Monday, October 23, 2017

That’s Wannietta!

I am who I am, and I’m too old for that to change. 
I have a favorite TeeFury T-shirt, and I’ve been thinking a long time about getting it as a tattoo. Customizeart was visiting Toronto and was guesting at Golden Iron  and I love their new school style, so I grabbed this once in a lifetime opportunity!! I am so pleased with the result! María imbued my T-shirt George Joker with all the mischievous and creepy personality that he could possess. 

It’s not everyone’s style, but it’s me, and now it’s mine forever!! 
It stung like a mofo, but I bore it like a champ and it was worth it. 

Speaking of TeeFury, they had another grab bag sale. I love these, and while it’s a roll of the dice, I totally scored this go-round!!! 

Not a bad one in the bunch!! I’m just giddy with delight!!! 
Then there’s this one. I ordered it as a daily special, and it will be this years Halloween T-shirt. It also glows in the dark!! I know - super creepy!!! 

I am fighting off the cold that a few coworkers have been bringing ‘round, so I’ve been sleeping a lot, which cuts into knitting time. I’m going to spend a few hours tonight knitting on something ... idk what. I’ll post actual knitting pics tomorrow!! 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


I’m tired, so I’m going to drop a few thousand words in picture format. 
Daphne and Jasmyn came to collect potential yarn, aka fleece. 

We’re looking a whole lot less identical these days 😏

Helen called in her order, and gifted me 4 skeins! I know - a generous gift that idk how I’ll ever repay. Hopefully my joy will be a sufficient down payment. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Speckle and Pop

Nothing is an easy decision when it comes to colour choices with me. But I went stash diving, 
which was no simple feat either, and came up with all sorts of Pop!
The left bucket is my Koigu (which produced the winning Pops), and the right bin is my fingering leftovers.

What is that burning in my nose? Oh yes, I had mince the last ghost pepper for the chili re-do without gloves and I guess I’m glad that I didn’t rub my eyes!!!

Back to the Speckle and Pop - colours decided upon and casting on will commence.

Once I decide, it’s full speed ahead. 
Though I’m in the midst of three different full projects, plus a sock, so I have almost too much knitting ... I’m torn about which one to knit on! 

Petey is still a Conehead. We are less patiently waiting for his inflatable collar - he’ll be done with The Allergies by the time it gets here! He’s much more himself personality-wise, Craig noticed it right away on the weekend. 
He’s still pink, but the skin irritation and oozing is much improved. 

Work is fantastic; I am part of a strong, motivated team of women. We rag on each other, but are there for each other for support or encouragment the second life happens. That’s the family that you get to choose. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Craig and I had the pleasure of listening to Bill McBirnie’s fingers dance and make magic by blowing air down a tube. 

A girl can dream, but it is beautiful and inspirational.

I cast on and made progress on the Flat Rib PulloverWoolstok is a pleasant worsted weight wool to knit with, not scratchy and so far no vegetable matter. It’s not smooth, but more rustic without sacrificing quality and ease of use. It’s knit at a looser gauge for this sweater, emphasizing it’s lightness.