Sunday, July 19, 2009

goede ochtend

I am blogging from Elise's home in The Netherlands!!! I arrived here Thursday morning and have been doing yarny things and having wonderful adventures. Julie - the Outer sweater is almost done - it was too heavy to pack & I would have been terrified of it going astray so I'll finish it when I get back this week. I don't have pictures uploaded now - I'll do that when I get home. Love ya girlie!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fast Forward

Yeah, that's it. Let's pretend like we're in The Amazing Race and we've FF through the month of June. I spent the entire month working like a woman possessed to wrap up month end at work so that all of the schools would actually have their invoices before the end of the month so that they can sign off on them for the Board to pay before the new school year starts. In between all of that, including a week of staycation, I worked on the 2nd afghan for Knitty. This was aided by watching 6 seasons of 24 - I seriously love TV on DVD!!! - and by largely ignoring and/or delegating any and all other domestic responsibilities. It was totally worth it though ... you'll see!!
I'm officially a fan of 24 now, season 7 is going to be watched as soon as Wimbledon is over & I can't wait for fall & season 8!
I did learn that fingering-weight, full sized afghans take a lot longer to knit than you might think. I still want to
do at least one more, then maybe move on to some worsted weight yarns. I know, but it's a lovable kind of crazy.Crazy 1

Finally though I have knitting that I can share!
I have started on a simple mens sweater for an upcoming book from Abrams/STC Craft. I'll share more details when I get them; for now, just a wee picture. I don't think that I will ever fall out of love with my Signature Needles - they bring an extra pleasure to even the simple stockinette stitch.

I'm also working on a Sidecar Jacket for Julie.
Yes, that cable is as tight as it looks. The yarn from Spud & Chloe - Outer - is soft & lovely, nothing less than what I would have expected from Blue Sky Alpacas.