Thursday, November 30, 2006

What'cha doin' Saturday?

I had decided that Saturday would be a great day to go to The Needle Emporium because there is a lot of new stuff that I need to see sniff feel. So I called Julie up to let her know that if she hadn't mailed out my next project to save herself a couple of bucks & I'd pick it up. She asked if I was just coming to hang out or if I wanted to work. I must have repeated this out loud because the very next instant Amanda was squealing, "Working at Julie's?!? Yes, yes yes!! PLEASE?!!!"
Julie & I were kinda stunned at how exciting it is to
work at her store. I mean I really enjoy it but I don't jump up and down and squeal. Maybe I should. Amanda is also really excited to see Roko - nobody loves a puppy more than a little girl.

So if you're going to be in the Ancaster area swing
on by and say 'hey'.

I did the Wild Thing at the arena last night during public skating & several times in the bus.
I just can't get enough of it!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How Balmy is it?

It was so balmy in Ontario today that it felt downright tropical. Like Hawaii I'd say. I finished them on Monday night so Amanda helped me wind my Wild Thing into balls so that I could start them right away Tuesday morning. Well, I'm working both fronts of Debra's jacket at the same time so it's a bit tangly for travel work and I'm swatching for Elise's vest, which is a bit fiddly, so I need something nice and simple like a sock. I'm really into it. The yarn is so much fun - the colours are perfectly brilliant and rich and the thick/thin texture adds interest without being a distraction. I am purling sections of yarn where the colour is a nearly solid burgundy or cream. Thanks again Bill - this is wonderful! I totally have the Wild Things songs by The Troggs & Tone Loc in my head.
Can someone tell me how to put an actual song on my blog? All my Googling is getting me nowhere fast. TIA

Kyle has been harassing me & I finally caved and got a Photoshop 7 for me him. So maybe if I find the time I'll have some interesting pictures!! Nix that - I'll have to make the time. You can't just go to the cupboard or store and find time - you have to just do it. PS for Dummies - here I come!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Magician of Sorts

Watch carefully as I knit. Keep your eyes on my hands but don't take your eyes off of the yarn & the needles. Watch the fabric coming off of the needles. Don't be lulled by the gentle clicking of the needles or the rhythm of the wrap. OMG!!! Did you see that? Don't worry - I didn't either.
42 rows later I bothered to count. 65.
Hmmmm ... isn't that supposed to be 66? Pro'bly just missed one; count it again as I knit the next row. No, definitely 65. ffs This fabric does not lend itself to finding a dropped stitch. Take the fabric off of the needles and pull, tug and distort the fabric, hoping that the missing stitch will make it's appearance, oh I dunno, like 2 rows down. No such luck. Yes, that is that finger poking through the hole made by the offending stitch 42 rows down. Abracadabra!!! 42 rows magically gone. Presto-chango!! Where once there was fabric now there is none.

That was Sunday night. I spent yesterday making the rows reappear. And yes, I was obsessive about counting to 66. With such renewed enthusiasm I managed to finish the back and get started on the fronts. All is adequate.

I went by Elann yesterday & looky what I saw!!! Lacy Riverine - isn't it lovely? The Super Kydd was really nice to work with.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part IXI

No Phil, I don't think that Lyn & Karlyn can survive on their own; time will tell.
You wrote a paper in college on Morocco?
Well, the Barbies are all set then!
If Rob had been trained on an ancient standard bus
then he'd have no problem at all finding a freakin' gear in a bitty little car.
I'm all for a positive attitude but the 'Bamas are bordering on arrogance.
HAHAHA!!! "I said the flight is closed."
AW man!!!! AR is messing with my head! Everyone is all caught up.
Cool - 'Bama in the #1 spot.
Oh ho ho - a YIELD.
This should be good!!!

"What goes around comes around." Well, let's see who's got a little some'in'-some'in' comin'!!
Oh yeah, the Barbies have got to know that one of the other teams is going to yield them!
One word for Dustin & Kandace - karma.
I just can't believe that James & Tyler didn't yield the Barbies. Nice guys finish last dudes. So much for all of your talk about being in the final 3 without the Barbies. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.
Gladiatorial ride-off - cool!
Yeah - victorious in battle. You grabbed a frelling flag!
The chariot is driven right under the flag. Maybe it's just my most excellent armchair athlete status, but it doesn't seem so difficult.
Again with Rob, Kim & the sucky car.

Throwin' - sounds sexy, like in Ghost.
Maybe not with everyone watching.
Is anyone else getting annoyed with hearing the Blondes calling 'Bama "the sistahs"? I mean, I know every team has a nickname for the other teams but it just comes off sounding very disrespectful.
You hate them & you can't trust them but you didn't yield them. Whatever Rob.
OOPS - went way past it. Maybe Rob & Kim can beat them! Yes please!!!!
They got there so freakin' fast because you drove past it.

Yup, what goes around comes around. I love it baby!!

Poor Barbies.
I'm tellin' ya - the people in these countries must just about kill themselves laughing at these Americans coming over and doing all of their shit labour!
LOL - "He oughta be places where people can find him!"

I hope that 'Bama remembered their good luck charm.
Freakin' right!
AWWW man!!! Non elimination - they just won't go away!!

Next week looks great!! Same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.

Pass the Bucket

For Chicknits - a Bucket Trio.

And they keep a low profile but my contact assures me that they are real.
Their rep even has the homeboys talkin'. And these guys don't look like the types to play "good cop, bad cop" with you; they all look like the bad one.

It really is Roast Insurance. Ada picked up a PC Digital Cooking Thermometer for me (they sell out fast) and it's awesome!!! My roasts tend to be a bit dry because I don't like them even a bit pink so I cook them long enough to guarantee it. Hey, that's what the gravy's for - moisture reinforcement. This rib roast was absolutely perfectly well done and wonderfully moist. Imagine angelic harp music. Worth every penny of the $14.99 (plus tax).

Friday, November 24, 2006

Interpreting the Sign

What do you think of when you read this sign?

I thought, "I guess some men could use those but it sounds more medical than horticultural." Then I thought a bit more about it and realized that they were probably referring to Christmas ornaments.

Sometimes we're lucky and sometimes we're not.
Last week a man drove his car down the street, careening off of another car, taking out signposts down a long block and ending in a crumpled heap. Apparently he suffered a medical failure (details unknown) and that and/or the accident caused his death. It was incredible that the car didn't end up in a house/store, in oncoming traffic or down the sidewalk. It's undescribably fortunate that school hadn't let out yet and that on such a beautiful day that no pedestrians were struck. My heart goes out to his family but as tragic as the incident was it doesn't strike a personal chord.
Yesterday an 82 year old man was struck and killed by a vehicle making a left-hand turn. No less tragic but I found out tonight that it was Eric's father-in-law. Eric is my massage therapist. This incident touches me personally and though I never met him, I am really saddened.
I don't think that I have a point or if you find one that it means anything. I just felt compelled to share this, thanks for listening.

I'm finishing up some bucket hats for Chicknits so that I can post them first thing tomorrow.
Except for a trip to a walk-in clinic for some 'script refills I have nothing planned for this weekend except knitting. Large doses of meditative stitch making.
The Loremistress made me fill out another quiz - tag, you're it!!

Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?

this quiz was made by Lori Fury

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pssst ...

Don't tell anyone else - this is a secret just between you & me. Bonne is distracted with publishing details & deadlines so I'm going to show you a bit of the 2nd sweater that I sent off to her. The first one had real secret yarn but I think that I edited this one sufficiently to disguise it. I must say that this yarn was a real pleasure to work with & I'm proud to say that it's Canadian!! That's the teaser - you'll have to wait for the pattern release to get the specifics. Here's the Scoop that I can give you.This has distracted me waayyy too much! I dare you to try it & then just stop. I'm determined to beat Level 19. I keep telling myself that it's time well spent ... it's a contest and I'm just padding my ballot count. Barista - keep that coffee comin'!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

What's in a Name?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Juliet - Romeo & Juliet

Okay, but a name brings to mind associations - good, bad & indifferent - and can make us desire one thing over another. If you had to choose between "light pink" and "cotton candy pink" which would you choose? Exactly. Same colour but the name matters.
So, while I really think that Stock
is a fine company I have found a way to like it better. Perhaps they will adopt this change and the chronic driver shortage will be rectified!!!
Yes, as a matter of fact this is the 2nd Lacy Scallop sock. I am highly motivated to get it done with finish it - I really want to get into the Sock Hop yarn. Not that I mind multiple projects, but I limit myself to 1 pair of socks at a time. It's a challenge but I've managed to stick to it.

I sent of the 2nd Chicknit project last week & I started on Debra's sweater. Debra I suck. But now that I'm underway we should see some very real progress!!
I was going to just finish it for Debra - sew in ends, finish the top of one sleeve & assemble it. Then I noticed (after doing in all the ends, of course) that her gauge was significantly looser than called for. So I was going to just take it all out & re-knit it. Just. Except for that the ripping out proved to be some sort of mental road block that I have recently managed to hurdle.

It was so cold today - I think that it might be here to stay.
Here's a taste of summer; hopefully it will get us through a few cold times!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part X

My bad blogging!! This week will be better - promise honest. Now, on with the show.

If there is a god of television and if he is just and good, the Beauty Queens will be eliminated next.
Russian made cars; doesn't sound encouraging.
"Angel dive"
That sounds a lot nice than a forward-facing repel. Who would you sue for false advertising?
Poor Godwin ... Erwin did more of a slump th
an a repel. Way to go guys - that was a seriously tough challenge.
BWA-Ha-ha!!! All tied up at the airport. AR always does that. Not totally fair but makes for good TV.
That's some voo-doo
those blondes got going on!! "Planes get delayed."
I was really liking 'Bama but I don't like the Mr. Hyde developments I've been seeing. Ditching the Cho bros then using them when it suits them. Shame!!

Taking command - totally my kinda challenge.
Driving a tank would really rock!!
James wishes that he was driving like a girl, considering that a girl is beating him.
I really wish that people would stop saying "KEEv". I mean, haven't they ever even heard of Chicken KEE-ev?
I'm sure that having you in the tank with Kim would be a good idea. Right?
Is someone trying to bomb them while they're in those tanks?
And again the Cho's are waiting.
Sure, 'Bama says that they weren't expecting them to wait but I'm sure that there would have been words said if they hadn't.

Yeah, it's annoying having someone else know where to go & how to get there and let you follow them.
I do feel a bit bad for Rob & Kim - they seem to have more than their share of bad luck with cars.

Me and my tin ear would be better off finding music.
Russia's leading rapper - Vanilla Iceski.
Yeah, rappers are always shown with their hands in their pants.
It's getting almost comical with the stopping & asking for directions.
The Cho bros are certainly breaking that stereotype.
I'm sure that it's fine with you not working with them anymore Lynn ... until you need their help.

Tyler & James need a rubber finger to help them flip through those pages.
"... run their own race."? You've followed them 'til now!
Kim & Rob - that was the lamest rap ever.
(I can safely say that as I cannot imagine a circumstance under which I would rap).
'Bama's in the house!!
Way t' bust those moves ladies!
The Cho's cut a fine figure in those tuxes.

Oh NO!!! I'm happy for Lynn & Karlyn but I'm so very disappointed for Erwin & Godwin. They ran such a great race and really stayed true to themselves.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part IX

MMMMM - coffee. Liquid brown elixir of Life.
Yeah, ok. If by sweat you mean glistening, and by cry you mean misty-eyed, crocodile tears, and by fight you mean a clawing cat-fight - sure you sweat, cry and fight.
Don't think that the Barbies won't strike first - you just might not see it coming until the knife is in your back.
You never know with air flight - just because they don't take off with you doesn't mean that they won't beat you there.
Surprise everybody? Maybe shock
and anger would be more apt descriptions 'Bama mamas!!
How could anybody do this much travelling without knitting?
OMG - what sweet little 'Bama babies!!!
It's a race Rob;
I'm sure that you don't need to remind Kim that she needs to hurry.
I've never been on a train before. I've been thinking that I might go somewhere with Amanda this summer on the train.
I'm not for cutting lines like that but damn!! You GO 'Bama!!!

No worries Cho bros - you'll get yours.
I'm from Canada dude - gimme the skis!!

Wrong school - awwwww, shame.
That's just nasty!! Amanda would love it though!!!
Why not - it's not like it's your car. Whaddaya care if you're muddy?
That was an awesome part of the race!!

If by "moment" you mean "hissy fit" then we're both speaking English.
"Crafty little girls" "Stinkin' boys" I think that they like each other!

Well Cho bros, I guess you know where it stands now that push is coming to shove. Don't change your style but don't count on any more significant help.
Yup, the uphill is the killer
- especially after working your legs through all of that mud.
Rob's lost again ... not frickin' surprised.

Of course you'll do it Rob.
Of course you'd like the 'Bama girls to leave - they worry you.
C'mon Karlyn - just keep putting one foot in front of the other.
Awwww. Poor Rob - on even footing with 2 other teams again.
I don't think that u2 Barbies should be giving out driving advice.
Can't you just repel down? In the traditional backwards position?
Rob the Maniac Driver - who'da thunk it? I'm sensing some road rage.

Awww man - a cliffhanger episode!!