Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Best Laid Plans

What's that they say about best laid plans? Oh yeah, you're fucked!!

So my surgery is bumped to next week because some other womans need is greater than mine. And I get that, deep down I do. But I've been with so long already, that I'm just

And then I'm like

just kinda makes me have angry feelings that another man has decided that I'm the lowest on his priority list. Yeah, probably not necessarily a fair assessment of this particular situation, but my gut feelings on the matter nonetheless I just have to rearrange a few plans, hope Amanda can as well, put a call in to my Doc for a few more meds to see me through, and keep on knitting.

So yesterday I spent 4 hours winding that skein of yarn barf into a ball of potential.
I find untangling knots relaxing, therapeutic. Pardon my touchy-feely for a moment, but it's like life. You get handed a shit storm. You sit down, take its measure and decide that it's worth sorting out. Everything needs to be kept loose, no tightening or getting tense. Follow that strand, see a path through the mess. Pull through. Over, under, around. Sometimes it feels like you're going backwards, never gonna get undone, but then you start making progress. The neat, new ball of potential is getting bigger, you can see that what you've got ahead of you is so much greater than the mess behind you. Then you're through. It feels so good to have made the effort, when throwing it away seemed like an easier path. But easy isn't my style, and I like my style. I really loved this skein of yarn,

now a ball of potential.

Tonight I'm chilling with my Iris socks.

I want to finish these up so I can start on these Stitch Surfer socks. As ever, the puppies are not far away.

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