Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Toronto Spiders - Bringin' it Again

It's that time of year again - the Toronto Spiders are ready to bring their best spinning and knitting skills to bear on the International Back to Back Wool Challenge. We're out to beat our best time of 6:00:18 - come cheer us on!! Details Spread the Word!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Still in the Land of the Knitting

Hey - long time no blog! I know, but it's me, not you. Fortunately this should be the last week of 10-12 hour days. Shelly's back now and Barb will be back on Thursday. There have been hints and innuendos, the short of it being, as the Magic 8-ball might say, "your future is uncertain". I'm getting the vibe and subtle words that I'll be in the office in some capacity, which I'm happy for. And seriously, with all hands on deck, I should be able to work a nice 8-9 hour day and it will just have to b e sorted as to whether it's the morning or afternoon shift.

I've been knitting furiously in my precious out-of-office hours! I'm working on a cabled sweater for Fiona (see the beautiful and perrfectly balanced Signature Needles at work!?!) and my Noro Annetrelac socks. I have finished the 1st one and am into the leg of the 2nd one now.

I've finis
hed the linen skirt for Elise - she loved it so I'm sure that the Powers that Be at XRX will love it too! I've seen the poster that XRX will be using to promote the book with Elise at TNNA - and understand that even though I'm just a titchy bit more than a little a whole frelling lot!!! biased - and it's wonderful!!! As soon as I get the nod I'll share it. Here's a peek at a part of the skirt. Garter stitch poetry!

Amanda & I are taking off early from work to get our hair did on Wednesday. She's doubly excited - she gets to come to the office and we're going to cousin Pam's! LOL I'm thinking of blue; the freak in me is feeling a bi constrained by all of this walled-in, tied-to-the-desk, 6-6 stuff.

OMG - I'm so taking Amanda to see Kung Fu Panda - 3 guesses (and the 1st two don't count) who will be the most exuberantly appreciative of the humour!!