Friday, August 7, 2015

Whatta Thursday

Nice easy pre-op physical - I'm relatively fit and totally hot. not going to argue with a professional ;)
Dropped of some stuff by Amanda, who is making her way, slowly and on her own terms, but she is doing it and learning a lot.
Then a lovely drive out to The Needle Emporium. I miss seeing Julie, touching the yarns and seeing the colours in all their glory!! I spent a lovely afternoon knitting, chatting and picking out all sorts.

I'm made marked progress on the Secret Project, but have had to go back a bit, (silly mistake), but I'm back on track now.

The Manos del Uruguay Alegria that I had purchased on the last couple of yarn crawls had been whispering to me. After going through Julie's stock of Alegria, I knew I had to answer its siren song.

Yup - Sweetspot. I am very pleased and can't wait to do an Alegria Strip!!

A Namaste BYOB to make toting my Knitter's Pride set easier.

A couple of magazines that had projects I want to do.

A Mountain Colors Perspective gradient kit for a yet undecided cowl.

I was utterly smitten with this new colour Hummingbird in Satchel by Mrs Crosby. I set to finding a shawl pattern and after much fancying about in Ravelry, selected Chevry as the winner. Hollywood Cerise was selected as the companion colour, also after significant study. Crème Fraîche, Spicy Habanero, and Icebox Watermelon were all contenders.

I also picked up a project to work on after my surgery. I know, but I don't want to run out of something to do.

Stockinette, but shaping to keep me mindful.

On my way home yesterday my rear wheel bearing seized on the passenger side. Could've been a disaster on the 401, but fortunately I had control of my car, was near an exit and was able to ease into a garage. Active Green + Ross, while they were able to find a wheel drum that same evening and do the repair, fucked me hard on pricing.
But I am going to count the multiple of blessings that kept me safe and got me back home to my puppies, who held it long time!! *\o/* yeah for crate training!!!

Today I scored the remains sets in the BSG (new) series

for $30!! and found myself a new creative outlet. My teacher, who is also a friend and a knitter bonus, was impressed with my quick study and sent me home with an extra note (beyond the beginner three) to practice on. Clearly I'm a natural

The puppies weren't sure what was going on, but ignored it soon enough. (And yes, a seriously unflattering pic of my arm!) This will give me something to occupy my fingers & mind whilst on my convalesce. Not that knitting can't do it, but I am expanding my horizons.

Whew - it's been a busy couple of days, but I am feeling quite content within myself. This vacation came none too soon!

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