Thursday, August 30, 2007

Luck 'o the Irish

I have knit a prototype for a pattern I've designed for Lindenhof. I was inspired by the gorgeous greens in their mohair/wool blend. This is the largest of 3 children's sizes.

I've also been swatching up a small storm. T
he cream is a 100% Romney from Lindenhof - it wants to be a ladies mitten with a cable up the back and, I think it's whispering, "Aran sweater. Pssst - over here!" The Noro swatch is Silver Thaw (colour#1) & it's for a new design from Sandra for Artisan Knitworks.

I did a dry run of my school run and the bus van is parked at the end of the driveway so the end of summer is nigh!! Party on while the partying is good dudes!! OH!!! And they don't hate me. Back at the beginning of summer I had requested one of the new vans that they were prepping for September. "I keep my van so clean Sandy - you know that I'll love and take care of a
new van. Awwww, c'mon. Who do I have to sleep with?" It's about the A/C - when the air goes in a van they don't fix it. It's not a safety issue (I would beg to differ) so it doesn't get done. I really am not one for the wind blowing my hair - it makes knots & it's loud - so I hate having the windows down. I know, but once you really get to know me it's a lovable quirk. She left me hanging - no encouragement but not a clear "no" either.
So I wasn't completely surprised to not get a new van when they were handing out routes and keys on Wednesday, but I was annoyed that I got one of the oldest ones. And really, given that it's got 193,913kms on it, it's in pretty good shape. But it's not clean. I mean they pay drivers to clean the buses & vans over the summer!! So when I was in the office today picking up a couple of booster seats I just yanked her chain a bit, "Sandy, this is not the new van that I put in a request for back in June". "What? Oh, your van isn't in yet, that's the only reason that we gave you that old thing." OMG!!!! I'M GETTING A NEW VAN!!! I hugged her. For real, with feeling & a squeeze. Hmmmm, would they have still given me the new van if I hadn't sa
id something? Who cares? I'M GETTING A NEW VAN!!! So I will give this one a light cleaning - I have certain standards (fairly high as far as I can tell by the other bus vans that I've driven) for my bus van and I can't drive it if it's all dusty and makes me feel grimy when I'm driving. I know, but once you really get to know me it's a lovable quirk. Of course I'll take a picture when I get it!! I'll probably even name it. Again, a lovable quirk.

Mischief went burrowing the other night and what better place than under a crocheted rug?
I am using odd balls, making I-cord using Bond's Cool Corder
and then crocheting the cord into this rug. It's a WIP and will be bigger. Eventually. The Corder is cool and works best with 4ply, sport or DK weights, worsted is just a bit too thick and you can feel the stress that it puts on the needles. Anyway, the rug has a fair weight to it and Mischief loves burrowing under it.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Still here, still knitting

Phew - things have calmed down for about 2 minutes! Between Ravelry-ing, mothering, daughtering, wife-ing, and the back-to-school prep I've still found time to knit just not a whole lot of time to blog.

I finished the Hydrangea Lace Scarf and will be taking it int
o The Needle Emporium on Thursday or Friday. I made it a leaf wider on each side and an extra repeat longer and still had lots of Claudia's lace weight silk left over.
And I have to send a big to Debbie & Bev at Fiber Trends. When I was throwing stuff into suitcases & bags to go to my mom's I was grabbing every knitting project that I had on needles. Yes, Amanda thought that I was over-doing it, but I proved her wrong! And what? Is she new here?!? After a day passed and I was done a couple of things and picked up the Hydrangea Lace Scarf ... but didn't have the pattern!!! Debbie sent me the chart twice - I thought that I was doing the narrow version until I looked at the chart and realized that I wasn't. It really kept me from going stark raving mad - well, that might still happen but at least it was postponed. Thanks again ladies!!!

I made an Argosy scarf for the DKC Knits for a Cure. Because I used a chunky wool - Event from Needful Yarns - I decided that 5 squares
was too wide. 3 was too skinny. 4 was just right and to get to 4 I started with 1 and added only 1 square on 1 side until I got to the 4 & then reversed that at the end. No, Amanda, you may not keep the scarf.

I am working diligently on Elise's Felted Tweed sweater so that she can t
ake it to Stitches East where she is teaching.

will be starting another Patrick out of Rowan Denim for Julie - she wore out the 1st one! The white Denim starts out a deep cream colour and fades to nearly white with the first washing. I love knitting with Rowan yarn and especially Denim and even more especially with cables so I will just be in my glory!! Yes Julie, I would still like to be paid for it.

Amanda & I set out on Saturday for here. This is the Starbucks barista who made my tall mild red-eye, shot in first, 3 Splendas & extra cream. It got me most of the way through 4 hours of shopping. Amanda is at the age where she knows what she likes, it's just a matter of finding it and at Vaughan Mills that is no quick feat! She had quite the haul and earned the McD's and a rest.

Kerwyn has to take Kyle out shopping and Kyle put it off until next weekend. As busy as Vaughan Mills was this weekend it's going to be insane next weekend!!! The last w/e before school and a long-weekend. Poor Kerwyn - way better him than me & I went with Amanda so Kyle is all his.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Home Again

Home again, jiggity-jig!

Working at Julie's for the tent sale was great
- she put Amanda & I up at a hotel so that we wouldn't have to drive home and then back again for the next day. I know - she's a great boss!! Amanda took her job at the cash register very seriously and didn't want to leave.

We stopped at home Wednesday night after the Stitch 'n Pitch, then it was off to my mom's in Goderich Thursday morning. She is much better - Amanda & I had a nice visit with her but are very happy to be home.

Off all of the trouble that Kyle could possibly get himself into while I was away & Kerwyn was at work he decided to screw with the computer and phone lines. He's sticking to his "I dunno, I didn't do anything" story so we don't know what he was trying to do but it resulted in me having no internet connection. I'm sitting in front of my neighbour's house right now using hers!! Kerwyn tried to work through all the cables and connections and spliters today and tomorrow he'll bravely call Bell Sympatico and see if they can talk him through it. He thinks he's got it wored right but we still don't have a dsl signal. sigh I swear, if that boy comes within arm's reach of that computer he'll deserve whatever happens to him.

I guess without my www. to play on I'll get a lot more knitting done!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Stitch 'n Pitch Toronto

It was a blast!! Joan invited Amanda & I to join her and Heather for a quick dinner before the game, then once we got to our section I met all sorts of friends, some of whom I hadn't seen for a long time.
Jocelyn works for Laidlaw and knits - she's with her MIL Bev whom I know for ages. Kindred spirits both!

Joan & Heather

Julie, Beth, Cathy & Sarah


No pics, but to Pat from Herrschners, Carolyn of Main St. Yarns and Linda of Linda's Craftique.
I tried to get
The Blue Jays mascot Ace came up and took up yarn & needles with a gusto - what he lacked in skill he made up for with enthusiasm!! He sat down for a quick knitting lesson and I believe that with some larger needles, chunkier yarn and evolutionarily improved wings that Ace has a real future in the needle arts!

Here are a couple of crowd shots - can you find yourself?
You can make the images larger by clicking on them.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put this together and make it so much fun. The Jays Knitting Bags and the goodies inside were great. I'm really looking forward to next year - we are doing it again, aren't we? And yes, I will be bringing the horn again. It wasn't that bad!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Getting our Hair Did

I don't hate getting my hair done I just begrudge the time that it takes. Yes, I could go without getting a colouring but then I would feel old. I know, but there it is - my vanity displayed (or covered up) for all the world to see (or not). I got some knitting done - I'm on the 2nd piece for the bottom band of Cindy's sweater - it'll be in the mail soon Cindy!!! So Amanda & I went to Bonnie's - a lovely lady who is on Amanda's paper route. She's also a friend of my neighbour and her kids go to the same school as Amanda.
I don't have any "After" pics yet - coming soon!

We did a small charter to Pete Peterson Park - a
little parkette off of a marina in Midland with about a 100' beach. Amanda had some fun.

This is an amazingly touching video. I almost want to send him my secret!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Look Out Ravelry

I'm coming!!!

Found you!
  • You signed up on June 12, 2007
  • You are #8539 on the list.
  • 9 people are ahead of you in line.
  • 16079 people are behind you in line.
  • 34% of the list has been invited so far

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Takin' This Show on the Road

Amanda & I will be working at The Needle Emporium August 14th and 15th for the tent sale. Yes, THE tent sale. Don't pretend like you didn't know or that you don't want to go - you know you wanna!!
After work (and I use that term loosely) on the 15th we will be heading down to the Dome (yeah, I know it's now called the Rogers Centre now, but it'll always be The SkyDome to me) for the Stitch 'n Pitch. I'm not sure who is more excited - Amanda or myself! It's not to late to order tickets - bring your yarn and friends & family - the more the merrier!!

Ohhhhh - look-y at what came in the mail! Laceweight alpaca/silk in Slate
and fingering weight superwash merino in Poppy. Oceanwind is a Canadian company and Lori was absolutely wonderful to deal with & order from.

Now, if I could just learn & master the ability to knit in my sleep.

Knitting in the News

Knitting Needles are the New Scissors - Don't Run With Them!!!
Can I get an application to Dell?

Monday, August 6, 2007


Sorry - Amanda & I had to spend some time in Goderich with my Mom. It was a last minute thing and while it was a 3 hour drive each way and not a vacation, we did have some fun at the beach.

Then, I get home 3 days later to the same sink of dishes that was there when I left, a much messier cupboard and plants that had not been watered. I don't think that my peppers will recover, I have a bit more hope for my tomatoes. MEN!!!

I finished Veronik's twinset and she's happy with it. Seriously - I worry about that. No matter how perfect I think that it is or how much I love a finished project I can't rest easy until I know that my client is happy. I've been knitting much - sorry but it's been on secret projects. I'll try to doctor up a few pics for you tomorrow.
Kerwyn turned off the a/c, and while it has cooled off a bit - it's only 36°C with the humidity instead of 39°C!! (That's 96.8°F - 102.2°F for my Southern Friends) Even with the ceiling fan on it's a bit warmish & sticky for sleeping (not to mention knitting) comfort - I may just put it back on.