Thursday, August 21, 2008

Knit One Below

Okay, I didn't go to TNNA but I know someone who did. Elise Duvekot was at the XRX booth with samples from her upcoming book. I've had to keep the projects under wraps for a long time, sharing only the mostly fuzzy and useless of pictures. Now I can reveal the poster that XRX had (in gigantic form) in their booth, previewing some of the projects in the book.

Are you ready for this?!?
Read this document on Scribd: knit one below TNNA poster

I know that I'm only a teensy bit biased, but isn't it gorgeous!??! I knit that block sweater!!! Also the sweater that you only see the sleeves of (it's actually inside out in the picture - still looks amazing!) and the little orangey square at the bottom is from a silk camisole.
The book is listed on with a preview cover that may or may not be the final cover. I am so excited for this book to hit the streets - a fascinating technique supported by clever and inspiring designs.

Update: Elise is at Stitches Midwest and will be in the XRX booth with the garments from the book and demonstrating the technique.

And - the cover has been finalized!
Read this document on Scribd: knit one below cover
I swear - I am getting all verklempt!!

If you're going to Stitched Midwest, please stop by the booth and say "hey" to Elise for me. She moved back to Holland a few weeks ago and though we've talked on the phone I really miss her.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stitch 'n Pitch '08

That's where Amanda & I will hanging out with Joan, Cindy, Carole, Jocelyn, Bev and a whole whack of other knitters who may or may not be baseball enthusiasts. I haven't entirely decided on my project(s), but there is no shortage of contenders. Here are a few pics from last year - will you be there tonight?