Friday, March 30, 2007

I get my kicks ...

... out of purple velvet Chuck Taylors. Enhanced by green Opal socks.

... out of Mischief trying to catch the swift. Even getting her paw/nose a mite too close doesn't deter her.

... out of crocuses heralding the coming of spring.

... out of people travel live hoard pack their crap into their car and leave it there. (Amanda wondered if they ever open their back doors and if they do, does the crap fall out? And where do they put the wheelchair. I explained that they might not actually use a wheelchair - that the wheelchair signs in the back window merely indicate a disability. Do those signs look fake to you too??)

... out of Authors saying my name in a complimentary way. Amy Singer talking about Morrigan from No Sheep for You at the DKC meeting.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

... like a hole in the head

I'll have to use this expression more carefully from now on. I went to Tunnel yesterday and came out a little blingier. Don't see it. Look closer.

It hurt like a mo-fo, but I've
birthed the large-headed, broad-shouldered heavy children and had my tubes tied; this was one deep breath in and out and done.
I like it. Amanda noticed straight-away and asked for one too. I told her it really hurt and she could get one when she was 37. She told Kyle as he was coming up the stairs - he didn't believe her. Either he thought I was too chicken-shit or just not cool like that!!
I like it!

Here are the Bemidji sleeves done.
I hope to get them sewn in tonight.
I'm well into the 1st of 2 ChicKamis
for Bonne.
I'm going to be swatching for a camisole for Elise today. I'm really looking forward to knitting
with La Luz and the colours that Elise has given me are gorgeous - Cactus Bloom & Cosmopolitan. I know, she spoils me!!!

I'll be going to the DKC meeting on Wednesday to hear Amy speak about No Sheep For You - give a wave or a shout-out if you see me!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Watching TAR with Wannietta - part VI

That's okay - I'm sure that Uchenna & Joyce can overcome a last place start & equally sure that Mirna & Charla can screw up a 1st place start.
I think that the cabbie thinks she's insane, "Don't hit the people." I think that that's lesson #1 in driving school - no matter what country you're in.
OMG - what a great Tim (Project Runway) impression!!
Back to the hotel? Sleep on the damn floor.
What's being in the lead worth to you? Not worth it to Mirna & Charla, Dustin & Kandice. Fight for it Ian.
Tough call - not sure what I would do.
Terri - it was a good plan to be first in line. Just because it didn't pan out doesn't negate it's validity.
Kristo is cute; if he'll be Mirna's friend maybe he'd like to be my friend to.
Lucky ducks!!!
What is in Dar es Salaam? It seems to be very popular!!
Alright - Oswald & Danny!! Uchenna & Joyce!!!
That's what you get for waiting in line - if there's a light on, someone might be in the office and that someone might be the key to getting ahead.

Poor Eric & Danielle. Wasn't it Eric who had the idea to go to the upstairs office in the first place?
That's totally got to suck!
Mirna doesn't realize how far ahead they are. SNAP!! The next 3 teams might just catch up for the 1st boat out.
No Danny, it went right over her head,
not even pausing for a course correction.
I'd fight over standby - there might only be 2 seats available.
I called it!!!

Nice of Charla to feed the fishes.
Yeah. Beauty tips. Beauty tips that make you less likely to puke. Well, I guess if they make someone who is astonishingly fugly bearable to look at then first aid could be considered a "beauty tip".
Solve it.
Charla seems mystified by the concept of the puzzle.

Yeah Danny & Oswald!!!
Okay, don't ask it they know the way or if their vehicle is reliable - ask about the A/C. And go to the market.

Looks like a tire iron to me.
I wonder how many tosses that took? The eleventy-fucktillionth time is always a charm!!

You go Mirna - purdy yerself up fer Phil!
I stand corrected - they did a fine great job. Except they'll probably just sell the katamarangs.

Uchenna & Joyce should have enough time - the Guido's and Ian & Terri are still landing.

Yeah Uchenna!!!
Tick Tock
Phil - enough preamble, don't waste any more precious seconds.
Moonlight sail - that's romantic.
I've had about enough of Terri's negativity
- not sorry to see them behind.
Always a chance; sometimes it's just less likely than other times.
No, not a cabbie disaster for the Guidos!!!
PHEW! The suspense is a killer.
They were a tough team and good sports!

2 hours -

Friday, March 23, 2007


This is Bert of Bert's Appliance Repair (Barrie, ON 705-733-0799). He came to see what was ailing my washer. It had been leaking a bit when I used hot water, then a couple of weeks ago it started with the cold water too and it's been getting worse. A lot worse. It's been hard but I've not done laundry for 3 days for fear that it would do irreparable damage. Yes, I know. I've been concerned that the fucktillion micro beads might be to blame. Now I have fantasized some frequently about brand new machines; machines that are huge and front loading and will take all that I can give them, but the fantasy is always utterly destroyed when the invoice is presented. Yeah - that's a buzz-kill!
A hose was cut. Woo-hoo!!! It's not my fault!!! It had been rubbing against a bracket that was supporting the motor and every time that the machine was used the hose was being damaged. Considering that the machine is, at the very least, 15 years old I think that this Kenmore (at least the older models) deserves a few more gentle cycles! Bert was cautiously optimistic about fixing it - you can't get parts anymore. There's a lot to be said for an experienced, older man!! Bert's got skills - he cut it, he connected it and clamped it.
I'm laundering as we speak. Yes, that is said with joy for the clean clothes that it will bring but with the appropriate amount of dejection about the volume of said laundry that has accumulated.

I've finished the front & back of Bemidji for Artisan Knitworks.
Sorry - I laid it down upside down to block. It's not a secret, I'll do better next time!

In other fixing news, Mischief has been doing a lot of this and a bit of this (I gave her some tuna in her kibble - I really feel for her!). She was spayed & declawed on Tuesday. I explained to Amanda about how it is always harder on a female (Cheeky Monkey never gave a hint that he'd lost the family jewels) and that she really is fine - no signs of infection or anything. She's resting - which is what she really needs - and eating, not like before, but she's not starving.
Here's a picture of my shaved pussy.
Look away if you want to (there isn't anything after the picture) - I'll l
eave a bit of space.

(I know, I shouldn't tease the perverts but I just can't help it. I'm sure this is not what they were Googling for!!!)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's an Old Saying Because it's True

"Red at morning ...

Sailors take warning."

That was yesterday. It, and the bit we got overnight, is gone now. Thank you Sunshine!! It was nipply cold out (-20C with the windchill) this morning, but the sun was shining strong. The snow that fell overnight was fine & dry and combined with the wind & the brilliant sunshine I was blessed with another wonderful snowbow. It was fading by the time that I took the picture - I had to drop kids off & find a safe place to pull over.

I have swatched for Vivacious - a lacy wrap sweater for Apple Laine. I felt like Goldilocks!
This one is too big by quite a bit! 3mm Addi

This one is too small by 2 tiny stitches! 2.5mm Addi

Addi (and SRK) doesn't make a 2.75mm - argh!!! I was feeling very annoyed and discombobulated. I need to use a circular needle because of the # of stitches and I didn't want to just start experimenting with circular needles (I'm easily aggravated by a bumpy join - you know how it is). I was already knitting loosely on the 2.5's and I didn't want to try knitting looser; it's hard to maintain an even tension when you're knitting - deliberately - looser than is normal for you. I had already been quite severe with it during blocking and think I heard the yarn whimper when I glanced at it with an "I'll just block it harder" look. I was looking at the needles in my Circular Solution and pulled out a little bamboo one. 3mm Addi Natura. Hmmmm, says I, that might just do the trick. Perfect!
This one is just right!!!
Cindy's tweaking the pattern but when I get it back I'll be good to go.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Test the Nation:IQ

I love a test - it's about the challenge. Not just to compete against others but ti provides a measurable benchmark for myself. I need that.

Now, not to brag okay, absolutely to brag, I scored a 130!! Trust me, no one is more surprised than me ... or is it I? Quite a bit above the average of the winning team - surgeons, which is a relief, because I'd h
ate to see the people who take lives in their hands not be the smartest (on paper anyway) - who scored 119.

I think that knitters should be included as a group the next time that they do this. And not that I would lie to you - I've got kids, I don't need to lie to my friends - or that you wouldn't believe just about any number that I put out there, I printed & took a picture of my results. No, I'm not going to have it framed, but I'm not gonna throw it out either.

How did you do against the rest of the nation?

Watching TAR with Wannietta - part V

Okay Mirna ... whatever you say Mirna. I mean, you came in right before Rob & Amber but you weren't solely responsible for kicking them to the curb. There were a lot of other teams that beat them much more soundly.
Sorry Joe & Bill, but I don't think that I've ever seen a team "limp to the front of the line & win".
OMG - now I have that picture in my head!
Guido's in thongs.
Nice beacon/tool skills.
That's what I would really need Kerwyn for - the careful reading of the clues. I'm more of a speed reader/peruser.
And using the sensitive digital equipment.
Come back in an hour & a half?!? What part of "get there fast" did you not get?

Sure Ian; I'm sure that you're glad they showed up ... maybe they can help you.
The gloves are off now!
Rats in a collar - considering that they are the size of a small cat, okay, I can see how Joyce might call them "cute".

I think that they are not confident about the deactivated part of the deactivated mines. Unless that padding is a fashion statement.
Am I mistaken or did Charla rush her rat along when (s)he had started scratching/digging?

Pamper or Porter
Pamper me please!
Oh - We have to do someone else's nails.
Charcoal is dirty.
Definitely the Pamper.
Mirna has a way of just strong-arming people into leading them.
Is there a "manly" nail polish colour?
I still don't like them but Mirna & Charla are infectiously enthusiastic when they are happy.
Dustin (or was it Kandice) the Philanthropist. Painting nails for free to change the world.
Maybe you got so far behind by being slow at bagging coal. Just sayin'.
Eric & Danielle asked kids. You know that they did. By your own admission Uchenna you don't know where to go. Logic dictates - ask a kid!!!

Yeah, suck it up a little Ian. Terri made the right call doing the nails.
Run Phil, run!!!
"She got beat by a bunch of Queens."
Let's start with this - they beat your ass too Eric. And I'm sure that Joe & Bill have been called worse by better.
I like the non-elimination structure that they have this year - come in first or you get a 30 minute penalty - better than the no money thing.