Tuesday, August 11, 2015

This 'n That

O. M. G. My entire blog post just flashed before my eyes!! The upload suddenly stopped and my phone went to the home screen. A big PHEW for auto backups and me finding them in the settings.

Did errands today. Went to PetSmart for dog food, and as always got distracted. I feel so badly for the puppies eating the same food all the time, so I have fun choosing nice treats for them. Today I bought more of the freeze dried veg and fruit, as well as some soft salmon flavoured bites.
As well I bought a new ball for Chica as I left her other one at my dads. She's been a bit lost lately; I know she was looking for it. It took her a little while, but she's taken to it with a fervour!!

I also did laundry. Sigh. Yup, I needed to think ahead to Thursday & Friday and having something to wear to work. Even if it *is* only for two days, I'd like to be not at my worst.
This was my office while that was happening.

M&M tubes are ideal for holding quarters. Now you know.

I had seen a recipe for carrot cheesecake last week and I've been jonesing for it hard! So, because I would actually eat it all if I made it and there was no one else to lend a helping mouth, I came up with a plan. I'm making it just in time to take it to work for Thursday where there will be no shortage of willing friends who will save me from death by cheesecake!!
I made the cake part today; tomorrow will be the cheesecake.

It smells delish, and looks like it should look, so I'm feeling good about this.

I finally got around to buying a music stand.

The Hock Shop across the road from me had a "heavy duty" model in stock. It has a sturdier base, (excellent for holding up around playful puppies), a wider base on the holder, (the better for pens and needles whilst still holding the pattern du hour), and lovely spring-loaded and twisty arms for holding the pattern pages down. I guess it would do just as well holding actual music sheets as well. LOL!!
This frees up the space beside me on the loveseat for the project itself. or a person I guess. not too many visitors Chez Kirkpatick. Petey tucks in to my left. Tight squeeze, but he likes it and I've acquiesced this much; I am not giving him a whole cushion!!

That's you caught up with me.

Until tomorrow, I leave you with a poem from someone I follow on Instagram. warning - a bit of strong language NSFW It resonated with me.

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- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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