Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'm still here ...

I won't tire you with excuses for my absence, but I haven't been sitting idle eating bon bons.

I have the body of Amanda's Stop & Go sweater done. I will not have enough yarn to make 2 long sleeves so I will use 1/2 of what I have for each one and that is the length that they will be. She is not entirely pleased, but I have pointed out that 3/4 sleeves are tres vogue right

The Cropped Vero sweater is flowing off of the needles with a
life of its own. The sleeves are a k1, p1 rib with a k2 tossed in. I don't know as how it's worth the effort - it hardly makes a difference on the RS of the fabric. Ah well.

I finished the vest for Elise & I'm going to start on a 2nd version with more masculine colours. It's going to be wonderful!! She also gave me this yarn to work into a shawl/scarf.
The slightly temperamental nature of these yarns is worth working through for the stunning results. I probably won't have any progress pictures as the construction & shape of the project are simple and yet quite unique. (As soon as I have any details to share about this book you will be the fist to know!)

I'm starting on the 1st sweater for Kristi - it's stockinette so there's not much to see, but I'll try to get a picture up this week.

Kyle is sick. I feel a bit bad for him but he better just keep his icky germs to himself.
Amanda is having a great time - Kerwyn is taking her to all sorts of public skates, many of them sponsored by Tim Hortons. When we lived in Milton it just wasn't worth saving the $7 for a family to go to these sponsored skates - the arenas were so packed it was more like milling about than skating. I swear, skating is such a cheap entertainment it astounds me that so many more people come out when it's free. It wasn't nearly so crowded at the arenas up here and she was given a free Tim Hortons tuque.

Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm Down Like That!

I told Kerwyn that this would happen - the jive talk has finally rubbed off onto me!! Word.
FYI Kyle - I am cool like that. FoShizzle.
Go Gizoogle for yourself.

Thanks Julia - that's the best laugh that I've had in a long time dog!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ma Belle Gymnaste

And while she's balancing, cartwheeling & tumbling I'm knitting away.
Debra's jacket is done. The yarn is Schachenmayr's Lusso. Interesting stuff. I believe that it's an older yarn, no longer available, but if you can get it on sale it's worth it. Oh yeah - ignore the fancy safety pin "buttons". I've marked out the exact button positions for Debra as I didn't have buttons to put on. I think that picking out buttons after finishing is the best way. You can make a buttonhole that suits the trim & yarn and then find a button that complements the yarn & style of the garment and that will fit perfectly.

The Naturally Vero (col#11) sweater is coming along.
This is a super soft single ply with a long colour change - à la Noro. It's feels wonderful sliding through my fingers and around the needles but I have to pay a bit more than the usual attention as it splits easily, but it's pros outweigh this con. The woven rib/seed stitch pattern is involved but once you get the hang of it you can work without being tied to the pattern. Note to Naturally: A graph would have been nice. The colours are really nice.
Amanda's Stop & Go is going! She wants it a bit longer than the pattern & I think that I'll have enough yarn to do that. She is more optimistic about its completion. Good Mom award here I come! SmileyCentral.com

I'm still waiting on the one colour to finish Elise's vest, but she's sent me more colours to do up another one so I'll swatch that out. The yarn is slightly lighter in weight so we may have to tweak the pattern.
Chic Knits. See the sweater in the top right-hand corner? Yup, I knit that!! It's wonderful yarn to work with & the variegation works out in a pleasing manner. I don't think that I knew the name of the company that produced it - I'm sure that Bonne will let us know.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stop & Go

That's what I've been doing the last few days - starting this, stopping that, starting here, stopping there. I've finally stopped for long enough to catch you all up!

Elise's vest is almost done - I ran out of a colour 16 rows before the end of the back. We were 1 skein short on this colour so kind of anticipated this but still were hopeful tha
t it would have been just enough. No worries - it's on the way and then a couple of hours later it will be done.
Debra's sweater is moving along very quickly. I'm almost done the 2nd sleeve; the 1st one is already attached. I seamed it with a crocheted slip stitch - the stitches are impossible to see and this is a fast, efficient way to seam fluffy yarns. I'll get one of the kids to take a picture tonight.

I started a little sweater for Amanda out of Brazilia's Stop & Go. She has been whining at harassing reminding me that I've had this yarn for over a year now & "when are you going to knit my sweater?" I was going to do it on the sly and surprise her with it but she got such a forlorn, hard-done-by look on her face when a box of yarn for 3 projects for Kristi arrived and I had to tell her that it was "work knitting". I had to let her know that she had not been forgotten so I showed her the beginnings of her sweater. She was slightly mollified but she didn't seem overly hopeful that she'll get hers first any time soon. Note to self: Don't screw this up - you may need her to take care of you when you get old and you don't want her to cheap out on the yarn.

Picture This Plus makes the most wonderful hand-dyed cross stitch fabrics and their customer service is remarkable - in a good way! So, this comes in the mail & I'm torn between ripping it open straightaway and savouring the anticipation. I held out from noon until 4pm - that's pretty good ... isn't it?
Anyway, I'm on their Yahoo Group and they had a contest t
o match names to their 10 new fabric colours. It proved to be more challenging than they thought; the 2 winners won with 3 correct matches! Of course, once they gave us the answers and their reasoning it all made perfect sense!! Why do I tell you this story? I won! This is Calypso - isn't it wonderful? I love cross stitching but don't get to do it as much as I might like but that hasn't stopped me from accumulating a small reasonable stash of PTP fabrics.

Fiona took her knitters & model out to dinner last night. We dined in fine style at Asian Legend! Susan brought rings that she had made and all the ladies picked out our fav bling - Carol had a few rings of her own!! Joan's lights up - it is so not her that it suits her!!
Here we all are - Carole (I hope that you're the one with the "e"), Sandra, Susan, Susan, (I can't remember their last initials) Rob (Fiona's husband), Daryl (Rob's date Rebecah's husband), Rebecah, Joan, myself & Fiona. I'll try to persuade Kyle to do a nice montage and maybe he can fix Susan's blink (sorry Susan - I didn't notice it until I uploaded the pics). Yes, we all had the idea of knitting with our chopsticks! I knit on my SockHop sock for a bit before the food arrived - I asked Fiona ahead of time. I was just surprised that no one else was. Obviously a symptom of the depth of my addiction.

And before I left the house I had to fix this:
Yes, that was my scream that was heard around the world. After some fresh air and a glass of water to fend off the lightheadedness I pulled myself together and set to a solution. Fortunately I had a ball of the Felted Tweed on my shelf and a little duplicate stitch later it was like it had never happened.

Phew - I think that's it. I know - but if you're tired from reading it just imagine living it! I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part XIII

I would like to see 'Bama win (despite the way the did the Cho bros) but I think that James & Tyler will take it. Please, just not Rob & Kim!!Jinx!!

What a gorgeous building! Can you imagine what it's going to look like when if they actually finish it?
Everyone knows right away which church it is.
Don't worry so much about it - there's always a way to catch up. Leaving first isn't the key; arrival time is the thing. And you just never know with airlines - delays and shit are inevitable.

See? The Moms are looking ahead and planning a bit.
Go 'Bama!!!
Everyone underestimates a mom.
A tandem dive - no problem.
Will Rob make Kim do it? Did you see a banana peel?
Out of everywhere that you've been, seen & done this is what you're going to dwell on? Well Rob, you win some you lose some. Maybe this is a sign of things to come.
LMAO!!! Like a train has never run early before.

ART!!! ART!!! My sewing skills, or more specifically the lack thereof, would have us in Paris forever!! And engineer or not, Kerwyn isn't a seamstre(ss).

Go 'Bama!
Dudes - I watch Project Runway. Modeling has nothing to do with sewing.
Told'ja - art baby!!
I'll bet that the
Fashion Gestapo will not even use the jackets as pinned.
Oh my God Rob - get over it already!!
Stupid small airports!!
Geez, the truth really works!
Sorry Rob - that guy doesn't look like the hugging type.
What a nail-biter!!

C'mon ... just 2 more seats.
It's not over yet.
Stay with them ... Lose them ... Got to ...
HA ha ha!!!
Poor Rob & Kim ... still with the bad cabbie luck.
Of course, The Alamo. Looks just like it.
"I've been to ..." Famous last losing words.
'Bama must be totally out of it for them not to even flash back to them.
They were nice enough boys - I'm satisfied with them winning. Okay, I'm getting a little verklempt.

What a great race! When's 11 start?!? You can check here and here for some info. See you then & there!!

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Out with the old ...

... and in with the new!!!
I still have to get someone in to take out the old dishwasher and put in the new one, but that's okay. I'm so totally thrilled with the new toys appliances and their shiny stainless steel-ness that I can be a bit patient with the dishwasher. That and the fact that I still have the portable one so I'm not slaving over dirty dishes or pawning that dirty duty off on the children.
Don't they just brighten up the kitchen? Amanda helped bring everything up from the downstairs fridge and put it away in the new one as soon as Kerwyn had it set up. We cooked in the new oven - it was only chicken breasts, but they came out perfect!!

Amanda registered for the Barrie Spelling Bee today. I've told her that it won't matter how far she gets, I'm super proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone and trying this. Standing in the spotlight and presenting makes her very anxious. She is going to be the star of Amanda and the Spelling Bee. There is an open practice (mic & everything) on Jan. 13th & 14th - we'll definitely be there. We received a list of sample/practice words and we'll have until Jan. 21st to get ready for the qualifying round. We I bought a Scrabble board and we'll play that together & when I can't, she can play the computer version. We had our first game tonight, we didn't keep score & I think that she learned something about not using too many small words too soon.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Red at Morning ...

... Sailors take warning. Sailors and normal people who make plans that get screwed up. I had planned a totally focused day of knitting. I was going to resist the charms of Etienne and the lovely places that he takes me and be a diligent knitter. But you know what they say about the best laid plans. Yeah. Actually it kind of started last night. Imagine those dreamy waves that take you back in time...
If your butter is so soft right out of the fridge that it can be considered "softened", you might need a new fridge.
If your pierogies are not frozen enough to leave a dent when you poke them, you probably need a new fridge.
If your ice cubes can literally be poured, you definitely need a new fridg

Well, it's not like it came out of the blue;
a few months ago the fan gave out but through some intense Emergency Refrigeration Intervention we brought him back but this time it proved to be too little too late.
So it was off to Leon's and this kitchen
will look very different tomorrow.

Amanda was out yesterday (and today) cleaning off the van. How sweet is this little girl? Bundling all up just to clean of my van!
We are also going to try home schooling after the winter break. Dr. Phil had a show on it a while back and was quite interested in it. Without encouragement her interest has not waned so I've looked into it & I think that we can do it. She is very conscientious - to the point of anxiety about her homework & assignments. She is very self-motivated and loves pursuing things that she learns at school in more depth at home. And if worse comes to worst I will take her back to school with my (handknit) hat in my hand and sign her up again. We'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Things that make me Happy

Amanda & I had a great time working on Saturday. Julie brought Roko down and he made a beeline for Amanda - puppies know who'll love them right! He's this wonderful ball of fluff and he loves yarn like Melo never did. Roko tried to taste every ball that his nose came close to and that included the Kidsilk Haze cuffs on my sweater! I had to show Amanda what a proper belly rub is though - Roko loved it.

I hadn't really intended on buying any yarn - I really just wanted to see and feel what was new.
But this skein of Fleece Artist merino knew my name, so what could I do? I mean, yarn that knows your name isn't a stranger and by following that logic it must be my friend and friends are always welcome to come home with me. FA doesn't name their colourways and I don't quite know what to call it. Pistachio in the Sky? Spring Blend? I'll think of something. (Yes, I played with PhotoShop. I don't have time to do mess with every pic, so maybe I'll have to give Kyle some work to do. It's cool though!)

I also brought home these skeins of Manos & Rio De La Plata. The Faded Begonia Pink has been in
my mind for many months and I really wanted to make something out of it for Amanda. I decided that the reddish Manos would be a wonderful background for it. I'm imaging/planning a top-down circular (I know, but I do it when I have to) with a fairisle pattern in the yoke and the edges. It's going to be wonderful!!!

Amanda was up out of bed - quick like a big bunny - this morning when I told her that it had snowed. She was a bit disappointed that it wasn't knee-deep, but she set to shoveling with the enthusiasm that only a 9 year old can exhibit! She also asked if she could clean off the van. Like she has to ask! I let her work play work until I had to leave.
Since I don't want to deprive her of this pleasure, I think that I'll not shovel the rest of the driveway so that it will be there for her when she gets home. I know, the sacrifices that a mother will make.

So I guess I'm pretty happy right now. I will have to ride that wave and get some current knitting done then I can dive into new knitting.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part XII

Leaving during daylight - that's a nice change I'm sure!
Oh sure, now when there's no Yield the Models want to knock out the Blondes. (I know, but they didn't know that it was a non-elimination leg) It might be a case of too little too late.

I don't think that Rob's problem is a lack of motivation, it's a lack of control.
Hell no!!!
We had a meat grinder when I was a kid & I picked one up a few years back at a garage sale. It's great for grinding up leftover cooked meat for shepherds pie.
I'll just take your word for that dude and keep taking my hamburger nice and beefy.
Mohammed does not look amused.

You don't just need the clue Rob, you need a clue.
Is this your 1st day on the Race Rob?
The clue box is always tucked away somewhere.

You are such a pussy Rob - "Not me - you do it."
Just push it in but keep your fingers out of the way. (My grandfather lost part of a finger that way)
LMAO - I would just have to go around the corner while Kerwyn did a task or I'd be an even worse nag!!!
You didn't want to do the Roadblock so STFU Rob!
They must be blonde if they think that another team would just let them win!
It's one thing for Kim to use her feminine wiles. It's totally another for Rob to send her off to "use her sexuality".
I wonder if there was actually a rule about not going through the trees in the maze?
Walking around with a giant costume - a literal Giant costume? No, I don't think so. Tomatoe target?
Digging in tomatoes? Don't like that one either. Is there a 3rd choice? No, fine. Lob it, 'cause if they can throw them at me I'll bloody well lob it back.
Go 'Bama!!
Jump in front of one
- if it hits you the driver pretty much has to take you where you want to go.

You throw like a weak girl Rob.
I don't think that the clue is in a tomatoe Kim - maybe spreading out the pile would help. Rob, maybe you could spend more time looking in the pile instead of throwing (and missing) the people.
I'm sure that all of the costumes are equally awkward.
I'm not for quitting, but I'm sure that getting pelted in the head with tomatoes has got to sting a bit. As a man you'd think that Rob could summon up even a bit of sympathy for his girlfriend. And it's better to move on 5 mins into the task than later.

My bad - it was in a tomatoe!!!
This is why Kerwyn would be in charge of reading the clues - he's much more detail oriented. I kind of go with the gist of things.
Needle in a haystack, clue in a tomatoe.
Go 'Bama!!!
And the crowd loves good sports.

I think that anything anywhere sounds good right now as long as there isn't a time limit to work under.
That is one tall woman!!!
Can you imagine how bad they smell after sweating under those costumes?
I'm surprised that either team got a cab!
YAH "Bama!!!
Well it took a few more weeks than I would have liked & I don't take a lot of pleasure in it, but the Barbies are out. They did play hard but they didn't play especially fair, and what goes around comes around.
Anything can happen boys. #1 in the past means nothing next week. Never count a Mother out!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

What'cha doin' Saturday?

I had decided that Saturday would be a great day to go to The Needle Emporium because there is a lot of new stuff that I need to see sniff feel. So I called Julie up to let her know that if she hadn't mailed out my next project to save herself a couple of bucks & I'd pick it up. She asked if I was just coming to hang out or if I wanted to work. I must have repeated this out loud because the very next instant Amanda was squealing, "Working at Julie's?!? Yes, yes yes!! PLEASE?!!!"
Julie & I were kinda stunned at how exciting it is to
work at her store. I mean I really enjoy it but I don't jump up and down and squeal. Maybe I should. Amanda is also really excited to see Roko - nobody loves a puppy more than a little girl.

So if you're going to be in the Ancaster area swing
on by and say 'hey'.

I did the Wild Thing at the arena last night during public skating & several times in the bus.
I just can't get enough of it!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How Balmy is it?

It was so balmy in Ontario today that it felt downright tropical. Like Hawaii I'd say. I finished them on Monday night so Amanda helped me wind my Wild Thing into balls so that I could start them right away Tuesday morning. Well, I'm working both fronts of Debra's jacket at the same time so it's a bit tangly for travel work and I'm swatching for Elise's vest, which is a bit fiddly, so I need something nice and simple like a sock. I'm really into it. The yarn is so much fun - the colours are perfectly brilliant and rich and the thick/thin texture adds interest without being a distraction. I am purling sections of yarn where the colour is a nearly solid burgundy or cream. Thanks again Bill - this is wonderful! I totally have the Wild Things songs by The Troggs & Tone Loc in my head.
Can someone tell me how to put an actual song on my blog? All my Googling is getting me nowhere fast. TIA

Kyle has been harassing me & I finally caved and got a Photoshop 7 for me him. So maybe if I find the time I'll have some interesting pictures!! Nix that - I'll have to make the time. You can't just go to the cupboard or store and find time - you have to just do it. PS for Dummies - here I come!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Magician of Sorts

Watch carefully as I knit. Keep your eyes on my hands but don't take your eyes off of the yarn & the needles. Watch the fabric coming off of the needles. Don't be lulled by the gentle clicking of the needles or the rhythm of the wrap. OMG!!! Did you see that? Don't worry - I didn't either.
42 rows later I bothered to count. 65.
Hmmmm ... isn't that supposed to be 66? Pro'bly just missed one; count it again as I knit the next row. No, definitely 65. ffs This fabric does not lend itself to finding a dropped stitch. Take the fabric off of the needles and pull, tug and distort the fabric, hoping that the missing stitch will make it's appearance, oh I dunno, like 2 rows down. No such luck. Yes, that is that finger poking through the hole made by the offending stitch 42 rows down. Abracadabra!!! 42 rows magically gone. Presto-chango!! Where once there was fabric now there is none.

That was Sunday night. I spent yesterday making the rows reappear. And yes, I was obsessive about counting to 66. With such renewed enthusiasm I managed to finish the back and get started on the fronts. All is adequate.

I went by Elann yesterday & looky what I saw!!! Lacy Riverine - isn't it lovely? The Super Kydd was really nice to work with.