Friday, November 2, 2012

still knitting

So begins November. 

 I finally finished Rockefeller!!! I know ... but I was working on the skirt but then I got yarn for Seanair and I just wanted to finish something in the midst of so many WIP. So ...

And I have Seanair (the link is to the Ravelry page as the errata is noted there. There is no indication of the errata on the Knitty page - unless I totally missed it which is entirely possible) well under way. I'm not sure how I feel about the alpaca with this pattern though - the fuzziness of the yarn is obscuring the stitch definition some. The 50 Shades of Grey variegation is subtle enough that I don't think that that is an issue. Hmmmm ... what do you think?
Most accurate representation of colour & texture

I had my annual breast MRI on Tuesday - I actually fell asleep during it and the start of the last scan woke me up with such a start that the poor tech thought that there was a problem. I also got my flu shot. I am around so many diseased and disease carrying people that, especially never having had any issues resulting from it, I always get it.
Completely unrelated, I am fighting off a low-grade cold. Pounding back vitamin C and tea laced with lemon & ginger infused honey. A combination of knitting & napping will be the agenda for the rest of the day.

Kyle is doing his own thing ... learning life lessons as young men will.

Amanda is very happy with a nice young man - he is lovely to her and they are exponentially adorable together.