Thursday, August 13, 2015

Good Post

Post as in mail.

The great thing about only checking the post sporadically, is that when I get a good postal day, I sometimes get an excellent postal day!!

That's my Rowan 58 and membership gift. I'm saving this for post-op perusing.

My August Ipsy bag is the pink package. I was skeptical about this at first thing. I don't wear a lot of make up, and the first couple of months were kind of meh for me. But since then I have gotten so many lovely bits and bobs that I really use, I'm totally sold!! And if it's items that I don't use, Amanda usually will. I'll save it for stocking stuffers. Win-win!!

The last package is my Sugru! Awesome stuff, and if it does nothing more than extend the life of my iPhone cords, it's worth the investment.

The carrot cheesecake was a unanimous success!! Christina declared that, "it tastes like more", Shanyn vowed a hatred for me for putting such a thing before her, Tammy joked that she would lick the crumbs off of my face, (I don't really think that she was joking!!), and Teresa just hugged me. It *was* good. Definitely a new fave.

Almost no sleep last night; hoping for a significant improvement tonight!! Damn stimulants. It's a tiger by the tail, but I choose it over the pain. And shortly I'll be done with that too, so I can deal.

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