Sunday, December 6, 2009

Watching TAR with Wannietta - The Finale

So it all comes down to this - the safe money is on Meghan & Cheyne based on their performance over the whole race, but I'm backing Brian & Ericka; I think that they want it a lot.

So it's off to the Grace Land Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas for their next clue.
Meghan & Cheyne are out in the lead at 11:10 AM.
Sam & Dan are next at 12:08 PM followed by Team Zebra at 3:15 PM.
Once again the airport is the big equalizer - all of the teams are going to all be on the same flight.
Of course it wasn't your fault Sam & Dan - the cabbie asked you for more money for the privilege of dumping his fare.
The big cabbie race is on from the airport to the chapel.
What is up with the bride in black shoes with the white dress?!?
They all arrive at the same time, listen to Elvis finish his corny version of Amazing Grace then the cabbie race to the Mandalay Bay Hotel.
Brian & Ericka arrive 1st and Erika is going to do the 600' rappel down the face of the building. Good thing - Brian is terrified of heights!!
Ericka is talking the talk about being fearless - we'll see what happens when she goes over the side.
Meghan & Cheyne arrive next and Cheyne is going to do the deed.
Sam & Dan's cabbie is going the wrong way into the entrance of the hotel.

Ericka is totally doing it but I think that it would go faster if she had her legs straighter.
Cheyne is over the side and Sam & Dan have arrived.
Cheyne is going down with his eyes closed.
Ericka is Down and they're off to the Mirage.
Cheyne is halfway down and glad he's wearing a helmet as his head goes off the side of the building.
Sam is rocking it out and catching up fast!!
Cheyne is Down and opened his eyes.
Brian & Ericka have arrived at the Mirage and need to join the cast of Love. One person needs to sproing the other one up from a bungee harness to capture a bouquet of flowers in order to move on.
That was lame Brian - she needs more force than that!!
Ericka is projecting her frustrations onto Brian and ordering him to settle down.
Cheyne is bouncing with Meghan!! OMG
Oh snap - both girls almost had it! Meghan just got a piece of hers!
Ericka is losing it and demanding that her & Brian switch and she's telling Brian not to get her pissed off. I think that train has left the station.
Meghan & Cheyne are off to find the Monte Carlo.
Poor Dan is getting his balls squished, but has his bouquet.
It's more about using your momentum in the harness than being tall.
Ericka is losing it - she can't get the hang of it and is sprawling herself all around rather than compacting herself and springing up to the target.

Meghan & Cheyne don't have the right destination casino & Sam & Dan are following it.
Sam & Dan called someone and they're off to the Monte Carlo and are trying to not let Meghan & Cheyne see them peel off.
Meghan & Cheyne may be headed off to the Venetian.
Brian & Ericka are finally done & headed to the Monte Carlo.
Sam & Dan are at the Monte Carlo and need to count out $1,000,000 of chips.
Meghan & Cheyne are at the Venetian and are seeking 2nd & 3rd opinions and are now off to the Monte Carlo.

Sam & Dan are arguing about the best way to sort and count out the chips.
Brian & Ericka have arrived and started counting.
Sam & Dan are at $300,000
Meghan & Cheyne have arrived.
It's just a mass of chips clinking and teams encouraging each other to go faster.
Sam is a freakin' mess, but Dan is handing over chips. If they don't have the total right Sam is going to go apeshit on Dan.
Brian & Ericka think that they are done.
Meghan & Cheyne too.
Meghan & Cheyne are correct - Sam & Dan and Brian & Ericka ... not so much.
They are off to the MGM Grand high roller suite where Mr. Las Vegas will tell them where the finish line is.
I'd be totally letting Kerwyn be in charge of counting.
Sam & Dan are correct.
Brian & Ericka are wrong again and Ericka (no surprise) is falling apart.
Meghan & Cheyne are at the MGM and they are off to find Wayne Newton's house.
Sam & Dan aren't far behind.
Meghan & Cheyne are having a hard time finding the main entrance to Wayne's ranch.
But they totally did it!!!

#1 - Meghan & Cheyne - no one else matters tonight.

Just for fun - Sam & Dan are the 2nd place team. They didn't show how much longer it took Brian & Ericka or the ragging that she must have done on him.

It was a great race - thanks for watching it with me!!!