Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Few of my Favourite Things

Amanda & I had a most excellent time with Sandra & Larry from Artisan Knitworks. Sandra told me that they've got a new web master tapping away on a keyboard to get a more extensive & shoppable website up - keep checking back. They opened their home & store to us with flawless hospitality - I can think of nothing that would have made our time with them better or more memorable.
We took
the train down - perfect knitting time! It was our first train journey & it was quite fun. I might have to learn to pack lighter though. Nah!!

The ladies who came for the knit one below workshop all went away with Inside Outside Scarves started and/or mastered, a gleam of the endless possibilities open to them sparkling in their eyes & Elise's book in hand, favourite designs marked. Amanda was amazing - I was an excellent teacher but a wretched mother. That little girl sat quietly, starting and frogging her own scarf while I smiled at her and went on to the next student. We had our time later while we watched Prince Caspian and she's well into her 1st K1b scarf.

Yes, I bought some yarn but there is no possible way to go into that store & come out without a treasure or two or more. I'll take some pics of the yarn tomorrow. I also bought some lovely felted mittens for all of the ladies at the office. I know, a bit of a short cut but they were handmade by someone and Amanda personally put a lot of thought into picking them all out. I'll take pictures of those tomorrow too.

It was wonderful to come home though. Back where there is real 18% cream for my coffee, where the speed limits are in kph, where the money is easily identifiable and where my heart is! But you have to go away to be able to come back & I'd go visit Sandra & Larry again any day - I highly recommend it if you're in the area!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Same Old, Same Old

Thankfully I had the foresight (and banked hours) to take Friday off. It was brutal, and they called the high school buses in early so that the elementray runs wouldn't be late. Craziness!

I am still working hard on a new original design (nope, no hints), as well as a few other projects for Julie, Cindy's mom & Amanda. A slow cooker pot of hot buttered rum and next week off should help to that end.

Amanda & I are heading down to Artisan Knitworks on Boxing day for the weekend. Amanda is so excited - a train ride & getting to go to
Eagle; getting her passport was a special bonus! There will be some speed knitting & Knit one Belowing ... call the store for details & come join us if you're from/in the area.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I'm really not a podcast listener - I'm more about music if I'm in the car and at the office - there's no way that I could follow a podcast in the chaos that is my work day - and I'm a hard core TV addict at home. I do subscribe to a couple of feeds, but I mostly check out the topics then delete them a week later without even listening. Then this morning Webs Ready, Set, Knit podcast 109 popped up in my Google Reader and what did I see?? Elise Duvekot is being interviewed!!! OMG - it is so good to hear her voice again; I've really missed her. Have a listen, she's got a great speaking voice.

Do you have a favourite podcast? Why do you like it?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Watching TAR with Wannietta - The Finale

Nick & Starr are totally the favourites going into this finale, Ken & Tina stand a chance if Tina can reign in her not-so-inner bitch and the Frat Boys, well, they've made it this far so there's always a Snow Flake 2 snowball's Snow Flake 5 chance in hell that they can win it.

Back to the good old US of A!
Team D'Andrew's luck holds true - the only airport cabbie who doesn't know where Newberg is.
High & Dry or Low & Wet
High & Dry seems the better choice - at least your in a harness in case you fall.
Low & Wet sounds ... well, wet.
Geez Tina!! You might have wanted to mention/remind Ken of the scared of heights thing when you were picking out the task.
C'mon Tina - suck it up, finish the task and then an expert will help you get the helmet off.
Frat Boys should choose a cabbie with a text-to-speech GPS.
Ken knows that you're scared of heights but we know that you've got a mouth and aren't afraid to let your opinions be made known. Why didn't you go for the Low & Wet?

Starr's done Tina - you're in 2nd place.
The cab driver can be the make it or break it.
I'm almost feeling sad for Tina - another serious height task.
I would totally suck at these memory tests. I'm just a simple, live in the moment kinda gal.
Ken & Tina are rockin' this game of concentration thing out!
I love it when Ken is right!!
Yeah, I guess that that glance backwards was you not paying any attention to them, eh Tina?

The Portland Building ... sounds like something that a cabbie should know.
I wonder how fast Team D'Andrew will be able to burn through the memory game?
Dueling cabbies!
Nick & Starr get lucky again!
I wonder if they'll have enough time/money to grab a snack at the Russian shack.
And Ken is right again - in your face Tina!
I feel a bit bad wishing against Ken & Tina just because of Tina.
You guys just got out of 2 legs of the race in Russia & you don't remember what the flag looks like Nick?!
Starr just lost all of the Italian sympathies.
They got lucky shouting out "Magic in the Hole? Can anyone tell us where the Magic in the Hole is?" I mean, there are a lot of places where asking for that in the street would get you into some trouble.
Ken & Tina got even more lucky that that other lady overheard and is still there.
Yeah Tina - your partner in the race (and life) is trying to slow you up.
I couldn't even understand a word that Nick said he was reading so fast.
Ken & his
Whistle could save the day!

You're back in the States - people don't just give up their cabs.
"This is the last time that I'm gonna run in my whole life". Ken is funny!!
Who is it???!!!
Of course - Nick & Starr!
I wonder how far behind Ken & Tina are ... and how long they'll have to wait for Team D'Andrew to show up.
Ken & Tina left it in God's hands - I wonder how they'll take a 2nd place finish?
Besides, Mom & Dad should be happy for their race children.
Ken is such a sweet heart - Tina doesn't know how good she has it.
Well, at least it wasn't dark when they rolled up.
Where are Dallas & Tina? OMG - what if they're still in Russia because they couldn't find their passports?!?
Scared 2

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Swatching Heaven

I've been swatching & knitting on a design of my own the last couple of months. I can't share the swatches but I will show you some of the yarns that I'm working with. I just knew that there was a reason why I have been collecting so many wonderful indie-dyed yarns!
Tempted Yarns, Dashing Dachs & Lorna's Laces are just a where I've started, I've got a few more to swatch up and source then get going hard core on the project.

I ventured out early on a frigid Saturday morning to pick up a package at
the post office only because I was certain that it was my 2nd Wollmeise sock club shipment. And it was!!! I love the Yarnissima pattern and can't wait to get started on it (yeah, any day now ) with the Jultomte colourway. Amanda got busy straight away knitting up the tiny ball of yarn to see what's in the centre. (it's a stitch marker) She's knitting a super-skinny scarf - I've got a couple more sample skeins of the worsted weight Wollmeise so that Amanda can make it a usable length.
Isn't she cute - and she knits like me with her RH needle anchored in her hip!!!