Sunday, January 11, 2009

K1b socks 2 ways

I've finished the 2nd sock - they'll be in the mail tomorrow Julie!

For this 2nd one, I did the garter ridge cuff. Because I have a very row-dense garter stitch I did 20% more ridges than stitches instead of the suggested equal amount. (66 ridges to pick up 44 stitches)
It worked out perfectly - at the tops and at the increases at the ankle where I did a traditional (for me) square heel, stockinette foot & shaped toe. I used the Landscape for the heel & toe and the Mirage for the foot.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Column Sock

Here is the 1st Column sock from Knit One Below that I'm doing as a sample for Julie. It uses a ball of Landscape Caribbean & a ball of Mirage Caribbean - it showcases the striping of the Landscape but tempers that striping with the blending effect of the Mirage stripes.

Personally I need socks with gussets - this one fits a bit snug over the top of my ankle. The 2nd one I'm doing with a garter strip edge and will do a square heel on - since their samples I thought that it'd be cool to show a couple of different looks.

And I'm teaching at the DKC's Winter Workshop this year!! I love teaching/enabling knitters and I hope that you'll check out the classes, there's sure to be something interesting for everyone.
I'm thrilled that I got into Patrick's class on Japanese patterns - it's filling up fast!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Amanda presented me with the following scarves and said, "Mom, these need re-needling please". I do believe that the child has unvented a new knitting term. And yes, I re-needled. The pink & green is Amanda's K1b scarf (using the Inside Outside scarf pattern)- isn't it excellent?

The felted mittens that I had bought at Artisan Knitworks were quite well received.
I wasn't sure that Shelly really liked hers though - the cussing that was coming from the dispatch office was more intense than usual. Then I heard, "I can't get any F(&%ing work done with these on!!!" They were a hit!! Of course, the 1st question that I was asked was, "Did you make these?", to which I replied that while I didn't, someone else did & Amanda personally hand selected each and every pair. Aren't they awesome - perfect for driving, walking and being a hockey mom!!