Saturday, February 28, 2015

Still About

I am still alive. And knitting.

It feels like I post so much on Facebook that the blog is redundant. But I don't like that feeling so I am going to be blogging more.

I've also felt like the weight of expectations are crushing me and I am stressed to the max. Work, family, and my health (or relative lack thereof) have me at a precarious brink. I have a couple of weeks holidays booked at the end of March and am trying to sort a getaway but it will likely end up an incommunicado staycation.

I have been knitting, else I'd undoubtedly be posting from a locked ward. do they allow cell phones? that might be an option for a nice quiet getaway. though I'd not likely be permitted my best knitting needles
I have knit the puppies blankets.

They were meant to be Xmas prezzies, but well, the puppies love them, and me, all the same.

I am working on an afghan for my new leather love seat. I finally got shot of the visibly well used sofa. it is still adequate structurally, but is in need of a slip cover. it's in temp storage for a future home. The new love seat reclines!! I know. I feel absolutely spoiled. The afghan is a simple old shale pattern and knit with Bernat Blanket.

I have a deep love for this yarn. It is decent chenille and though my rough hands catch on it relentlessly, I adore the cushiness of it.

I have also pulled out the Châtelaine Mystery X (no longer a mystery - lol!! It's now called Secret Victorian Garden.) and have rediscovered how much I love cross stitch. Especially with hand dyed cottons and silks. Mmmmmm I feel artistic when I cross stitch. Even though it's all charted, it's deeply satisfying to my soul. I have gotten much stitch in the last couple of days.

I wish that the metallic threads photographed better.
And there are beads to be placed in the empty squares. I can't sew them on until all of the stitching is completed as the would likely break under the embroidery hoop/frame. Best 'til last!!

The puppies are a constant joy. They have such distinct personalities and habits. Chica, though she is younger gets fed first because in the morning Petey requires a certain amount of attention and petting from me before he will eat. Even though/if he's slept with me that night, he won't even sniff his food until we've had our time.
And he's jealous. If Chica or Toby (Lee's dog) are getting any attention whatsoever, he's there like a shot, bossing them out of the way.
Chica is more aloof, though when she wants to play she will yip until she gets played with. She loves fetching her little ball; she knows to bring it to the blanket at my feet. Petey has no interest in "bring it"; he's quite content to lay at my feet.

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