Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Day of Rest

Today is 6 days post-hysterectomy.
Yesterday I had brunch with a friend, walked Costco (direct route 'round the outside), the song is now in your head; you're most welcome and did the most inconsequential of tasks. Yet my body, by the end of the day, was reprimanding me for these efforts.
Helen made me promise a day of complete nothingness and rest! And considering that I fear the consequences of her displeasure, I complied. There was a lot of actual resting, and until I had to sort out a Shepherds Pie for dinner, I didn't even have the energy to knit!!

Things seem to be settling internally, finding their places in the new world order. Since yesterday, the constipation from the massive amounts of pain drugs has begun to correct itself. But with that is wracking pain, especially with the least amount of gas. It's improved over the day; hopefully it's a very temporary thing.

I know this might seem like TMI, but you know me - I'm a sharer. It documents my own journey, and gives an account for anyone who may wish to know what to expect. Not that it's the same for everyone, but knowing some of what to expect can help ease the mind.

The Allergies aren't helping, and I'm sure that they are contributing to my overall exhaustion, but aside from Reactine & Strepsils, there's nought much for it.

As I mentioned, I have knit an underwhelming amount.

The raglan shaping has begun, so there's that.

I'm hoping to get some more done tonight; time will tell.

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  1. Check out the Hyster-Sisters website. My surgeon recommended it to me and it was very helpful.