons!!

Tonight Craig and I feasted on the pulled pork and a glass of wine is making the wait between the 4-man bobsled runs more bearable. We are cheering on all of the Canadian sleds, but especially the Poloniato crew, of which my cousin Josh Kirkpatrick is a member! 

I need to find my fluting an d knitting mojo - these things have fallen a bit by the wayside over the last couple weeks. I have tomorrow off as well, and as today was Errand Day, tomorrow will be my Rest & Wellness Day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Veronika Cardigan

Wow, it’s really been a while since I’ve blogged!!

I have some mixed feelings about blogging. I can’t control who reads it, unlike FB and IG where I have some control over my posts. Knowing that the audience is open sometimes gets into my head and I overthink what I want to share, so then I just don’t. I don’t like that feeling, so I’m going to a more concerted effort to blog, even if it’s not about knitting - for various reasons.

But today, I share with you my progress on my Veronika Cardigan  It is for me, for wearing to the Frolic. Everyone in the Needle Emporium booth will be sporting a version of the cardigan. It is also my Olympic inputting project, but is not likely to see my getting a gold. I am woefully behind.

I am pleased with how the skeins are blending, I am knitting with two skeins at a time, alternating every tow rows. This project is perfect mindless knitting - and given my mental exhaustion lately, is just what I need.

Work has been a whirlwind this month!! We’re celebrating our 1st anniversary with a month of 1/2 price offers. It’s been a lot of work for everyone, but you have to blow it out on your first year!!
I come home tired, but it’s the tired of a job well done and I look forward to each next day. What more can you ask of a secular job? 

I am so excited for this weekend!! 
Kyle and Amanda are coming up with Kyle’s gf Mahsa and her son. We are going to eat well (I’ve started on a lasagna tonight and we’ll have a pulled pork roast that Craig & I smoked this past summer), and cut into a gender reveal cake! YES!!! Imma be a Nana!!! I can’t wait to find out what my wee Bean is going to be so I can start my knitting accordingly. I’m really not good at “neutral”. Don’t worry - y’all’ll by the very next to know!!

I hesitate to say it, but I am happy. Nothing is perfect, but I am content with my life and I look forward to the challenges of each next day.