Friday, August 28, 2015

Good Mail

So I saved up my Rowan 58 & the Fall IK and wow!!

First impressions - I could be very busy indeed!! The first 7 projects in the IK all appeal to me - it's a fantastic issue. I can't wait to go back (after a nap), read the patterns, knit in my head a bit, and read the articles.
As always, Rowan presents a lovely mix of patterns in a stunning format. One go-through is never enough.

I selected this Lima as my subscriber gift

and it will do the hat pictured and a pair of fingerless mitts. The picture is a bit dark, but it has a bit of lacy cabling I believe. I went with not blue, something s bit different to brighten up my fall accessories.

Earlier this week, I received these tools in the post.

They are for measuring feet/socks. Beautiful and functional. Megan from BurningImpressions2 even offered engraving at no cost!! Helen and I are just giddy, and I'll be making use of mine as the bending over to try on socks is uncomfortable at the mo.

Speaking of socks, I've been working away at the Stitch Surfers the last few days.

I'm very much enjoying the process and the result.

I had no cream this morning, so I set off to Tim's, (just one block away) at a slow mosey. That and a shower and I'm ready for a nap. I think I'm still feeling some effects from the anesthetic, but whatever, I'll be minding my body and taking it as easily as I need to. Though it's going to be a challenge - I'm not good at not doing much.

Helen went to the post office for me and what a lovely surprise!! Elise and I spoke last week, and she had mentioned that she was sending it, but this knitting belt is so much more brilliant in real life!!

Joan had found and gifted me with a traditional one years ago. I use them mostly for sock knitting; if I'm not wearing jeans, the knitting belt protects my t-shirt and my tummy!

There was also a surprise skein of Buffalo Skies DK; not sure what it will become, but I look forward to hearing what it whispers to me.

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