Saturday, August 8, 2015

We went looking for a yarn store ...

We set out early, Starbucks & Panera fueled is up. the soufflés at Panera are seriously delicious. It is my fave breakfast item.

We got to Coldwater, looking for a simple yarn store, as nd then this happened:

OMG!! One of my fave sci-fi/fantasy authors, Julie Czerneda, was signing autographs!! Bonus - she's Canadian!! More bonus - Toad was there!!!

Red Hat steampunk ladies - the fucking bomb!!!

We did get to The Purple Sock

and enjoyed a nice poke about.
They also have a wide range of loose teas; Helen bought several and I'm going to try one later.

We stopped at Purl3 in Orillia, but my phone had died by then and I have no pics.

The pain has kicked off the last few days, I'm on the max Rx, so I am looking forward to a few days with nothing on the schedule, except knitting, flute practice, and puppy loving.

Starting tonight

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