Friday, December 30, 2016

Great Week

It's been a productive knitting week!! 

I have finished a sock, started the 2nd one AND gotten through the increase sections of the Born Trippy scarf.
I also used the bread maker that Craig bought me for Xmas. It won't get used overmuch with just the two of us, but he was well impressed with the initial offering. 
Born Trippy has a section using just the MC, and I considered starting with it - that would have eliminated a few ends that are created in the increasing. I might still, but I'm going to need a scale (which is at mine) to track my usage of the MC. Having the solid MC section inside the scarf will also break up the length of the striped sections. There really is more to this than one would initially assume. I'm quite certain that I'm overthinking this ... I shall sleep on it and let
My subconscious be my guide. 

Craig and I are going to have a lovely evening in for New Years Eve. I had asked him if he had any plans or thoughts on what he'd like to do and he said no, we could do whatever I'd like. I just gave him that, "Really? You know what I wanna do" look, combined with a lopsided grin, and he picked up what I was putting down and said, "We can stay in and knit". He really is a keeper!! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What? More Yarn?!

It was off to Ancaster and The Needle Emporium today. Not quite a lovely day for the drive, but Craig was still happy to drive so that I could knit. 

Julie picked out these colours of Sock yarn for me to knit a Born Trippy scarf. "Put them (the minis) in a nice order", she says. Is there a not nice order in which to arrange these minis?!? So other than assigning numbers and rolling the dice, some sort of order needs to be ascertained. 
I think that we are going to go with a tonal arrangement. Yes. This pleases me. 
I bought a swift and ball winder to have at Craig's so that I don't have to pre-wind a lot of yarn for any given project so that I don't have to worry about not running out. And really, I have enough challenges traveling lightly without packing a swift and ball winder just in case. 
I don't have the energy tonight to unpack them, set it up, and wind the yarn, so I'll set to it tomorrow after work. 
I'm continuing on the Indie sock I started yesterday. I don't remember what yarn company this is from, so it's just Indie. It's coming along quite nicely! 
Amanda has made a request for one of those messy bun hats that are all the rage. I Googled them and found a Wooly Wormhead pattern that is free - the Tea-Cozy hat. Julie had Charlie on sale, as it met Amanda's request for black, so it was meant to be! 
I also couldn't resist some new, bright sock yarns! 25% off ... you know you'd've done at least the same. 
Ancaster also did not disappoint on the Pokémon front. Good hunting in general and a quality Ditto specifically. 

Sitting at home with Craig, watching Goliath, reflecting on what a lovely few days it's been. I'm feeling really quite lucky. 

Mama Needs a New Pair of Socks

So I totally finished Jennifer's Hitchhiker just in time! It was off the needles and blocking before bed last night and ready to wrap this morning. 
It was well received today. Jennifer knits so she appreciates the work that went into it and knows how to care for it. I didn't get a picture of her wearing it tonight, but I'm sure I will soon. 

I started a new sock tonight because it's easy to do whilst chatting up family.  

 It was a lovely evening, I got to know Craig's family better. Food and wine were enjoyed; I'll sleep well with a full belly tonight. 

Friday, December 23, 2016


Quick post - got some knitting time in at work the last couple of nights which is good since between sleep and errands, I'm not getting much done at home. I'm feeling better about being able to get this done in time now ... hopefully tonight will be a productive night as well. 
I love garter stitch - it's textured and flat and shows off all the beauty of a lovely yarn! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Off the Needles

Lemongrass is off the needles!! It doesn't look especially impressive yet, but that's nothing that a nice blocking can't sort out.  

It's shaping up to be just as busy a week at work this week, so it may take a few days, but I'll be able to drop it 'round to The Needle Emporium next week!

I've started on the the next Hitchhiker. I'm using frabjous fibers Cheshire Cat   again; this is Cats in the Coffee colourway. Not my colours, but it's about the recipient, and I'm enjoying the subtle colours variations that I love in hand-dyed yarns. 
 I think it's a humourously appropriate choice since Jennifer has all sorts of outdoor cats 'round their property. 

Craig and I went to see an exhibition game between the Toronto Rock and Buffalo Bandits on Saturday. 
 It was at the TRAC  so a casual atmosphere, but the playing was intense and not disappointing. 
The friends that we went with have seasons tickets, so I'm sure that we'll end up watching a game or two at the ACC before their season is out. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Grass is Growing

The Hondas are piling up at work and I've been putting in some long nights. Mostly I've been in the plants, so my knitting time has been rather meager, but last night I was back on the dock and the knitting was good!!  
I got the 2nd sleeve started, so hopefully tonight will be another dock night!
The puppies love the snow, but hesitate to jump in the deep end! 

Chica is adorable - she found this little stone before the snow came down. She noses/paws it off the edge of the loveseat, then fetches it and starts all over again. It's quite amusing. 

I need to start getting myself organized. The kids are coming for Xmas dinner next weekend, and I am going to cook all the things. Can't wait to have all my ❤️💖❤️ under the same roof, even if it's only for one night. 

Saturday, December 10, 2016


I finished the front of Lemongrass and I'm onto the back.  
Should be fairly quick as it's simple stockinette. 
Not a great picture, but I can't be bothered to move to lay it out. 

I've been struck by The Dreaded Lurgy. Not the worst one ever, but I'm feeling downright oogy. The puppies are good nursemaids. Not much on fetching tea, but they are great for long naps in bed. Petey has finally mastered jumping up on my bed!! He's a better snuggle buddy than Chica; she's still working her bitch streak, though she's mellowing out a bit.  

I finished my Flamingo Beach socks! They took almost three weeks, but they were done strictly at work; I was off one day and in the plant for 5, so basically two weeks of found knitting time! 
 Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I don't deliberately make my socks identical. I finish one and just start on the next one. I didn't change my strategy on this pair, so it is mere happenstance that they are as identical as one could hope, even if they had tried!! I love the colours and am deciding on the next pair. Though it may be another Hitchhiker instead.   
This one will be for Craig's mom; she knits too so will be especially appreciative of the effort put into it. 
We had quite the snowfall here yesterday! Barrie and Alliston weren't hit as hard, but we finished up with 60cm/24" of the fluffy white stuff!!
Lovely to look at though.